Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ah, Bentong Eagle! And Ijok on the eve of Nomination Day ...

Haris Ibrahim's People Parliament. Do you think your MP has been doing fuck-all? Want to know who you should vote for at the next general election? Do you think you have it in you to run for elections?
This civil society man is not asking you to start a revolution or march the streets. He is asking you to do your bit and get to know your MP. If you know your MP has been sleeping on the job, sack him at the next general election.
Haris has listed down 10 constituencies for this initiative. First stop is PJ Utara.
Click here to make a change.

Parthiban who?
In the meantime, Ijok gets set for Nomination Day tomorrow. It's Khalid Ibrahim vs K. Parthiban.
If you take Haris' approach and take a close look at the individuals, the Ijok by-election on April 28 would be a lop-sided a contest. Khalid, 61, is a Tan Sri, renowned corporate man, was the man who led corporate Goliaths such as PNB and Guthrie. Parthiban is 38, just a former Education officer, an Indian in a Malay-majority constituency.
It promises to be interesting. In the meantime, the blogs continue to cross swords.
The PKR-sponsored blog here says it has detected fraud and vows to expose the BN's "dirty tactics". You can expect the little army of Ijok BN's blogs to respond accordingly later today.


  1. Election time is best to see all political jokers trying to be a better idiot than the other one.

  2. Anonymous1:40 am

    and the worst idiot are from the opposition politician

  3. Bro,

    It's certainly gonna be an interesting fight. I know few people who restless now especially the stir made by MIC for this constituency. Khalid is a great man well-respected by many. The only setback is now on tactics and money-capability. Any prediction?

    Meanwhile, I've added a new political blog which I am inviting you and your fans (hehehe) to also take a peek...

  4. Anonymous2:12 am

    Khalid Ibrahim was head of PNB for many years. PNB was supposed to help Bumi get 30 per cent under NEP but failed. If Khalid can't do it when he had all the power as PNB chief, how you expect him to do it as a politician of a party as weak as Keadilan/PKR?

    The Opposition would be doing better if Haris Ibrahim is fielded as candidate. At least the guy is consistent.

    Khalid is going against a system that benefited him ... A system he was partly responsible to create!!

  5. Anonymous2:38 am

    Is this the last by-election till the next GE as we have less than 2 years to go?

    Will Samy Vellu bring his JKR to do battle with PKR?

    Will Samy sing again or will he say "Podah" to his dissatisfied members?

    Who will come in to split the votes?

    Will DAP campaign with PAS to help the PKR?

    Is there internet access in Ijok?

    We already have by-elections for UMNO, MCA and MIC. Who is next?

    Will Ijok be another joke?

  6. Wait, are you saying that my area has an MP assigned to it? Didn't know that. Shocking.

  7. Anonymous6:32 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Thank you for the heads-up on Haris Ibrahim's TPP.

    It's like seeing a tiny pinprick of promising light in the current gloom of political darkness.

    Am sending the blog's URL to family, friends and everyone I know as a MUST CHECK REGULARLY (and participate whenever possible) site.

  8. Anonymous7:09 am

    This particular Tan Sri failed to bid for the Kuala Selangor UMNO Division Head once. He was said to throw around tantrums, unable to accept the results. A truly sour grape personality!

    He is such an arrogant person. He keeps saying that the Malay race owe it to him for executing the infamous “Dawn Raid” and building ASN/ASB schemes. Such a media addict and suffer from Acute Lackofattentionitis when sitting as CEO of PNB and Exec Chairman of Guthrie. Most of Guthrie huge debt, incl some accumulated from abroad today is due to his decision.

    How is expected to serve the simpleton folks of Ijok and attend to their petty needs and issues where else he himself with the obtuse attitude lives in opulence at his almost-palace-like, handcrafted hardwood residence on the highest position in the whole of ultra luxury Damansara Heights? So unfit for the job!

  9. Rocky,
    It's actually PKR Vs BN + EC + PDRM + NST + STAR + BH + UM + TV1,2,3 + Government Departments + CORRUPTION.
    Ultimately, real power is with the voters.

  10. Anonymous11:36 am

    I Think you are the MIC Balachi meh?

  11. Anonymous2:23 pm

    And where and who these voters give their power to? Period

  12. Sdr Rocky,

    Lagi besar cabaran, lagi hebatlah BN akan cuba mempertahankan kedudukannya.

