Monday, April 16, 2007

Both sides now at Ijok

Graphics courtesy of Malaysiakini

Blogging for BN, Blogging for Opposition. We saw it in Batu Talam and we saw a bit more of it in the Machap by-election. The role of blogs in the two by-elections may not have been crucial but it was obvious. For Ijok (nomination this Thursday and polling April 28), bloggers on both sides of the political fence are making themselves visible early. One can't help but wonder how it will be come the general election. Will blogs help decide the outcome?

Too soon to say. In the meantime, in Opposition's flawed Opus, his lengthy analysis of the Opposition's defeats in Talam and Machap ahead of the Ijok by-election, Bigdogdotcom said the reach and readership of the (blogs) is still low. But even if it is not so, Bigdogdotcom does not think the current Opposition line-up is good enough.
"The fact still remains. There are no credible alternatives to BN. Many talk about some of the BN personalities being corrupted and (of) abuse of power, but the Oppositions are not any better, even though they have never had any power yet at national level (with the exception of PAS, in Kelant, in 1990 till present, and PBS, in Sabah, 1990-1999)!"
Elizabeth Wong, in her posting (Ijok) And So It Begins, takes an early swipe at the BN over a RM5 million mosque built for the Ijok folks. According to, she writes, this was a project meant to begin some 10 years ago, way back in 1996.
"Dude … that’s so ‘8MP’. Though it would be interesting to read the Selangor finance accounts regarding this, it is still better late than never! Rhinoplasty does take time to heal, no?"
Among the on-line media, Agenda Daily appears to be rooting for the BN. In its newsreport Ijok - Jangan ada yang merajuk, it seems to say that Parti Keadilan Rakyat's "headache" over who to field at Ijok gives the BN a head-start. On the other hand, Malaysiakini has reported a rift in Barisan Nasional's MIC following speculation that a rank outsider may be fielded as the party's candidate (A teacher to lead MIC's charge in Ijok?). Analisis Malaysia, which is just one of the political blogsites born of late, has dubbed Ijok as PKR's nightmare in this analysis, Pilihanraya Ijok: Mimpi ngeri untuk PKR.

More bloggers have entered the Ijok fray. There will be very few fence-sitters among them but whatever these bloggers post, the internet lets the reader inspect both sides of the coin. Something the mainstream media can continue not to do at its own risk.


  1. Brother Rocky, articles written by bloggers are only reachable to those who have access to internet and to those who are politically inclined. How many percent is this ?. I assume the percentage is still low...20%, 30% ?.

    Even then, it depends on the strength of arguments put forward by these bloggers. In many cases, voters have already made up their mind who they will want to vote. I dont really think that blogs will have a lot of influence on the pattern or how people are going to vote...l say here not a lot of influence so there will still be some who are sitting on the fence who can be swayed to swing either way.

    But this should not discourage people from using blogs as a way to educate people so that they can see some sense on who they want to vote rather than listening to BN propaganda. There is no better way then blogging to pass this message across to them..

    I really hope that PKR will do well in Ijok. The government needs a wake-up call. And people need to show that the government cannot have everything their way.

    It is crucial and a matter of utmost important that PKR select the right candidate for Ijok.

    Machap has fallen back to BN which is undoubtedly bad news for the Opposition. But l also heard that the fighting effort shown by the Opposition activists were rather poor.

    The Opposition should take lessons from their failure in Machap to ensure they will succeed in least ensure a huge swing to the Opposition.

  2. Big Dog,

    The BN will remain in power for as long as there is no alternative. An alternative is another coalition of power(s) that is relevant, formidable and credible.
    I think voters who are unhappy with the BN -- and this wouild be in the urban areas -- will abstain from voting or indeed vote for some good individual opposition candidates.
    the rural areas? well, if it is anywhere like the 1999 general election, the young and restless may just balik kampung and convince their elders to not vote the BN.
    i agree that the internet savvy is not concentrated in the rural area. but remember the reformasi. and that was almost a decade ago. if you remember the scores of websites that sprouted and the participation of thousands of malaysians.

    you wonder why there is no urgency to encourage the rural folk to be internet users?

  3. Anonymous9:04 am

    High penetration rate for internet access is only visible in big cities.

    The vast majority of Malaysians is still untouched by internet new or blogs.

