Friday, March 16, 2007

A million thanks

Thank you. I made my first million while huddled with Jeff Ooi of Screenshots at the solicitors' office discussing the NSTP's lawsuit against us. Reaching the million is a personal achievement made possible by each visitor who has been to my blog since May last year. I am not the first millionaire blogger (Jeff, for instance, got his in 2003) and I certainly will not be the last. You can see the meters on the other blogs speeding at breakneck speed to reach the mark.


  1. Anonymous4:11 pm


  2. Anonymous4:14 pm


    I've told you that YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

    No need to pay us a single cent or give us a free tee shirt.

  3. Rockybru,

    You deserve it for your passion, dedication and devotion at great expense to yourself.

    Grateful of what you are doing.

  4. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Congratulations Bro...and be strong! You know we all walk with you...

  5. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Congratulations, bro!

  6. me got my own site meter today.will reach 100 soon...heh.

  7. Anonymous4:34 pm

    congratulations, my dear
    you are a true blogger...undeterred yet by the lawsuit against you...hope to see you blogging for a long, long time...will this mean mee rebus party on you in April???

  8. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Congratulations to you !!!

    Mine, 2k only....

  9. congrats congrats =D

  10. Mr. Rocky Bru,


  11. Congratulations!

    Keep on blogging. More and more people are seeking info and real news the blogs!

  12. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Congratulation and the very best to you ... cheers ... :)

  13. Congratulations dude !
    So where is the celebration party ?

  14. Bro,
    Lets put it this way.
    Jeff & You? You are like the 'lead sperm' swimming against the flow... He he...the rest of us? Well...some will get good hits, others may just fall behind and stop blogging....
    But in any case, we have been heard!
    Congrats....c u in NPC...

  15. congrats!
    lulu hoping to see her millionth hit at least within her lifetime.

  16. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Rocky, congratulations, but the battle is not over yet. It is only the beginning of a long and tedious struggle against stupid, lies, oppression, plagiarism, hypocrisy, idiocy, racism, religious extremism. the journey has just begun. Rocky, continue the fight. We shall turn their days into nights, we shall let them see stars on high noon. To strive, to seek and not yield.

  17. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Well done dear. Really proud of you! To the next million!

  18. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Tahniah :)

    e wong

  19. dear bro rocky

    congratulations! we the new bloggers can learn a thing or two from you season bloggers around.

    keep on blogging, for us, for malaysia!


  20. Congratulations Rocky!

  21. Tahniah...! 1 million for just 6 months of blogging.

  22. Congratulations.!
    Hope to read your 2 millionth posting soon.

  23. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Congratulations Bro. ...
    Gua caya lu


  24. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Dear Bro,
    Every cloud has a silver lining. Since you got sued and it became published in mainstream newspapers, it has lured many malaysians (like me, for instance)to go into your blog.Thats how i look at it. My two cents worth.
    Keep blogging bro


  25. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Way to go bro... congratulation :)

  26. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Congratulations. Will make a time to meet you this year.


  27. Way to go, man! You rock :)

  28. bro,

    congratulations. Tahniah.Salut.

  29. Congratulations brother rocky,
    You've inspired me to start blogging. I've still got a long way to go. Not so popular lah! Still struggling to find my niche. Right now, I just simply put my thoughts in writing. You are my idol: brave, full of determination, perseverence and intelligence.

  30. yay!!! makan makan... heheh

  31. Anonymous9:16 pm


    Rocky, rock rock rock.
    Keep the plunderers on their toes.

  32. Tahniah Bro..semoga bahan anda bertambah baik lagi dari segi kualiti dan kuantiti. Best among the best.

  33. Anonymous9:42 pm

    congrats that a daily hit that's higher than the new MM's daily circulation ;)

  34. Congrats Rocky. You deserve it brother!

  35. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Yep! Keep up the good work. Enjoyed reading the blogspheres like yours and others more than the print!

    And this Rehman Rashid guy... yep, I agreed with you and all... to an ordinary layman, his writing is rubbish and I couldn't understand much what he was writing; stop after a para or two and that is why I missed out on the section referring to blogspheres.

    While others chose to write in simple English (like what was written in the blog), it makes reading enjoyable... but definately not 'his' article.

    Frankly, after all these years that I used to admire him, now I think is definately a 'LOOSER' all the way - he got no more respect from most of us, other than the 'master' he chose to lick.

    The reason I was reading that print issue was becos we used to receive a free copy daily from the press.

