Sunday, February 11, 2007

She, what a bleach!

I caught the blasphemous bleached blonde's ambition late, at Typhoon Sue's Tattlerama. What a bleach!


  1. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Ini sudah mcm satu tradisi dalam Media Premature.

    Jangan lupa bila satu dunia mengutuk cartoonist Denmark kerana menghina nabi.Anak syarikat dibawah jagaannya pun sibuk melakukan benda yang serupa.Sedang akhbar disarawak digantung perkhidmatan akhbar dibawah jagaanya dilepas pergi.

    Sekarang media electronic dibawahnya melakukan yang serupa.Adakah untuk mencari Sensasi atau untuk mencari rating tertinggi.Adakah sirambut yang terkena clorox itu hanya membaca script?Dan adakah editornya tertidur atau tidak peka untuk mengedit sesuatu isu sensitif dalam rancangan Live?
    Adakah ianyaseperti lawak jenaka yg boleh dipermainkan?

    Kedua-dua pelakon serta rancangan itu sendiri perlu diharamkan dari terus kelihatan didepan TV aku.

  2. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Siapa aktres Malaysia/Melayu itu dan saluran TV mana?

    Saya tonton TV tapi saluran macam NGC, Animal Planet dan Discovery.

    Saluran berita pun dan kurang tonton. Lebih banyak banyak baca berita on-line.

    Terima kasih.

  3. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Yang dihormati Datuk AKJ

    As I gather from Suhami Sulaiman’s World, it was on a TV3 show aptly called Sensasi. The self-proclaimed a-has-been-celebrity featured the faux pas in his blog on Feb 2 under the title Responsible Hosting and TV Journalism. For more details, go to:


  4. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Monsterball, best WE clarify you on your "I guess I know you do not hate me like RPK." statement!

    Truth be told, WE, not just at RPK's Malaysia-Today, don't and will never hate you. Just that WE can't stand reading your postings. Many, after reading your postings were known to vomit violently, and this is no exaggeration, I repeat,NO EXAGGERATION.

  5. Anonymous12:02 am

    Ok what ..blonde malay actress can draw comparison with the Prophets wife about her own life.And the language is just modern malay slang.Nothing offensive...everyone speaks like that today...This is what Islam Hadari is all about.
    I'm writing this after my Isya prayer
    and just finished appyling some hair dye to cover my white hair.(Hair dye with Jakim halal logo ..ok)

  6. I think its a case of "terlepas cakap" dan sometimes a comedian or in this comedianne nature try to crack jokes.

    I hope she do what is necessary as it is out of line. But please no "gam" on her career.

  7. Anonymous12:40 am

    That's the truth la, Monsterball! u need to be a little refine & sensitive in ur postings......u can do it at ur blog la......

  8. Anonymous12:49 am

    I dont much follow the malay entertainment scene. Who is this blonde, what is her name? Is she like a big name?

  9. rocky,

    my sister wants to "chillikan mulut minah ni".
    i told her that's too kind for such utter disrespect to the Prophet's wife.
    But, aah... this blonde aint a kid,so she must have known what she was saying.. though I don't know what her intentions are for saying such things.
    well, i have thought about it and i say we ignore such stupid remarks from stupid unthinking people. i think i am a tolerant person...i can deal with idiots.
    frankly, not worth my time.
    she doesn't deserve any media space.... let's not dignify her..

  10. Anonymous2:31 am

    my comment in Rocky's blog:

    Many, after reading your postings were known to vomit violently, and this is no exaggeration, I repeat,NO EXAGGERATION. - vomit blood

    saya sokong! sokong! berapa kali nak sokong pun boleh!

    bloggers like Rocky and Sheih (especially Sheih) has been victimized by someone whom i dont even want to see his name around.

    many bloggers has to take this unnecessary burden.

    Many, after reading your postings were known to vomit violently, and this is no exaggeration, I repeat,NO EXAGGERATION.

    make sure you dare to show your face in support of Rocky's court case.

    I think someone will be going to the court just to renew the license to throw all kind of shit into people's blog. Disgusting!

    (i also send this comment to sheih and MM ranting)

  11. Anonymous2:33 am

    I dont think eskay and all those that have voiced their concerned about monsterball's postings did that to teach him or just to spite him.