    The only way to make the desired impact from blogs or internet news is to have these published and distributed to the general public without internet access. And it is going to be a lot of work.

    If this can be done and all the news gets to the grassroots, then there is real chance BN will lose this coming election. If this is not done, then the impact will only be minimal is most constituencies except in large city areas.

  4. Anonymous10:27 am

    Yes, internet power and influence here has not reach the critical mass vis-a-vis voters etc. Opposition parties should work the ground like citizens' groups, NGOs (i.e. interest groups)focusing on issues and policies. Large majority in rural amd semi-urban areas (i.e. voters) either not interested, ignorant or "IT illiterate" etc. Machap is a typical example of the sterotyped mindsets clinging to "barisan development" versus national issues. There are also many variables involved tying to the influence of the internet influencing voter swings like educational level of voters. Say, compared an urban parliamentary or state seat in PJ to that of Machap or more rural areas in Sarawak or Sabah. The alternative sources of political information thru Internet is growing but not fast enough to influence elections even for the next 10 years. Unless voters here also abandon party loyalty to think independently, cognitively and rationally on issues and policies, voters in general will continue clinging to old alignments (or voter attachment to major BN parties as witnessed in our electoral history).

    Unless voters (applying to even party members as individuals)wisely see that our party politics cannot be trusted for not keeping to hard fought principles, political elites in power will continue to exploit their ignorance to re-capture at every GEs. Reforming mindsets is the hardest part. I am not optimistic it will go much headway in this direction for the time being.

  5. I said this at Zewt and I am saying this here. I am offering myself to BN to be be bought. I will vote their candidate. They can always get my name in the list, I don't doubt that at all. My price? 20 empty ballot papers. What I do with them is my business. Do we have a deal?

  6. Anonymous10:51 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I smiled reading your opening phrase this morning "blogging for BN blogging for opposition" - very cheeky my friend!

    Good morning

  7. I think opposition is too shy or sentimentally recalcitrant (thanks to TDM's jab with Paul Keating for it gave me this addition to my vocab) to accept that the workable approach for a workable party coalition is based on the BN concept.

    As long as they remain shy, its their own fault. It only works to UMNO advantage. Hidup UMNO!

    I think lets not discount the Internet effect. The Internet is hitting the urban areas and it is the nerve centre of the country. Remember how S46 almost made a dent for it?

    Nevertheless, the votes lies with the rural area. To reach the rural area with the Internet message, it will not be totally in vain. There are operatives making newsletter out of internet articles for the rural areas albeit with limited distribution. Its not really difficult to do so.

    Lets see how Internet and BLogs effect the election.

    ANyhow, what concerns me is how do we kickdefella and maintain UMNO's dominance or at least majority? hmmmm .... dilemma dilemma dilemma ....!

  8. Anonymous10:57 am

    Come, come. Let's be real people. PKR at Ijok - now what the hell can this half-alive party based on Anwarista ideology do for the people of Ijok, a constituency without a town? Come, come. Let's be fair people. I think the Opposition should come up with a real alternative, a game plan on how to serve the rakyat to the best of their capabilities. Not to just take part - and lose - by-elections!

    Forget PKR. I think RPK - yes, Raja Petra Kamarudin who runs the Malaysiatoday - can contribute more than the Opposition towards Ijok if given a chance!!

    PAS has Kelantan. And will keep Kelantan, godwilling. It is now for PKR and DAP to join hands to take another state. Penang? And do something in Sarawak and Sabah.

    Forget the rest. For now. Stay focus.

  9. Anonymous11:02 am

    Totally no relation to this post....
    to those readers of this blog who wish to be kept informed of the development of All-Blogs, email to to keep in the reflector email for updates....

  10. Anonymous11:35 am

    Bro Din,

    One lost to the mighty Barisan Nasional, what more a state seat like Ijok which is of no consequence will NOT rattled the ruling party. It will not change the state government neither it will sent any message to the Dewan Rakyat. Even if BN lost a parliamentary seat it still does not make any difference. So far they have won 2-0 (Batu Talam and Machap) and even if the result in Ijok will be 2-1, it still does not make any difference. It is a forgone conclusion when the result in Ijok becomes 3-0!