    Ia bukan sekadar pilihan raya kecil bagi BN, khasnya Umno. Ia adalah isu maruah.

    Bukan sekadar soal kalah kepada PKR, malah pengurangan majoriti sudah cukup untuk mengaibkan BN.

    Kepada BN dan Umno, PKR adalah musuh baru yang hebat kesan psikologinya kerana ia parti Anwar Ibrahim.

    Ijok menjanji pertembungan yang jauh mengatasi Batu Talam dan Machap.

    Terima kasih.

  13. Anonymous4:58 pm

    BN will do the same strategy in Ijok like in Machap. Millions pouring in for development. And a great letter in Malaysiakini, captioned: "Want development? Wish for your wakil rakyat to die."

    Don't blame the voters for wishing their MPs or SAs to drop dead. This is a BN culture of wish!

  14. Rocky

    Khalid running for Ijok, hah!

    The man who claimed himself as "Savior of the Malay race" is running for public office. He is an astue and insiduous corporate politics player at PNB. Many lost and left to flourish in KLSE, Maybank, Fleet, and various Malaysian corporate.

    I read this comment below on Analisa Malaysia. I'll post it here. I'll make no bones to say that this man is bad news and I agree with the view posted. He is said by PNB people as a man with an ego taller than the PNB building.

    Bekas PNB said...

    "Khalid merupakan bekas Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Permodalan Nasional Berhad dan Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad, iaitu dua buah organisasi yang ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan hasil Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB). Beliau dikatakan memegang pelbagai jawatan dalam organisasi luar negeri."

    Sekarang, dia sudah secara terbuka berkata DEB tu tak betul. Ia juga pernah berkata dalam Kongress Kepentingan Bangsa menunjukkan persetujuannya dengan pemikiran Temasek dari pemikiran kepentingan dan mendokong cita2 Nasional dan Bangsa yang telah dilakukan selama 5 tahun di negara ini.

    Sering ia membuat claim yang dia tidak rasuah dan kerajaan sekarang rasuah. Baik ...

    Tan Sri Khalid telah diberi tawaran untuk membeli 15% saham dalam Guthrie dan terus mengurus Guthrie. Selepas ia tidak dapat memperolehi wang untuk membayar bagi lebihan 10% dari allocation 15%, dia nak saman PNB.

    Mari kita tanya dan selidiki ...

    Bagaimana Khalid Ibrahim memperolehi duit 5% itu? Katanya dari pinjaman. Mengikut teori, untuk pinjam Bank, dia kena ada wang sedikit yang akan selebihnya di biayai Bank. Mana dia dapat wang itu dengan gaji di PNB hanya lebih baik sedikit dari sekim gaji kerajaan?

    Secara kebetulan, sebelum transaksi ini berlaku. PNB ada mengambilalih saham Lim Kin Hong dalam syarikat Kanzen yang dulunya ada kilang tilam di Tientsin, Cina. Selepas PNB beli Kanzen tidak lagi seuntung dahulu. Entah apa jadi selepas itu.

    Kalau siapa2 boleh ingat Guthrie ada mengadakan suatu expo Aerospace di satu tanah off Federal Highway. Tanah itu perginya ke siapa? Transaksi tanah ada komisyen selalu. Adakah secara sengaja tak lama lepas tanah itu di jual, Khalid cukup duit untuk bayar 5% nya?

    Sekarang mari kita tanya mengenai tanah Haron estate. Apa jadinya?

    Kenapa Khalid membawa kembali satu eksekutif Cina bernama Anthony Tan yang sebelum ini dikatakan diminta berhenti? Apakah peranan Anthony Tan untuk Khalid?

    Katanya ada seorang Pengurus yang memeprsolkan Khalid mengenai beberapa transaksi anih dalam Guthrie. Akibat tekanan dari Khalid, akhirnya pengurus itu dapat dikeluarkan. Dengan pengaruhnya, pengurus Melayu ini tidak dapat bekerja langsung di Malaysia. Akhirnya terpaksa berhijrah keluar negeri.

    Ada banyak lagi tunggulah bila saya menjelma ...

    April 17, 2007 9:16 PM

  15. Anonymous6:01 pm

    The Chief Yoyo just announced RM36 million for Ijoke. Anybody wishing their wakil raykat drops dead? The latest BN practice in vote spending.