  36. Anonymous12:04 am

    Dearest Rocky,


  37. Anonymous12:31 am

    Bro Rocky

    I knew you were going to hit million very soon when Kalimulah, Brendan and others sued you. You must thanbk Kalimulah for helping you to reach the million mark faster than we had expected.

    Keep up the good works. We are all with you to to get rid of the "pirate" and the Mr I do not know.

  38. Ah, now if only hits are exchangeable for cash.

    To a million more!

  39. Tonight at NPC, your lawyer Harris de-Christianised me when he quoted the Scriptures, Chapter and verse. I got to redeem myself. BECAUSE YOU ALLOWED YOURSELF TO BE CRUCIFIED FOR A CAUSE, YOU ROSE AGAIN TO 1MILLION HITS. HALLELUYA, HALLELUYA.

  40. Anonymous2:14 am

    sorry we left without saying goodbye at NPC. lol. had dinner to rush home for :)


  41. Anonymous3:02 am

    You got 1 million in 10 months....

    Others can have an airplane, a yacht, RM5 million, a trillion, etc in about 3 years...(hic)


  42. Congrats,brother. And many more millions!

  43. congratulations...ROCKS ON!
    count me in for 'mee rebus party' yay


    Mee Rebus Kak Maria is In order ,some people can only dream being millionaire blogger ,me included sob, sob.....hope am not spoiling the party with my story..sob sob


    i feel very poor with only 8,000 visitors. but im still a young dog and can learn new tricks to become a millionaire blogger like u. woof woof

  46. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Thanks a million for having the guts to take on the corrupt and the hypocrites. To hit a million in less than a year is fantastic, eat your heart out Jeff. Now no politician worth his salt will dare to ignore you. Go Rocky go, got get them. Lead the revolution. Continue the unending struggle against lies, hypocrisy, treachery, plagiarism, deceit. The whole country is behind the freedom fighters.

  47. Wow! Congratulations!

  48. Bro,

    Out of the 1 million, how many time NST, K.Mullah, Special Branch, the rest has access your blog? he, he....

  49. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hi Rocky
    You are doing a great service for all Malaysian.
    Keep up the good work.


  50. Cool Rocky !
    Could you donate some of the stats to me .... could use them to redeem my soul come 'judgement day' !
    Cheers bro !

  51. Anonymous3:31 pm


    Congrats. To get 1 million hit is no small feat. You are
    a blogger to be reckoned with.

    Yup, the powers-that-be wont dare to ignore you now.

    So ironic, the NST staff aint allowed to read yr blog at the office. But am sure the first thing Kali does in the morning is read your blog! Lol!

    He's red ... hmm maybe blue in the face now that he knows your blog has touched the 1 million mark.

    Yo kali you think you have kicked Rocky into the wilderness. Look who's having the last laugh.

    Wooo hooo! Mee rebusssssssssssss!!! yaay!!

  52. Congratulations!
    This is a blessing in disguise.

    If not for the civil suit, you would not have hit this mark so soon.

    Nature has its way of always rewarding "the surpressed and the intimidated" with victory.
    And the Oppressor is always looked upon with disdain and ultimately ostracised.

  53. Tks for arranging the talk yesterday evening. Its enlightening.

    Sorry can't join yr 1,000,000 hit party last night. Had a pre-arranged dinner at a jazz club.

    So congrats 1,000,000 hit man!

  54. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Tabik spring to you brother!

    The one million hits you have reached is a testimony to your popularity and your integrity as a blogger who is trying to uphold the truth.

    Blog on brother and let's rock them on!

    Rock the boat, baby, rock the boat!

  55. Sdr Rocky,
    Congrats brader, your one million hits ia higher than the paper's circulation...but your aim now is to hit tv3 news rating...2.3 millions. amacam brader? Sure canlah...Proud of you, bro. Advertisers must now buy space in your blog. bravooo.

  56. One million hits in less than a year works out to about two hits per minute.

    Wow! Is that the benchmark you're setting for other bloggers, Rocky?

    And "Mee Rebus" becomes a battle cry amongst bloggers.

    Sometimes fact is truly stranger than fiction. That's awesome, bro.

  57. Congrats, Rocky!:-)

    warmest regards,
    your ex-staff

  58. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Rocky Dear

    Hey, Rocky dear,
    A million hits a year,
    Isn't something to shout about
    In the blogging world today,
    Where blogging king like RPK
    Claims to hit a million hits a day.