    The opposition parties should take the cue from some interesting postings by Malaysian bloggers that they should re-invent, re-discover and re-start their political careers once more now that they are in disarray, politically un-organized, un-clear of their vision and at best simply want to remain as opposition going by their modus operandi. They will not get far, even by an inch.

    I was told that the general election is around the corner, somebody said perhaps in the second quarter of next year and given this so-called cooling off period, the opposition parties should take the opportunity to do as what I have suggested above. Forget the by-election(s) because they aren’t going to win. Barizan Nasional is simply too big, too organized, too financially strong and all too powerful and the by-elections are good excuse to flex their already big and strong muscle. If the opposition wins it does not make any difference and even if BN won it still does not make any difference. The only winners are the simple kampong, new village and estate folks who will be "blessed" with endless fruits of development otherwise not delivered under today's good and able government. This is time for promises to be delivered and the way I see it the voters are the real winners and gainers. Otherwise it is a zero sum game.

    Unless the opposition have no clue whatsoever on how to conduct them in the next general election, numerous postings here and elsewhere should be good tips on how to get organized. It is simply waste of time and money to face the mighty BN in by-elections in which there are almost no chance at all to reduce the majority let alone to win. My advice is to stay away from these by-elections and focus their energy, time and efforts for the biggie.

    So far PAS has shown that they mean business when they recruited a well-known blogger onto their side and DAP did almost the same with the inclusion of a young brainy millionaire but what about PKR? These are steps in the right direction and similar steps should be taken.

    My years of experience in lots of discipline and my Masters Degree in Hardknocks from University Malaysia tell me that "to win a battle you need soldiers but to win a war one need strategy and strategists".

    Zaki Tok Tam
    Anakbukit, Alor Setar, Kedah
    Veteran of general elections and by-elections between 1990 to 2004.

  11. Anonymous2:02 pm

    There are few interesting websites for you to check out:

    It is good that BN has finally acknowledged the roles of ICT in the election. TQ

  12. Anonymous2:28 pm

    You guys should run as independents! ..rocky...RPK and the likes.

    I believe you guys can win against BN rather than run under DAP, Keadilan or PAS.

    And perhaps we could have some say in Dewan Rakyat!

  13. Anonymous3:42 pm

    It is good that BN has finally acknowledged the roles of ICT in the election. TQ
    <--- dulu lagi dah buat. Cuma zaman dolah baju batik ni kurang paham apa itu ICT

  14. Sdr Rocky,

    Kalau Malaysia mengamalkan demokrasi tulen seperti yang dituntut oleh banyak pihak, maka yang mendapat keutamaan mewakili BN di Ijok (mengikut suara terbanyak) adalah Umno dan selepas itu barulah MIC.

    Rasa-rasa Umno tidak pernah bertanding di kawasan di mana pengundi Melayu jatuh nombor dua atau tiga.

    Sekadar renungan dan peringatan bahawa Melayu selalu bertolak ansur.

    Terima kasih.

  15. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Majority of the commentators surmise that the opposition as a united front will not be able to unseat the BN. It is 'cause they don't have a strategy, programme or even a plan on how to work together.

  16. Are bloggers supposed to remain neutral i.e. apolitical, in this quest for change?

    If we support BN, are we not perpetuating the very weaknesses that BN, particularly UMNO, are famous for?

    If bloggers, in general, decide based on individual preference(s), the SOPO bloggers are in a different category i.e. some voters do actually review blogs and/or comments to look for 'facts' to make their decision during the next GE.

    As Bigdog and Zaki Tok Tam have surmised, the BN political machinery is daunting. It becomes more so when we find the opposition are in disarray and directionless.

    The opposition cannot outrightly win the big war but they can do so with smaller battles PROVIDED they have a cohesive strategy.

    Perhaps, the subject of bloggers remaining apolitical is academic but the right question should be -

    "Where are the brilliant strategists for the opposition?"

  17. Let see if bloggers can show their mettle vis-a-vis the Ijok by-election! Let see if bloggers can really sway voters to the "right" direction! Ah! ON second thought let's go see a movie instead!

    Cheers! And we all should really enjoy this millennium!

  18. Anonymous8:45 pm

    No alternative? Then forget BN! Just vote "None BN". Bring Opposition into the parliment FIRST. That's more important! Looks how Malaysia is losing out just because we let the Absolute Power to Corrupt Absolutely.