    I mean, honestly folks, just read his postings! He, as rikey posted elsewhere here in Rocky's Bru, is what spamming is all about.

    I used to enjoy reading postings at Kickdefella's but now, I skipped whenever I see his posting there.

  12. Anonymous5:26 am

    you said - Oh I see….you are saying Sheih is being victimised by me and soon the license will be cancelled because of me?

    I said - I think someone will be going to the court just to renew the license to throw all kind of shit into people’s blog. Disgusting!

    Cant even understand very simple sentence!

    If you dont, just stop your bang! bang!

    Yes, please go to the court and show to the world you are their very close comrade, friend, whatever and you have already renewed your license to spread shit here and there!

    If we go to the court, we dont go there to renew our license to throw shit into their blogs.

    You seem to abuse friendship!!!

    You only think about your right to throw shit here and there!

    What about our right to have a life whithout your shit!!!

    Do you have a blog? If you dont, go and create your own blog! And you have all the freedom to throw any amount of your pangsai there!!!

    Dont dirty our eyes with your shit here or in any other blog of your so-called friends! Friends? Ptui!!

  13. Anonymous5:59 am

    Thank you A Malaysian in Riyadh. I visited Suhaimisulaiman's blog. He identified her as one Rosnah Mat Aris. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous8:18 am

    rakyat pasirpanjang,

    NO - it's not OK that Malays speak like that! And it's not OK for an ageing small-time actress to speak profanities on TV!

    slanga biasanya ditutur oleh golongan muda atau orang yang kurang berpendidikan. slanga ialah laras bahasa (language register) yang digunakan dalam konteks intim atau tidak formal antara rakan karib. Wawancara TV dianggap sebagai konteks awam jadi bahasa yang digunakan mesti sesuai.

    If the Malays want to move forward and be recognised as a progressive race they have to first of all think and speak properly!


  15. Dear Rocky,
    In society like ours(mainly Malay) which indulge in entertaiment for their intellectual fufilment,the lifestyle of an artists are much immitated and every words seems to come from much value-thought of ideas.

    You can see from the video clip the audience and the host alike seem to be so forgiving to the 'celupar words' from an established artist .Enough said of her putting her at par with Prophet's dear wife ,but to simpletons like my kg folks she would be considered as 'pompuan Gila' whose words and ideas best ignored....
    Am more worried of the audience actually ,as it reflects the mentality of the whole society...spoonfed every information without much matter how malign the arguement put forward.

  16. They have dumbed down the electronic media channels to a level where they are now dumbing down the electorate.

    As I've said before- First, they want to take away your voice, then, they want to control your mind.

    And rather uniquely for the blogosphere, sometimes a gremlin cometh to spread 'dumbness' all round.

    Engage or ignore?

  17. Anonymous3:48 pm

    The said "actress" often plays characters that are loud and vulgar. So she has probably inherited these traits. Or is it the other way round? Because she is loud and vulgar she is offered these roles.

    The other thing is some realtime drama can get the attention you seek and boost an ailing career.

    datin anonymous

  18. Anonymous10:27 pm

    alahai dato kadir jasin,
    mengada tak tentu arahlah. ini pun satu punya melayu macam artis melayu atau melayu islam over.
    yang artis melayu tak mau cakap melayu pasal nampak bodoh kalau cakap melayu, yang islam over pula tak mau megaku melayu hanya islam walaupun koran ada kata tenntang bangsa dan puak dan dato pula tak tengok tv melayu hanya tv amerika pasal tak standard kot.ini semua megada macam spg, yellow outside white inside

  19. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Shar101, regarding your remarks on "And rather uniquely for the blogosphere, sometimes a gremlin cometh to spread 'dumbness' all round.", let me ask you, does that "gremlin" has a name?

    You being polite I think. With such creature, you just have to be blunt and direct. Would have been a waste if the message didn't get through.

    Have you read rikey's 10 Commandments elsewhere in Rocky's Bru? No SIX alone merits an entry on its own. Any Taker?

  20. Anonymous9:38 am

    Datin Anon,

    There's no need to psychonanalyze the blonde (dumb blonde?). Her remark was made either out of sheer ignorance or pure stupidity; considering her age, I tend to think it's the latter. Period.

  21. shut her off... and the tv station too....

  22. Atomic Kitten,

    The gremlin knows.