Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back on the road again

JB, Saturday 10 Feb 2007. It's been nearly three months since Dr M's last roadshow. Lots happened since: the US$8-million Cobra Sultan, his stay at IJN, the RM200-million "leased" plane, the plantation merger, the media merger, the lawsuits against bloggers, the second Monsoon Cup, the floods, the Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Based on how he did at this week's Peace Conference, I say Dr M is back in his element.
Which means someone is going to lose sleep.

Go here to listen to the Language of Resistance.
[Poster courtesy of kickdefella]


  1. Anonymous7:41 pm

    back on the road indeed :)

    some shameless self-promotion here, but if anyone's interested on some critical analysis on both the TDM-Abdullah spat, as well as the two men themselves, there's a new book on the market.

    Stop by and have a look, it's got some great high-profile contributors :) Thanks!

  2. Mahathir kata Melayu Mudah Lupa. He is proven correct! Remember Anwar, global Express, Perwaja, Proton, etc

  3. Anonymous1:16 am

    oh yesss...dr M is back! its high time that that someone wakes up anyway and too bad nightmare's awaiting..

  4. Anonymous5:53 am

    Bro Ahirudin,
    Glad to see him back! Malaysia really needs people like Tun. Badly! Something must be done quickly for our future generations or else Malaysia is not going anywhere.

    To Yang Berbahagia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, please help our Malaysia, the one and only.

    the book is bloody brilliant! People shoud read and digest it! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Anonymous8:25 am

    rocky brother,

    someone will continue to sleep. but many others around this someone will be losing sleep. which means they will be trippin' and trippin' again and again, and then do what they do best -- screw up.
    if they screw things up for themselves, tht's so fine by me.
    big problem is, they screw up the country, on the sleeping beauty's behalf.

  6. Anonymous8:54 am

    tun tun tun....
    what can i say? i was there at the peace conference.
    that old man hasnt lost it.
    i swear,listening to him.... he was talking about the country --
    -- "continue with the resistance, move public opinion because public opinion can bring down any government, don't sleep on it...."


  7. Anonymous10:54 am

    monsterball: ...Was he that nice to all of you when he was PM?

    During is time Blogging is still new. Same like having a merc or BMW, so no many blogger lah... But now it's like Kancil, so many can have it. Even thou small but can cause traffic jam men........ and more revenue for toll operator tooo. Waaaaa lah

  8. Anonymous11:21 am

    tdm was attacked and lynched by us bloggers and websites during reformasi in the name of promoting anwarism. we printed out everything on the net and blogs, went to the kampungs and distributed them. we mobilised public opinion to bring tdm down. we succeeded, though not completely. it was thank to tdm that we succeeded, actually. some of us look back and wondered why the old man did not haul us up, crack down on us, sue us. he let us have our day. he was, in effect, "very nice" to us.
    today, we are decent to him. some of us still attack him and lynch him. some of us are fair to him. some outright support him. whatever we do, we know that he was decent to us, fair to us.
    basically, he laboured to promote our existence then. and today he is reaping the fruits of his labour, i suppose. not completely, but he's succeeded.

  9. Anonymous11:40 am

    the plane!the plane!the plane! BUT LOOK WHO's BACK!....and there goes my plane, and my boat, and my nasi kandar, and uhoh will my rice bowl too?


  10. more fantasy island than superman la, hor?

  11. Anonymous2:40 pm

    dear old blogger,
    you sid ``we mobilised public opinion to bring tdm down. we succeeded ...''
    you guys brought panglima Maha besar down? u got to b kidding!!
    Get real, Mahadhir left on his on free will... that is a fact. No one could remove him, least of all armchair critics from cyberspace who spin out bile from the safety and comfort of their bedrooms.
    The impact by bloggers was minimal as common sense will indicate because of the low internet penetration in the country. That was why he didn't go after the bloggers. I was there, I know.
    Mahadhir's mission now is to bring AAB down and is using all the dirty tricks he can muster. Imagine his cronies back in power, and it's Ops Lallang number 2.

  12. Did anyone consider the likelihood of the event being aborted due to police interference?
    They might say 'no police permit' and threaten the crowd to disperse or put up road blocks all over the city to prevent people from attending the gathering.
    Or they might threaten the Hotel owners with cancellation of licence or fine them heavily for allowing their premises be used for an "illegal"
    This Rip Van Winkle PM is capable of anything.

  13. Anonymous3:34 pm


  14. Anonymous8:55 pm


    aaaaaarrgh so damn boring la

    watz ur bif mahathir?

    can't see la all the people standing beore me as mahathir came into the hall of independence.

    warofwords crimes tribunals? B:(

    dec 28 2012 or 7 feb 07

  15. Thanks Tun.You're the great leader ever..