    Set your immediate goal: Get Opposition into Parliment first! Keep doing this and teach BN a lesson. BN should be the dog, not you.

  19. Gua support Parti Undi Rosak (Malaysia) PUNDAK! untuk memancing lebih banyak lagi undi rosak dari pengundi yang berIQ kurang dari 30.

    Hidup PUNDAK!
    Merdeka! Seterika! Kathrika!

  20. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Dato' AKJ,

    Satu analisa yang cukup bernas dan tepat. Memang benar, orang orang Melayu terlalu bertolak ansur dalam politik kepada rakyat Malaysia keturunan lain, semenjak Pilihanraya Umum pertama 1955. Kekuatan dan keseninambungan "Kerajaan Campur" dan "Perkongsian Kuasa" Perikatan @ Barisan Nasional banyak bergantung pemerimaan orang orang Melayu beransur dan 'mengalah' agar pemimpin pemimpin politik Bukan Melayu dipilih keParlimen.

    Sekiranya orang orang Melayu dan segelintir pemimpin UMNO 'berkeras' agar kawasan kawasan majoriti diberikan kepada calon UMNO juga, maka berkemungkinan UMNO tidak mempunyai 110 kerusi seperti dalam Dewan Rakyat malah mungkin 145 kerusi (sebilangan besar dari kerusi MCA 31, Gerakan 10, MIC 9 dan PPP 1). Itu satu lagi sebelum UMNO mampu memerintah dengan 2/3 majoriti diParlimen.

    (Hanya beberapa sahaja dari 51 kerusi ini pengundi Melayu bukan majoriti!)

    Renungilah bersama!

  21. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Pak Kadiaq,

    Melayu memang terkenal dengan sikap ansor, orang Kedah kata tolak ansoq. Dalam konteks perkongsian kuasa Barisan Nasional, Melayu dan bukan-Melayu mengamalkan sikap "depa dok tolak, Melayu dok ansoq pi". Melayu dok kena ansor sajalah.

    Memanglah Ijok bukan kawasan majoriti bukan melayu, begitu juga dengan Parlimen Padang Rengas, Parlimen Hulu Selangor dan Parlimen Telok Kemang (sekadar menamakan segelintir sahaja) yang ahli parlimennya bukan daripada Umno. Dahulunya saya pernah ditemberang oleh sebuah parti komponen BN yang kununnya mewakili kaum India bahawa Ijok adalah satu-satunya kawasan yang mempunyai majoriti pengundi India. Namun hari ini anggapan saya adalah silap.

    Bagaimanapun, setelah sekian lama Ijok diwakili MIC apalah salahnya diberikan peluang sekali kepada mereka untuk bertanding kerana tidaklah banyak sangat kawasan dewan undangan negeri yang bermajoriti India. Kalu tidak di manalah agaknya mereka akan bertanding? Yang menjadi masalah ialah bukan parti atau warna kulit wakil dun atau parlimen akan tetapi khidmat si penyandang jawatan. Kalau wakil sebelum ini yang jenis yang cepat lupa daratan, haru-hara, cacamarba dan gelabah puyoh tak buat kerja maka kerja untuk menyakinkan para pengundi di pilihanraya umum atau pilihanraya kecil akan menjadi sukar dan hampir mustahil.

    Pak Kadiaq sendiri ingat bahawa sebab utama kekalahan BN di pilihanraya kecil Dun Lunas adalah kerana sebab ini -- mending adunnya tak buat kerja dan malang sekali calon yang mic kemukakan tidak langsung fasih berbahasa Melayu. Ini semua resipi kemusnahan dan akhirnya part keadilan yang mendapat labaa dan rakyat menerima limpahan pembangunan. Justeru wakil parti komponen yang mewakili parti yang majoriti pengundinya bukan di kalangan bangsa calon hendaklah menuruti standard khidmat Samy Vellu di parlimen sungai siput yang para pengundinya juga bukan dari kalangan kaum India. Namun disebabkan kebijaksanaan dan perkhidmatan beliau, jawatannya sebagai ahli parlimen kekal sejak sekian lama sehingga hari ini.

    Zukri Valenteno, Mergong, Alor Setar, Kedah.

    * saya pengundi Parlimen Aloq Setar (MCA dan kami puas hati dengan khidmatnya) dan DUN Bakaq Bata (Umno yang rumahnya sentiasa terbuka untuk para pengundi).

