Monday, February 05, 2007

Mother of all PRs, Part 2

Fox Media. The Mother of all PRs has a name and it's called Fox Media, according to industry sources. A certain shaik (from Penang, not from the Middle East) will be named as chairman of the new company, which will feature two former top editors known to have close links with the Prime Minister and his son-in-law. Since this blog broke the story the other day, PR practitioners have expressed concern about the invasion of powerful cronies to their industry.

In a related development, Khazanah Nasional Berhad told me it will formally deny a suggestion by this blog that it had hired new PR consultants to spruce up the image of the US$15 billion South Johor Economic Region internationally.

Incidentally, Walk With Us has a story here.


  1. Anonymous5:41 pm

    easy what! No need to compete with anyone. This is the way to do business now, for cronies.
    It really really pays, you know, Rocky, to be a crony. But, no integrity-lah. But to these people. integrity means nothing. Its dollars (and billions, bro) and cents.
    Fox Media will just be sitting very pretty and the accounts will be falling on their lap.
    Meritocracy -- PODAH!
    Mediocrity reigns-lah under Abdullah Badawi.


  2. Anonymous8:39 pm

    I have grave concerns about how appointments are being done in Malaysia. If they are being appointed just because they have links to the Pseudo-PM and the real PM (we don't know which one is which anyways) then Malaysia is definitely spiralling downwards.

    Merits? Hard work? Doesn't it mean anything to anyone these days? Adoi, how can you feed your family with money you got just because of connections? My mom sheds blood, sweat and tears to give her kids a good education, and my father when he a decision maker, declined bribes and incentives because he did not want to feed his kids "haram" money. He said "tak termakan".

    It's okaylah Rocky. Everybody knows that these people are cronies, and takde integrity punya orang. Biarlah diorang.

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Your report wasn't quite correct, Rocky.From what I know, the Chairman is the No 1 himself, since the appointment came all the way from the top. This certain Shaik is the person helming the outfit, reporting directly to him.
    This same Shaik person is also known to be moving in the same circle of people of you-know-who!