  16. Anonymous6:07 pm

    This Harris Ibrahim is just a nut, typical loud mouth lawyer, in love with his law profession. He will look and take everything from the perspective of the law, law and nothing but the law.

    Sorry, I am allergic to lawyers. They are just basically an over qualified secretary and spokesmen in court.

    You have a cse and they ask you how what are the troubling issue and they do the writing of affidavit. Since non lawyers can't speak in court they do the talk. Over-rated bunch of people.

    Law degree is kacang. I've seen degree holders from FInance, Mgmt, Accounting, ENgineering, etc to pick law degree but never a lawyer to take up a science degree.

    Off course, I am kidding abt lawyers merely secretary and spkesmen. There is some expertise involve.

    The problem with lawyers is that they are only good with law and nothing but the law. They are lousiest at handling human and society issues. They quarrel and their appraoch to a solution is adverserial. If the lose, they sulk. The Bar Council is a good or more not a good example hoe they get organised among themselves.

    Rather than get into Harris loud organisation, I'd rather vote PUNDAK, parti undi rosak, if the BN candidate I do not like.

    Nice try Rocky and Jeff. Tell Harris to finish his beer and get his shut eye! He is naive of politics!

  17. tadi dengar berita tv, tun mahathir kata beliau mohon maaf kepada pak lah kerana tersilap menyatakan bahawa rumah di perth adalah kepunyaan pm sekarang. beliau juga menyatakan blogger seharusnya lebih berhati-hati dalam menulis atau memberikan fakta supaya tidak silap dipetik. apa komen bro...

  18. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Dear Rocky... this is a little off topic... but I had to ask u...

    Tun Apologizes...or did he?

    Saw it in on the 8pm news. For the first time in yonks, TV3 was only too happy to show an extended footage of TDM's press conference. Tun said he made a statement relating to YDP (Yang Disalah Pilih)'s house in Perth based on strong and presistent rumours. It has since been proven that the house "belonged to the wife of a chinese businessman". (The portion in quotes came from TV3's script).

    I wonder why TDM did that. It seems so out of character... and in the next portion of the PC footage, he apparently told bloggers not to embellish so as not to erode the credibility of their blogs....

    Hmm... it all seems a little strange. I sent a bewildered text to TDM's aide, who responded by saying it's all part and parcel of spinning...

    Wonder if my blogger idol Rocky has a take on this...

  19. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Aiyaa.... all this talk about who will win, who will lose, who is more 'power' and who's the one the pitiful rakyat will vote for can be solved if we all become Raelians ;)

  20. Anonymous10:21 pm


  21. Anonymous12:11 am

    Dato A Kadir Jasin, saya setuju sangat2 apabila Dato berkata PKR ialah parti Anwar Ibrahim. Yup, PKR is about Anwar Ibrahim. Ia bukan mengenai perjuangan. Saya berharap orang Melayu tidak diperkudakan. Fikirkanlah. Selamat malam :)

  22. Anonymous12:22 am

    Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim digambarkan sebagai seorang tokoh korporat. Saya kurang pasti apakah itu benar. Setakat yang kita tahu dia ialah seorang Melayu yang dipilih oleh kerajaan bagi menguruskan Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). Jawatan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif diberikan kerana Khalid seorang Melayu. Dia bukanlah seorang usahawan yang berpenat lelah membangunkan organisasi perniagaan seperti Tan Sri Mustafa Kamal, Tan Sri Rozali Ismail atau Tan Sri Syed Bukhari. Mereka ini melalui proses jatuh bangun sebagai seorang usahawan sebelum berjaya berada pada kedudukan sekarang.

    Khalid tidak pernah berniaga sewaktu di PNB atau Guthrie. Oleh itu, adalah tidak tepat untuk menggambarkannya sebagai seorang tokoh korporat atau usahawan. Paling baik sekali pun, ia boleh kita istilahkan sebagai seorang pengurus.

    Dia diberikan amanah untuk menguruskan PNB. Matlamat penubuhan PNB ialah untuk membantu mencapai 30% ekuiti Bumiputera dalam negara. Sehingga dia berhenti dari PNB dan Guthrie, ekuiti Bumiputera masih belum sampai tahap tersebut.