  22. Shar101, Blogs is a personal space to express your opinion and that opinion is accessible to others and comment. Full stop.

    As I see it, the underlying social movement on the blogs is about freedom of speech.

    The right and wrong of a blog post, should not affect teh bloggers freedom to blog and is not determined by rules set by some bodies or authorities.

    Its the readers power to decide to leave that blog alone or engage by commenting.

    There is not issue of Bloggers being a political. Thats curbing freedom of speech. If readers aren't ready for diversity, ignore at their own peril.

    The impact and influence of bloggers is based on their professionalism, built-up credibility, and popularity ... seemed to be almost same criteria like newspapers.

    Its up to the Bloggers to seek popularity and influence. Anyway its readers that decide, supposedly like in mainstream newspapers.

  23. There are good news and bad ones. Good news..Barisan won. Good news!! DAP gained more votes...some 15% more.
    Bad news...Anwar not able to swing votes.
    So let the expert..go analysise the they see it.
    Me a voter..will know what to do..I hope so everyone is read for general election ...coming soon.

  24. What makes me laugh alot is reading about this Ijok by-elecion is that the PAS kingpins are quarelling with each other what to do and what not to do...trully a bunch of comediens. Get all details from Malaysakini site.
    Hope Sheih of kickdefella site is reading that too!!

  25. Sdr Bigdogdotcom dan Sdr Anon,

    Maksud saya ialah Melayu sentiasa bertolak-ansur, mudah diajak bertolak-ansur, senang diupah bertolak-ansur dan mudah digula-gulalan untuk bertolak-ansur.

    Ini berlaku daripada sebelum merdeka ketika rundingan kemerdekaan dan perlembagaan dilakukan di London.

    Realitinya dan ini fakta sejarah ialah pada waktu itu hanya orang Melayu dan orang peribumi berupa warga Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Namanya pun TANAH MELAYU.

    Bacalah buku sejarah dan politik yang ditulis oleh orang putih ketika itu dan selepasnya untuk memahami fakta dan faktor ini.

    Soalnya, apakah tolak-ansur bangsa induk dan bangsa majoriti Malaysia itu diiktiraf dan diberi pembalasan yang sewajarnya?

    Saya hanya ada pengalaman dengan NSTP. Di dalam syarikat milik dan kawalan Melayu itu ada pelbagai kaum dan mereka boleh dan pernah naik sehingga jadi pengarang.

    Apakah keadaan yang sama berlaku dalam syarikat media bukan milik Melayu atau universiti swasta bukan milik Melayu? Ini inti pati tolak-ansur.

    Ini realitinya! Itu pun masih ada orang Melayu yang malu dan takut dituduh tidak liberal atau perkauman untuk mempertahankan hak bangsa majoriti Melayu.

    Tiada demokrasi tulen dan tiada keadilan seandainya hak majoriti diabaikan.

    Terima kasih.

  26. For a lack of better word, the Oppositions s*cks, big time! They do not bring constructive criticism to the Malaysian Parliament. They do not bring proper check and balance into the system. They just enjoy provoking and turn the noble house into a political circus.

    Oppositions with constructive mind set will propel the society and nation building forward. Current Oppositions will just negate and deny everything. Not much positive attributes with the current Oppositions, who happens to be the same Oppositions since 43 years ago.

    Blogs are new found medium to express political aspirations and its free and open to anyone, everyone. Whether it can significantly affect Malaysian political scene is yet to be seen.

    The bigger majority of Malaysian do not have access to internet. Even the ones who do, the bigger chunk of them are neither politically affluent nor sensitive to the national and local politics.

    The socio political segment of Bloggers is growing but still far from being a significant force.

  27. Anonymous8:16 am

    Rocky, do you know why people tend to read more blogs? The main reason is, we get more information and better writings from blogs, if only mainstream journalists would write better and give good analyses like yours, we would read more mainstream newspaper.
    Thank you Rocky, and your other blogger friends.

  28. Kalau kita bercakap soal hak Melayu, kita jangan lihat secara kampungan, setakat di Ijok sahaja. Lihat dari perspektif yang lebih luas, dalam konteks negara.

