Sunday, February 04, 2007

War and Nobel Peace Prize

Malaysia supports tribunal to try Bush and Blair?
the Malaysian government, it seems, has thrown its support behind the initiatives taken by Dr Mahathir to criminalize war. The former PM told a press conference yesterday that a ministry has donated "a considerable sum of money" for the conference that begins tomorrow and "I believe that the Prime Minister's Department too has contributed".
How much did this ministry and the PM's office donate to the conference? I heard it wasn't much. I hope my journalist friends out there can follow up with the relevant authorities when they have the chance to.

The 3-day conference will see the formation of a tribunal to try war crimes brought to its attention, such as those committed by America and Britain against the Iraqis.

p.s. Dr M averted my question on news that he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. "I don't know...I don't know. I think the most important thing is the attempt we are trying to make which is to criminalize war," he said.
I then asked him if that meant he would accept the nomination. In his usual sarcasm and wit, he replied:" I don't know if I have to accept or not but can we have some other more interesting questions?"


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    It’s not altruism. The Malaysian Government has to support the conference.

    Can you imagine what the world will say if it’s known that the government is not helping or supporting the peace conference?

    In any case, the Perdana Leadership Foundation is for all past PMs. To be a past PM, you have to be a present PM. So one day, soon or 13 years from now, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad will be an ex-PM.

    If Abdullah or his government does not support the foundation and its activities, his successor – whoever he or she may be -- may have the excuse not to support the foundation when he (Abdullah) sits there as Tun Dr Mahathir is now doing.

    Then again Abdullah may have other "better" things to do in his retirement than hanging around the foundation.

    Still I hope the foundation will continue to function with or without Tun Dr Mahathir.

    In fact we need to understand more about the other three past PMs – the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein.

    The foundation is now in the midst of judging essays written by secondary school students and undergraduates on the contributions of the past four PMs.

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous8:27 pm

    DR M, DR M...can we have more interesting ke ke :D

  3. Rocky!

    With due respect to Datuk Kadir Jasin, the line whether Abdullah "so one day, soon or 13 years from now" is malicious and detrimental to the general health of Malaysians. I could accept "soon" but 13 years, why the assumption of 13 years. It is too long for me to wait or for anyone to wait. Actually I want Najib to soon become the next PM. That would be great wouldn't it, Tun Mahahtir a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Najib Tun Razak as PM and the sperm counts of all Malaysians, especially the Malays, will definitely be increasing and we will party all night long! I will go to Seam Riep to pray and play! Phew! Datuk! Lain kali gunakan lah perkataan baik baik, jangan lah lagi gunakan angka 13, macam nombor kereta Pak Lah!

  4. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Bru Bro,

    Many, many years ago I went to Bosnia Herzegovina when I was reporting for the New Straits Times. Newspaper editors and several non-governmental organisations had formed an action front called Barisan Bertindak Bosnia or the Bosnian Action Front. We initiated a peoples' donation of RM1. Millions of Malaysians donated. We collected some RM5 million.

    Some of the money was handed over to Pak Lah in New York when he was attending the US as our Foreign Minister. The money was then passed to representatives of the Bosnian govt for the country's rebuilding.

    I brought the balance of the money (bank draft la) to Sarajevo and pass it to Tun Dr Mahathir to be handed to the imam of an old mosque in the heart of Sarajevo. This was duly done in the presence of mosque officials and officers from Wisma Putra.

    Dr M had continously highlighted the ethnic cleansing that was going on and on there. He had talked so much about it and helped created such an intense level of awareness of the issue then. Dr M held press conferences, issued statements, gave interviews. He provoked Malaysians into action. The government sent soldiers for peace keeping and Malaysian NGOs moved to give moral and physical support such as medicines etc. I'm very happy to have been a part of the whole movement to create that awareness, triggered of course, by Dr M's continous flow of statements!

    Dr M for Nobel prize - that'll make many of us proud!! And typical of the man - he refused to talk about it, hence next question please!

  5. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Hi Bro Rocky Bru,

    So pasquale survive and full of energy. I remember he posted in this blog many many days ago ........

    "In exactly 8 days from today, which happens to be Friday, 26th, Malaysians will receive a welcomed respite, we will be breating a sigh of relief and that I can guarantee"......

    So how then?

    Anon fm Miri

  6. Dr. Mahathir and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,

    Whatever you do to pursue your dreams of personal glory, please remember there are 2,000,000 Malaysian jobs which are directly or indirectly dependent on trade with the United States.