    Ya, dia gagal. Itulah hakikatnya. Sekarang, Khalid ingin menjadi jagoan seolah-olah dia adalah ahli ekonomi atau tokoh usahawan. Bangunlah dari mimpi. Bezakan realiti dan fantasi!

  23. I totally agree with Husin Lempoyang.

    Harris Ibrahim is the sort of lawyer who holistically believe in law as the saviour system of mankind and law made him emancipate himself from the virtues of a real person, with real people values. He professes "Constitution is the Supreme Law" BUT he conveniently missed the other part of the Federal Constitution. Its the part about Judges are the interpreters of the Constitution/Law. When a judge or judges decide on something not agreeable with his point, he takes pot shots at the judge/s at any of KL's drinking holes! He refused to adhere to the part where Constitution says Judges decide after a hearing. And judges decision is final. If he wants a recourse, he should go to a higher court, not bicker over beers with bar buddies!

    People like Harris should write scripts for law series or movies instead of practicing law. Its unrealistic and highly creative and imaginative. Its also surreal and any controversies greatly appreciated(as he pleases!).

  24. Anonymous3:14 pm

    High time Samy Vellu quits or is dropped. He's been around way too long. Is clueless about the concept of democracy. We see villainous politicians like him all the time in Tamil movies.

  25. The biggest idiots of them all are idiots to manage the country..on going for 50 years...yet ignoring the fact..we are the true stubborn selfish idiotic voters!!
    I say lets be smarter idiots and give the opposition a chance to straighten us up...or forever stay as idiots...or robots and shut up!!
    message from the wise one...not an idiot at all..monsterball....hahahahaha

  26. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is another snotty and arrogant has been, in the same class as Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Arief. These people are very opinionated people and only think they are right all the time and everyone else can sod the hell off.

    How can someone like that represent and attend to the petty needs and wants of the simpleton, kampung and estate worker folks in Ijok?

    So what's the point contesting as a Wakil Rakyat and later, just want to be in the "high and mighty" fray?

    PKR should have picked someone who can 'turun padang' and roll up his sleeves for the rakyat. Not someone who had a morbid fascination of looking himself on the TV, especially in interviews and forums, ever so often.

  27. Pity you Monsterball for voting a perpetual loser.

  28. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Its obvious, isn't it, why Monsterball has the affinity for losers?


  29. Anonymous12:46 pm

    hey monsterball, yousa nigga!

  30. Anonymous4:38 pm

    It's been interesting to read such free-flowing comments on an all "Malaysian" free for all. While we are on the subject, how many of you have read the book entitled "Contesting Malayness"? Written by a Professor of National University of Singapore. Cost S$32 (about). It reflects the Anthropologists views that there is no such race as the "Malays" to begin with. If we follow the original migration of the Southern Chinese of 6,000yrs ago, they moved into Taiwan, (now the Alisan), then into the Phillipines (now the Aeta) and moved into Borneo (4,500yrs ago) (Dayak). They also split into Sulawesi and progressed into Jawa, and Sumatera. The final migration was to the Malayan Peninsular 3,000yrs ago. A sub-group from Borneo also moved to Champa in Vietnam at 4,500yrs ago.

    Interestingly, the Champa deviant group moved back to present day Kelantan. There are also traces of the Dong Song and HoaBinh migration from Vietnam and Cambodia. To confuse the issue, there was also the Southern Thai migration, from what we know as Pattani today. (see also "Early Kingdoms of the Indonesian Archipelago and the Malay Peninsular")

    Of course, we also have the Minangkabau's which come from the descendants of Alexander the Great and a West Indian Princess. (Sejarah Melayu page 1-3)

    So the million Dollar Question... Is there really a race called the "Malays"? All anthropologists DO NOT SEEM TO THINK SO.

    Neither do the "Malays" who live on the West Coast of Johor. They'd rather be called Javanese. What about the west coast Kedah inhabitants who prefer to be known as "Achenese"? or the Ibans who simply want to be known as IBANS. Try calling a Kelabit a "Malay" and see what response you get... you’ll be so glad that their Head-Hunting days are over.

    In an article in the Star, dated: Dec 3rd 2006

    available for on-line viewing at:

    An excerp is reproduced here below:

    "The Malays – taken as an aggregation of people of different ethnic backgrounds but who speak the same language or family of languages and share common cultural and traditional ties – are essentially a new race, compared to the Chinese, Indians and the Arabs with their long histories of quests and conquests.