    Melayu merupakan majoriti dan orang Melayu menjadi Perdana Menteri sejak merdeka. Dalam Barisan Nasional, UMNO mempunyai kerusi terbanyak dan presiden UMNO menjadi pengerusi Barisan Nasional. Jadi, soal hak majoriti memang tidak dinafikan.

    Cuma, oleh kerana negara ini adalah sebuah negara berbilang bangsa, maka perlu ada perkongsian kuasa. Parti-parti komponen Barisan Nasional mencari satu formula dan bersetuju dengan apa yang ada sekarang. Adakah formula sekarang yang terbaik, itu boleh kita bincangkan, tetapi saya tidak bersetuju kalau dikatakan hak majoriti tidak diambilkira.

    Apabila BN bersetuju Ijok diberikan kepada MIC, saya ingin menyebut bahawa parti yang bertanding di situ ialah BARISAN NASIONAL, bukan MIC. Pengerusi BN negeri Selangor ialah orang Melayu. Let look at things from bigger perspective.

    Saya kira keputusan BN mengekalkan MIC di Ijok adalah yang terbaik. Itulah keputusan perundingan yang dibuat dan sebagai orang Islam yang baik, kita mempertahankan janji yang dibuat.

    Walaupun ada yang berkata ini akan menyebabkan disadvantage kepada BN, namun dalam jangka masa lama, ia membantu BN membina keyakinan sesama parti komponennya dan ini menyumbang kepada perpaduan negara. Saya percaya inilah pertimbangan yang akan dilakukan oleh pengundi DUN N11 Ijok nanti, Insya-Allah.

    Untuk perbincangan mengenai pilihanraya Ijok, jemput lawati

  29. I hear you, Husin Lempoyang.

    It is common knowledge that bloggers, especially through All-Blogs, will do it's utmost to uphold freedom of speech.

    It would be the prerequisite for other 'freedoms' including freeing the mindset of the malays to be more relevant in a globalised and ever-changing international community.

    That said, should bloggers, whether individually or collectively, also assume the social responsibility to bring about better governance?

    In so doing, there will be instances when highlighting issues of transparency, accountability, etc on the current administration will be construed as being 'anti-government' by the powers that be.

    Therefore, if bloggers, SOPO blogs in particular, are to move forward and perhaps, emulate and supplement MSM's function(s), it will be necessary to be credible in their presentation.

    We are tearing down barricades placed by the government which will, in turn, be used by political factions on both sides for their own benefit. Not the citizens in general.

    In other words, it will get harder to remain apolitical or having the perception of being neutral.

  30. Anonymous1:51 pm

    I see many comments making the point that the voters of Machap being rural are Internet deprived and thus ignorant of some burning issues which then made them vote for BN.

    I'm sorry but this is hogwash and an attempt to console themselves.

    The real truth is that many in Machap are very much aware of the issues. Don't forget that coffee shops and warungs have for years ensured rural people get the same news that you and I do.

    It's time to face up to an ugly truth which is the reality that a corrupt party has been returned to power by corrupted people.

    I don't subscribe to the saying that the fish head rots first. We must face up to the fact that a corrupt generation of people have grown and they very happily want the present situation to continue.

    Their motto: We'll make a little noise but as long as our rice bowls are full, never mind if by corrupt means, we won't change our votes.

    I dare say that even many of those who complain here will not hesitate to grab a lucrative deal that involves some corruption if it is offered to them. We often speak of the proverbial 'lubang' or hole in the fence that will give us an edge above others. Isn't that a sign of a corrupt generation?

    The number of people who stand up for moral issues are few- they just make a lot of sound through blogs and small demonstrations.

    And you know what? The ruling party is happy to let them vent some steam, as long as they don't cross some lines. Sure they will make some noise but it's all part of the plan.

    If we want to see change, we have to work at creating a new kind of Malaysians. The problem is that this has to start at a very young age and will take a very long time. Not to forget that the built in hurdles are nearly insurmountable.

    Lunas and Teluk Intan by-elections were blips to normal delivery. Ijok might very well be another blip but BN's dominance is assured for a very long time.


  31. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Ah! They announced candidate oredi. One local guy, MIC. More on him at

    You know, I hope they make it mandatory for all election candidates to go for medical check as to weed out the nyawa nyawa ikan ones. Kalau tak buang duit je. By election By election Bayi election.

  32. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Tok Kadir,

    I disagree with your example. Kinda selective. You see there are many Malay organisations where you will find rare few non-Malays in the top echelon.