    I have two babies and two aged parents to feed, don't break my rice bowl.

  7. Anonymous1:11 am

    How effective is the setting up of this Perdana Global Peace Organisation. What is the role of UN in this case? Who are the sponsors of this PGPO? What are the objectives of this organisation? Is it going to be a get-to-together forum for selected leaders of countries to enjoy their 'chit-chat'?

  8. Anonymous5:10 am

    To Dr Mahathir, you can have your games with the americanos, but pse remember that the americanos are our biggest trading partners and that many jobs depend on them. So pse limit your games.

  9. The comments by Ahmad A Talib make me happy and sad as a Malaysian.

    Happy that Tun Dr M has mobilised resources for the Bosnian issue and that a Malaysian is recognised for doing so.

    Sad that resources in Malaysia were not mobilised to improve ethnic relations in Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous8:13 am


    a digression here;
    if you haven't read it, (no need to buy it -- just borrow a copy) please do -- Off the Edge has an interview with Dr Mahathir. A good piece. Go get one.

    P.S: Ayoyoh, if I were Pak Lah reading it, where to put my face.....wouldnt be able to say half the things Dr M said.
    (Rocky,I didnt say this, my sister did!)

  11. Anonymous9:06 am

    Don't be too worried. M was pm for 22 years and during all those years the US was our major trading partner. He was speaking his mind then and Msians not only kept their jobs but prospered. I am sure more Americans appreciate what M is doing than Malaysians who do.

  12. If I'm not mistaken...2-3 years back...Anwar supporters claimed that he will be nominate for Nobel what happen?

  13. Anonymous10:02 am


    Pls have a bit of faith! Have u forgotten that TDM is the consumate politician and for 22years he managed to adopt a clearly critical(critical of america & the West) foreighn policy rhetoric yet at the same time be a magnet for foreighn investments, whereby, included among our biggest trading partners was the US!His ability to acheive this amazes far more superior intelect than us, who also puts in more effort than our 2-3 line opinions in evaluating this man. Among them are Paul Krugman,and Nobel Prize winners Joseph stiglitz and Armteya Sen.

    So again have abit of faith in the man. But in the event our trade with the US takes a nose dive, do u really think its fair to blame someone who's no longer in power or someone who is?

  14. Anonymous11:15 am

    "I have two babies and two aged parents to feed, don't break my rice bowl."

    So, what are you suggesting Mrs. Kitty? That we happily comply with US's demand -- and put the lives of millions Iranian babies and elderlies into risk?

  15. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Wasn't Mahathir accused being the " Most Corrupted Prime Minister of Malaysian History" ?

    Looking at the toll concessions and other questionable deals of the government during his time as PM,
    I rest my case.

  16. Anonymous1:38 pm


    anonymous 12.48pm

    What case ? Be specific and detailed . Insinuations doesn't make your point clear. I will agree if you could provide the proof.

  17. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Am really dissapointed with the commenter who was not happy for TDM norminated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I am one of those who is proud when TDM is selected to be among the norminees.

    I still recall during my visit to several universities in Japan where the top management and academicians conveyed that Malaysians should be proud to have a Prime Minister like TDM and if they were given a chance, they would like TDM to administer and lead Japan.

    Senior University Administrator

  18. Anonymous2:37 pm

    What is the ultimate objective to be achived by Dr M through this PGPO?

    How relevant are his arguments in promoting "peace" through this PGPO? Another "independent" think-tank on peace?

  19. Anonymous3:52 pm

    War or Peace (with apologies to my favourite author Leo Tolstoy), I don't give a damn. The most pressing issue at the moment is to make this country a happier place. That means reducing crime. Dr M, how about it, and forget abou the Americanos. You can shout and yell, and it wont make any difference.

  20. Anonymous4:58 pm

    John Labu says...

    " Dr M for Nobel prize - that'll make many of us proud!! And typical of the man - he refused to talk about it, hence next question please! "

    Agree. Totally aggree. Would it make a difference if " Terrorist Bush & Blair " get to be nominated as Nobel Prize winner. How would you all feel?

    Not all peace loving Americans & Brits support Bush or Blair. It a War for Oil.

    Rebuilding of Iraq smell money and financial gain. Saddam is gone now. Does it make things better.

    Visit the PGPO, see the exhibition, listen to the conference with an open heart. Read through the brochures hand-outs. Is there something untruthful about it ?