    The Malay nation, therefore, covers people of various ethnic stock, including Javanese, Bugis, Bawean, Achehnese, Thai, orang asli, the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak and descendants of Indian Muslims who had married local women.

    Beneath these variations, however, there is a common steely core that is bent on changing the Malay persona from its perceived lethargic character to one that is brave, bold and ready to take on the world. "

    The definition of “Malay” is therefore simply a collection of people's who speak a similar type language. With what is meant by a similar type language does not mean that the words are similar. Linguists call this the "Lego-type" language, where words are added on to the root word to make meaning and give tenses and such. Somehow, the Indonesians disagree with this classification and insist on being called "Indonesians" even though the majority of "Malays" have their roots in parts of Indonesia? They refuse to be called "Malay"…. Anyhow you may define it.

    The writer failed to identify (probably didn't know), that the "Malay" definition also includes, the Champa, Dong Song, HoabinHian, The Taiwanese Alisan and the Philippino Aetas. He also did not identify that the "Orang Asli" are (for lack of a better term) ex-Africans. If you try to call any one of our East Malaysian brothers an "Orang Asli", they WILL BEAT YOU UP! I had to repeat this because almost all West Malaysians make the same mistake when we cross the South China Sea. Worse, somehow, they feel even more insulted when you call them “Malay”. Somehow, “kurang ajar” is uttered below their breath as if “Malay” was a really bad word for them. I’m still trying to figure this one out.

    Watch “Malays in Africa”; a Museum Negara produced DVD. Also, the “Champa Malays” by the same.

    With this classification, they MUST also include the Phillipinos, the Papua New Guineans, the Australian Aboroginies, as well as the Polynesian Aboroginies. These are of the Australo Melanesians who migrated out of Africa 60,000yrs ago.

    Getting interesting? Read on...

    "Malay" should also include the Taiwanese singer "Ah Mei" who is Alisan as her tribe are the anscestors of the "Malays". And finally, you will need to define the Southern Chinese (Southern Province) as Malay also, since they are from the same stock 6,000yrs ago.

    Try calling the Bugis a "Malay". Interestingly, the Bugis, who predominantly live on Sulawesi are not even Indonesians. Neither do they fall into the same group as the migrating Southern Chinese of 6,000yrs ago nor the Australo Melanesian group from Africa.

    Ready for this?

    The Bugis are the cross-breed between the Chinese and the Arabs. (FYI, a runaway Ming Dynasty official whom Cheng Ho was sent to hunt down) Interestingly, the Bugis were career Pirates in the Johor-Riau Island areas. Now the nephew of Daeng Kemboja was appointed the First Sultan of Selangor. That makes the entire Selangor Sultanate part Arab, part Chinese! Try talking to the Bugis Museum curator near Kukup in Johor. Kukup is located near the most south-western tip of Johor. (Due south of Pontian Kechil)

    Let's not even get into the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekiu, and Hang Lekir, who shared the same family last name as the other super famous "Hang" family member... Hang Li Poh. And who was she? the princess of a Ming Dynasty Emperor who was sent to marry the Sultan of Malacca. Won't that make the entire Malacca Sultanate downline "Baba" ? Since the older son of the collapsed Malaccan Sultanate got killed in Johor, (the current Sultanate is the downline of the then, Bendahara) the only other son became the Sultan of Perak. Do we see any Chinese-ness in Raja Azlan? Is he the descendant of Hang Li Poh?

    Next question. If the Baba’s are part Malay, why have they been marginalized by NOT BEING BUMIPUTERA? Which part of “Malay” are they not? Whatever the answer, why then are the Portugese of Malacca BUMIPUTERA? Did they not come 100yrs AFTER the arrival of the first Baba’s? Parameswara founded Malacca in 1411. The Portugese came in 1511, and the Dutch in the 1600’s. Strangely, the Baba’s were in fact once classified a Bumiputera, but a decided that they were strangely “declassified” in the 1960’s. WHY?

    The Sultan of Kelantan had similar roots to the Pattani Kingdom making him of Thai origin. And what is this "coffee table book" by the Sultan of Perlis claiming to be the direct descendant of the prophet Muhammed? Somehow we see Prof Khoo Khay Khim’s signature name on the book. I’ll pay good money to own a copy of it myself. Anyone has a spare?