    Politics along partisan lines ensured this. So you will find less and less non-Malays in Malay-owned companies. So it happens vice versa in Non-Malay owned companies.

    Who started it first? Honestly I don't know.

    On the political front, look at Klang Valley. There are lots of Chinese MPs and Assemblymen here, working hard serving their multi-racial constituency. I know cos I saw them at work over the years.

    At the end of the day, the people will want a wakil rakyat who serves them well. Doesn't matter what colour, what race, what faith.

    True, there is very few non-malay majority constituencies, especially in rural areas.

    But then,in a coalition platform isn't sharing a necessary part?

    I have no doubts abt the Malays being gentle, tolerant and basically decent folks...I grew up among them.

    But when politicians fan the ugly flames of "politics of fear"....?

  33. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Dato AKJ, Rocky dan lain lain,

    Hujah Dato' memang banyak kebenaranya. Analisis ringkas mengenai politik dan melibatkan Melayu tepat. Sifat mengalah Bangsa Melayu kadang kadang merugikan orang Melayu itu sendiri, apabila ada pihak yang menjadi "kaduk naik ka junjung" atau orang dibagi muka "naik toncang" dan tindas Melayu lain, penghabisnya.

    Bunyinya macam racist tetapi ini realiti.

    Umpama terbaru ialah Malaysia Airlines. Semasa pengambil alihan kedudukankan MD pada 1 Dis 2005, janjinya kepada pengurus pengurus MAS ialah "tiada pemberhentian kerja kakitangan dan kami AKAN menentukan kemampuan dalaman diGEMBELING!".

    MD Bukan Melayu diambil; ramai pengurus kanan Melayu (yang banyak pengalaman berharga sebagai airliner) "dibenarkan" atau sengaja dibiarkan "ambil peluang" MSS untuk keluar, Kemudian, apabila berlaku kekosongan, calon calon Bukan Melayu dari luar pula sengaja diambil untuk mengisi kekosongan, yang nyatanya tiada pengalaman dan pendedahan industri langsung.

    Mereka yang berpengalaman yang masih didalam, dibiarkan tersisih ketepi dan dasar dasar baru digubal, tanpa input orang orang sediada ini. Contohnya, JK Pengurusan Pendapatan MAS dahulu terdiri dari dari 15 anggota, hampir kesemuanya Melayu dan hari ini, HANYA tinggal satu sahaja! Dasar dasar yang secara spesifik melibatkan orang orang Melayu seperti pengangkutan bakal bakal haji sekarang digubal oleh JK yang dianggotai 14 pengurus kanan Bukan Melayu. Bagaimana soal pembelian makanan halal pula? Sudahlah MAS Catering diambil alih anak syarikat Lufthansa.

    Agenda Melayu dalam MAS telah tiris sebegitu besar sekali. Menteri Pengangkutan juga Bukan Melayu.

    Maaf, mengunakan ruangan blog Rocky untuk berkongsi pendapat.

  34. To Galadriel,

    When politicians fan the ugly flames of "politics of fear" anybody can become ugly, be they Malays, Indian, Chinese, Germans, French, Thais, Spanish, Serbs, Jews, Russians,Japs, etc-etc.BUT , despite its shortcomings,the UMNO led Malaysian track record for multi racial management is still amongst the best in the world if not the best.And its a decades long track record.

    Whether it continues being so is another matter all together.

    BUT as it stands what we have achieve is quite an accomplishment.

    PS- U said "But then,in a coalition platform isn't sharing a necessary part?"-I think that is what Datuk Kadir(420pm) was trying to point out- that the malays, for the sake of the coalition, is willing to have a non- malay representative in Malay majority area and it doesn't have to be reciprocated on an equal one to one, basis.

  35. Shar101

    Your response noted.

    You should come down to Baghdad and we have Cairo Coffee. I'll show you how to be a glocal Malay liek Dato Najib's assertion ...

    A Camel Merchant from Cairo making a living in Baghdad and make more money from "jual orang dari jual unta" :-)

  36. Anonymous8:22 pm


    The most important role of MP is not to "serve the people" to make sure the drains are not clogged and the buffalo return in teh evening ...

    ... BUT ...

    ... to be the voice of the people of their constituency in the Parliament.