    Wake up Malaysians. Its about Global peace and not local politics agenda.

    With tight financial operating cost, I believe the organizer once again did a great job. Some volunteers did it due to the love for peace not money alone.

    Well done, boys & girls. Thank you for organizing this event in a sincere hearted way.

  21. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Brother Rocky

    Thumbs Up for Tun Dr Mahathir with the Nobel Prize...

    But thinking aloud, the country is still in deep shit under the present Donkey fella running the gomen...

    That Donkey fella too needs a Nobel Prize too, without it he'll go jealousy and go for saving whales as a cause through Cobra King... and more money will go Turkey for more such yachts!

    You know lah... these Pak Dengki fella is good for nothing but Shit!

    Pity the rakyat ma....

  22. Anonymous6:32 pm

    rocky, i maybe wrong, and correct me please -- but I was made to understand that Telekom Malaysia contributed RM10,000 to the foundation. Oh..I could have missed out another zero. That is support, brother! I suppose it is the thought that counts. salam.

  23. Anonymous8:29 pm


    Either ur not very smart or your too do u know that wht DrM is doing wont make a differance? Can you see what the future portends?

    In the past when he imposed the currency controls, the whole mainstrean media condemd him!Milton Freidman, nobel prize winner and arch prophet of free markets thunderd 'insane!' and the criticism was aslo echoed by the Heritage Foundation.And that's just mentioning a few among an ocean of critics.

    In many ways, the the currency controls,( though exactly what the text books would have recommended) because it was exactly the opposite of what the IMF recomended(many counties avoided irking the IMF in anyway simply becuse of the link it had with market confidenced), was even more outrageous than Mahathir's current attempt to criminalise war!

    So Nstman, unless ur an oracle, please allow the old man to do what only he can do.If u dont care about war and peace, then why make a comment one way or the other?

    PS_ Reducing crime, is a noble job, but its the responsibility of the police and the the minister in charge.

  24. Anonymous12:57 am

    I'm glad I'm not as cynical as NSTMAN or some of the others who have nothing better to do than to PM-bash and play 2 good people against each other. Please give our leaders (past and present)a chance to realise their visions before nailing them in their coffins.

    Isn't it more helpful to engage our minds (and hearts) and think of innovative ways to help in the worthy causes they champion - if not directly at least in the way of ideas.

    I had the good fortune of meeting a key presenter at the Criminalising War conference who thinks that now is the time for less conference rhetoric and more face-to-face interactions with country leaders who have influence to initiate action at all levels of civil society.

    A recurring view at the conference is the danger of succumbing to economic bribes and threats. If small nations do not have economic power to fight back I believe they will be respected if they have the mental/intellectual capacity to articulate issues and concerns.

    If we can fight argument with argument that is a way forward! How many of us or our leaders can do this effectively at international forums or face-to-face?


  25. Anonymous4:34 am

    Nominations please...
    And the awards goes to...

    1. Nobel Prize : TDM
    2. Nobrain Prize : Lahdol
    3. Noballs Prize : Krishamuddin
    4. Noevidence Prize : Ajib Baginda
    5. Notoll Prize : Protes Group
    6. Nonsense Prize : Kuda Jalang

    No, No , No. Novote from me in the next coming election.


  26. Anonymous7:39 am

    BTW, the same international figure reckons the Nobel Prize selection committee is rather exacting in their criteria. Nominees with strong political views or leanings are usually not preferred.


  27. On the 10 o'clock news, not verbatim, but Tun Mahathir said that Bush and Blair will be tried by a legitimate court, using existing legal systems, completely independent and unbiased who will find them guilty of war crimes.

    As usual justice ala Mahathir; a person is guilty and the courts are merely there to endorse the position.

  28. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Bro Bru..
    quite oklah, if TDM just listed 4 nobel prize. But the best winner is anonymous JL - he already listed the winner...


  29. Anonymous7:06 pm

    To be nominated for the Nobel Prize is an honour in itself. Tun Mahathir has once again put Malaysia on the world map. Whether he wins or not, he has brought honour to his country.

    And that's much much more than any of us armchair critics have done. Think for a second - what have you done to make your country proud? I bet many of us don't have a worthy answer. Or, if you were the Prime Minister what would be your greatest vision/mission for Malaysia?

    Hey Rocky, I've never thanked you on your blogspot for doing me that favour many moons ago! I've just learned how to post a comment.

    Thank you,

    datin anonymous