    So, how many of you have met with orang Asli’s? the more northern you go, the more African they look. Why are they called Negrito’s? It is a Spanish word, from which directly transalates “mini Negros”. The more southern you go, the more “Indonesian” they look. And the ones who live at Cameron Highlands kinda look 50-50. You can see the Batek at Taman Negara, who really look like Eddie Murphy to a certain degree. Or the Negritos who live at the Thai border near Temenggor Lake (north Perak). The Mah Meri in Carrie Island look almost like the Jakuns in Endau Rompin. Half African, half Indonesian.

    By definition, (this is super eye-opening) there was a Hindu Malay Empire in Kedah. Yes, I said right… The Malays were Hindu. It was, by the old name Langkasuka. Today known as Lembah Bujang. This Hindu Malay Empire was 2,000yrs old. Pre-dating Borrobudor AND Angkor Watt. Who came about around 500-600yrs later. Lembah Bujang was THE mighty trading empire, and its biggest influence was by the Indians who were here to help start it. By definition, this should make the Indians BUMIPUTERAS too since they were here 2,000yrs ago! Why are they marginalized?

    Of the 3 books listed, "Contesting Malayness" (about S$32 for soft cover) is "banned” in Malaysia; you will need to "smuggle" it into Malaysia; for very obvious reasons.... :( or read it in Singapore if you don’t feel like breaking the law.

    The other, "Kingdoms of the Indonesian Archipelago, and the Malay Peninsular" (about RM84) are openly sold at all leading bookshops; Kinokuniya, MPH, Borders, Popular, Times, etc. You should be able to find a fair bit of what I’ve been quoting in this book too, but mind you, it is very heavy reading material, and you will struggle through the initial 200+ pages. It is extremely technical in nature. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t banned (yet)…coz our authorities couldn’t make head or tail of it? (FYI, if I wasn’t doing research for my film, I wouldn’t have read it in its entirety)

    While the "Sejarah Melayu" (about RM 35) is available at the University Malaya bookshop. I have both the English and Royal Malay version published by MBRAS.

    Incidentally, the Professor (Author) was invited to speak on this very subject about 2 yrs ago, in KL, invited by the MBRAS. You can imagine the "chaos" this seminar created...... :(

    There were actually many sources for these findings. Any older Philippino Museum Journal also carries these migration stories. This migration is also on display at the Philippines National Museum in Luzon. However, they end with the Aeta, and only briefly mention that the migration continued to Indonesia and Malaysia, but fully acknowledge that all Philippinos came from Taiwan. And before Taiwan, China. There is another book (part of a series) called the "Archipelago Series" endorsed by Tun Mahatir and Marina Mohammad, which states the very same thing right at the introduction on page one. “… that the Malays migrated out of Southern China some 6,000yrs ago…”. I believe it is called the “Pre-History of Malaysia” Hard Cover, about RM99 found in (mostly) MPH. They also carry “Pre-History of Indonesia” by the same authors for the same price.

    It is most interesting to note that our Museum officials invented brand new unheard-of terms such as "Proto-Malay" and "Deutero-Malay", to replace the accepted Scientific Term, Australo-Melanesians (African descent) and Austronesians (Chinese Descent, or Mongoloid to be precise) in keeping in line with creating this new “Malay” term.. They also created the new term called the Melayu-Polynesian. (Which Melayu exists in the Polynesian Islands?) Maybe they were just trying to be “Patriotic” and “Nationalistic”… who knows…? After all, we also invented the term, “Malaysian Time”. While the rest of the world calls it “Tardy” and “Late”. It’s quite an embarrassment actually…. Singaporeans crossing the border are asked to set their watches back by about 100yrs, to adjust to “Malaysian Time”…

    In a nutshell, the British Colonial Masters, who, for lack of a better description, needed a “blanket” category for ease of classification, used the term “Malay”.

    The only other logical explanation, which I have heard, was that “Malaya” came as a derivative of “Himalaya”, where at Langkasuka, or Lembah Bujang today was where the Indians were describing the locals as “Malai” which means “Hill People” in Tamil. This made perfect sense as the focal point at that time was at Gunung Jerai, and the entire Peninsular had a “Mountain Range” “Banjaran Titiwangsa”, as we call it.