    May I ask, Rocky dear,
    Cos why you blog, we're NOT clear.
    Is money the main driving force
    Behind your motivation?
    If the answer is in the negative,
    Sure you owe us an explanation.

    Do you believe, Rocky dear,
    Blogging's just a pastime
    To express thoughts without fear.
    Our famous RPK did confide in me,
    Something that I ought to learn:
    "I earn to live, NOT to live to earn."

  59. way to go bro. show them the power of a good blogger. nobody can censor the contents in a blog, event though they dont like it.

    the mainstream media should appoint you as their consultant.

  60. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Congratulations! - Has there ever been any doubt? Nasty P can eat its heart out.

  61. How exactly do you make money out of blogging? You say that you are a millionaire but where does the money come from? I can't imagine - unless you have adverts on your blog. But I can't see any

  62. "Higher and Higher, Higher and Hiigghherr!"

    Congrats and to another Million More!

    The mass of ordinary folks like us keep rollin' in thanks to your honest opinions and integrity in face of this onslaught of alt-media silencing campaign conducted by 'powers that be'.

    We are with you.

  63. Congratulations, Rocky!
    I am proud to have been around to witnessed you reaching this milestone on your blogger's journey (which you will never walk alone!)

    How does it feel? Is there a springy lilt to your steps as you walk now. a shoulder swagger perhaps, for the next few days will be understandable and almost expected,but know when to drop it , ok?

    but those unflinching cool gaze, don't lose it., it is bound to intimidate the nstp and the gang of four. And the gaze though worth a thousand words, yet, it's not subjudice. Yet it speaks volumes.

    Put a clickable poster thumbnail on your blog and let that gang start their day as they perused your blog, with their daily heart palpitations and leaden depressive feet and pallid fearful faces and a stammering. just looking at them n will be clues that they have a peep or more of what you said.

    once again, congratulations. I am sure i contributed some 40 hits or so and at least,may i hang and lepak around and bask in you reflected glory? can or not?

  64. Anonymous2:07 am

    Bro Rocky

    Only a million! I would have thought that you should get at least two million with the help of Kalimulah and gang.

    Congratulation to you brother! Don't be cowed by Kalimulah and gang. Please give Kalimjulah's boss, Mr I do not know, all the publicity he needs. Of course, lets not forget teh famous SIL, who is also a "close friend" of Johari Baharom.

    Well, I am glad that there was no more releases of "taiko" from SImpang Rengam after teh scandal was expose by bloggers. Actually "Mr I Do Not Know" told Johari Baharom not to blame his Son-in-law on the RM5.5 million because the figure was much higher!!

    May I ask whether the release of Mr Tee Yam @ Koo Tee Yam (aka "Pai Ka Lek"), the Kuala Lumpur taiko that was sent to Sinpang Rengam by the great Tan Sri Bakri, former IGP, was also connected to teh son-in-law or Johari Baharom?

    By the way Mr Tee Yam was released after 8 pm at night !!

    In the Mr Tee Yam's case, the first time in history that such character that was sent to Simpang Rengam was given massive publicities by Star and NST, of course.

  65. Biar lambat, asal sempat.

    Tahniah, Bro!

  66. Last Friday...everything was heady...Imtiaz briefing, Harris quoting the Bible, chapter and verse stunned and shamed my Christian upbringing...then your 1million hits and the celebration at Gary' did I or did I forget to give you the congratulary hug?

  67. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Hi Peter,

    From you way you express yourself, you sound very much like RPK, but I believe you aren't him. I don't think he has the time to move around posting here and there.

    I do agree that he's NOT making anything in the meantime. I also believe that adverts will appear on his site sometime in the future. He needs an income, unless he's a millionaire blogging for fun.

    We must also understand that registering a million hits after 10 months (jun06 - mac07) is not really significant. That works out to appro. 3333 hits a day. I mean, as an internet site, it's NOT a money spinner yet. I'm NOT an expert on internet marketing, but I believe a site that generates 100k hits a day should be able to generate a handsome income as well. Rocky knows this very well, and I'm sure he and many other bloggers are trying to drive traffic to their sites.

  68. Syabas ,
    Congratulations for the 1 000 000 hits.

    I am sure theres many more Malaysian who actually do not know about your site here Rocky.
    To all blog readers here , please helps to spread out Rocky page by sending e-mails to your friends.
    Malaysian really needs Bloggers and web master like the class of Rocky and Jeff Ooi.