    Have our MPs done their job well? By the quality of issues raised, debate, and manners by all? I'll give them all near "zero".

    They may be excellent at pleasing their constituency (the way oppposition MPs are doing) which is the 10th role in their list but when they are not doing the job they are supposed to do in Parliament the ist role.

    In view of that, we only need local authorities and not MPs.

  37. I agree with Kadir!

    To all pseudo-intellectual Malays, to all seemingly on the increase bleeding heart liberal Malays, you are all just a bunch of morons, imbecile and pretenders, you people use religion as a crutch to your inability to compete and to take risk! You people can even speak your language properly to express yourselves (one of the reasons for the inability to do so many things). I am tired of hearing all the unnecessary diatribes, day in and day out about how accomodating you Malays are! The truth of the matter is you people are just weak simply are not clever and united enough to withstand any kind of pressure from others, so stop speaking and writing from now on and try to resolve to be a better member of your pathetic race!

    P.S. BTW! I will officially reveal myself to be accounted for what I have said come the end of 2008!

  38. Anonymous9:47 pm

    I concur with A Voice.

    MPs are legislators. They make laws in Parliament. The debate on issues in the Noble House.

    The clogged drain or flash flood are issues supposed to be addressed by the Local Government, be it the Town Council or the District Office.

    MPs help the Local Government or District Office to determine what local infrastructure projects should be prioritize. Thats all.

    Malaysians are too manja! They want other people to do things for them. They have avenues to deal with if the people who are supposed to get things done don't do their work.

    However, as always, Malaysians choose the easy way out. Throw everything back to the MP. So if the elected MP focus too much on the solution of local issues, it means they spent less time in the Dewan Rakyat and going through all the papers.

    Thats why MPs in the Dewan Rakyat are ineffective. They don't have enough time to study the subject matter before they go to debate.

    If the Malaysian public at large refuse to grow up, then don't blame the MPs if the laws passed don't suite them. The laws are drafted by the Civil Servants and passed without much debate.

    Thats the reality!

  39. AKJ//"Soalnya apakah tolak-ansur bangsa induk...."
    Dude, think of the % of real Malays and think of the contributions made by the immigrants in 1957.

  40. Anonymous10:16 am

    The political masters are the ones dictating to the civil servants. Laws don't appear from thin air. While there is some truth that MPs cum Ministers don't have much time, it's because they attend to many meaningless functions and events rather than meeting their constituents more often except when the GE approaches. As for public debate, BN MPs need only their heads and hands to show support, they don't really need their brains, except to throw insults at the Opposition or during a shouting match. You think they care what's right or wrong, what's conscientious or not? Compare the quality of public debates from that of Singapore, UK or even the United States. Really..Malaysians who voted these jokers in should not complain! these

  41. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Dear Mat Rempit,

    Is that u Shamsul? Thanks for enlightening me there. I get your, and Tok Kadir's points. Never intended this to be a racist comment and thanks to all of u here who didn't let it degenerate into one.

    A Voice,

    Yeah I agree that both MPs and Assemblymen r supposed to represent their ppl at the Dewan Rakyat and DUN respectively, but the councillors r too busy lining their pockets with contracts... they r not doing it.
    BTW, Loh Seng Kok of Kelana Jaya, despite his relative infancy...seem to head in the right direction as far as representing in concerned. So bukan la semua MP yang ZERO.

  42. Dear Galadriel,

    Well, i never thought your previous comment (216pm)was in anyway 'racist'.Since u ended it with a question i thought maybe you wanted an answer.

    BTW, I'm not Shamsul- why?is he good looking by any chance?

  43. I agree with you all experts in politics...yet not politicians...SAD.
    I suggest you plan a trip to relax at Kota Baru..and see if my son, Shieh of kickdefella site is lying or telling the truth about how nice Kelantan is.
    Have a nice holiday.

  44. Anonymous9:45 am

    I can guarantee you that the BN will win in the Ijok byelection. Why? It is very simple. When there is an election, the BN just dump in some money for the voters, then they will sure vote for BN. Who else can do this!!

    RM5 millions mosque, road lamp ready within a day, Badminton chaimpion player visit Ijok, and more sugar.

    This is a very simple logic. If the voter vote for PARTY K. there get nothing. But if there vote for BN they at least enjoy some benifit.