    The Mandarin and Cantonese accurately maintain the accurate pronunciation of “Malai Ren” and “Malai Yun” respectively till this very day. Where “ren” and “yun” both mean “peoples”.

    Interestingly, “Kadar” and “Kidara”, Hindi and Sanskrit words accurately describe “Kedah” of today. They both mean “fertile Land for Rice cultivation. Again, a name given by the Indians 2,000yrs ago during the “Golden Hindu Era” for a duration of 1,500yrs.

    It was during the “Golden Hindu Era” that the new term which the Hindu Malay leaders also adopted the titles, “Sultan” and “Raja”. The Malay Royalty were Hindu at that time, as all of Southeast Asia was under strong Indian influence, including Borrobudor, and Angkor Watt. Bali today still practices devout Hindu Beliefs. The snake amulet worn by the Sultans of today, The Royal Dias, and even the “Pelamin” for weddings are tell-tale signs of these strong Indian influences. So, it was NOT Parameswara who was the first Sultan in Malaya. Sultanage existed approximately 1,500years before he set foot on the Peninsular during the "Golden Hindu Era" of Malaysia. And they were all Hindu.

    “PreHistory of Malaysia” also talks about the “Lost Kingdom” of the “Chi-Tu” where the local Malay Kingdom were Buddhists. The rest of the “Malays” were Animistic Pagans.

    But you may say, "Sejarah Melayu" calls it "Melayu"? Yes, it does. Read it again; is it trying to describe the 200-odd population hamlet near Palembang by the name "Melayu"?(Google Earth will show this village).

    By that same definition, then, the Achehnese should be considered a “race”. So should the Bugis and the Bataks, to be fair. Orang Acheh, Orang Bugis, Orang Laut, Orang Melayu now mean the same… descriptions of ethnic tribes, at best. And since the “Malays” of today are not all descendants of the “Melayu” kampung in Jambi (if I remember correctly), the term Melayu has been wrongly termed. From day one. Maybe this is why the Johoreans still call themselves either Bugis, or Javanese until today. So do the Achehnese on the West coast of Kedah & Perlis and the Kelantanese insist that they came from Champa, Vietnam.

    Morover, the fact that the first 3 pages claiming that "Melayu" comes from Alexander the Great and the West Indian Princess doesn't help. More importantly, it was written in 1623. By then, the Indians had been calling the locals “Malai” for 1,500 yrs already. So the name stuck….

    And with the Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals in page 1-3) naming the grandson of Iskandar Zulkarnain, and the West Indian Princess forming the Minangkabau. Whenever a Malay is asked about it, he usually says it is "Karut" (bullshit), but all Malayan based historians insist on using Sejarah Melayu as THE main reference book for which "Malay" history is based upon. The only other books are “Misa Melayu”, "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa", and “Hikayat Hang Tuah” which is of another long and sometimes “heated” discussion.

    I find this strange.

    I also find, that it is strange that the "Chitti's" (Indian+Malay) of Malacca are categorized as Bumiputera, while their Baba brothers are not. Why? Both existed during the Parameswara days. Which part of the “Malay” side of the Baba’s is not good enough for Bumiputera classification? Re-instate them. They used to be Bumiputera pre 1960’s anyway.

    Instead of "Malay", I believe that "Maphilindo" (circa 1963) would have been the closest in accurately trying to describe the Malays. However, going by that definition, it should most accurately be "MaphilindoThaiChinDiaVietWanGreekCamfrica". And it is because of this; even our University Malaya Anthropology professors cannot look at you in the eye and truthfully say that the word "Malay" technically and accurately defines a race.

    This is most unfortunate.

    So, in a nutshell, the “Malays” (anthropologists will disagree with this “race” definition) are TRULY ASIA !!! For once the Tourism Ministry got it right….

    We should stop calling this country “Tanah Melayu” instead call it, “Tanah Truly Asia”

    You must understand now, why I was "tickled pink" when I found out that the Visit Malaysia slogan for 2007 was "Truly Asia". They are so correct... (even though they missed out Greece and Africa)

    BTW, the name UMNO should be changed to UTANO the new official acronym for “United Truly Asia National Organization” . After all, they started out as a Bugis club in Johor anyway….

    I told you all that I hate race classifications…. This is so depressing. Even more depressing is that the "malays" are not even a race; not since day one.

    “Truly Asia Boleh”