Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Turkish PM defends Hurriyet

Report was accurate, Erdogan says.
Last month, Abdullah Badawi said the Hurriyet's report that he was in Bodrum to take a peek at a RM30 million yacht belonging to him was "inaccurate" and "a lie". The Malaysian PM said he would ask the Hurriyet to make the necessary correction.
The boat manufacturer reportedly issued a statement to say that it never received any order for the yacht called Cobra Sultan from the Malaysian PM. Malaysian newspapers carried the the boat manufacturer's statement but it is not known if Hurriyet did the same or if it was issued the same statement in the first place.
Yesterday, MalaysiaToday quoted Anwar Ibrahim as saying that the Turkish PM had told him the Hurriyet report on Abdullah and the RM30 yacht as tepat (accurate)/ and berasas (substantiated). Anwar said Recep Tayyip Erdogan told him this when they met recently.
The Turkish PM, it seems, was also disappointed with Abdullah for another reason. [read here for more; here for the Harakah's take]


  1. Now the tembelang sudah pecah.
    Sudah kantoi....

  2. Bullseye, Rocky.

    This is your 'baby' and don't you dare let it out of your sight.

    Nice to see Harakah giving proper credentials.

    Cobra Sultan and that AAB/MY pic will add more weight to the sinking of the Commander-in-Chief.

  3. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Internet news, which one tak tepat langsung? You want tak tepat news, go read from the HOME-BULLY team. Bully msians pandai, CNN tak berani sentuh langsung.

  4. Anonymous6:43 pm

    patutlah selepas lawatan kerja di Venezuela,dia tak berani balik Malaysia..terus sambung cuti ke ostolia.
    Nak buat cooling period...

  5. Anonymous6:51 pm

    When the news first came out I already mentioned it was a gift from Ananda.

    Old news lah...

  6. Anonymous8:40 pm

    read about the injunction against u by NST plus 4. Man, they want you to pay for all the truth you bared.
    NST? Pray tell, which part about the NST was libelous. If anything, your writinsg showed u to be so concerned abt where the paper was going under he who must not be named.
    That aside --- now the Hurriyet is the real reason for the legal action against you, bro.
    That's why the NST was dragged into this.
    Libel? Just go to other blogs. Man, the things they call our beloved PM and his beloved son-in-law and their beloved coterie of bootlickers and sycophants...
    There are also discussions on religion that are seditious, or at least border on such.
    I am not saying that we should go after those blogs.
    I am saying that the allegations against you are not just someone's personal vendetta. A grander scheme,bro.
    Elections are near. People like you must be silenced.
    Hmmm.... the NST suing a journalist for libel.
    How interesting.
    Let's face it, you are a powerful blogger. You dont post crap. You, my friend, are dangerous to those who corrupt the govt, and those who are screwing up the country.
    and for that -- I salute you.
    So do thousands others.
    SALUTE: HIDUP Rocky!

  7. Anonymous8:45 pm

    bro, let's hope brother anwar misunderstood the Turkish PM. And let's hope if he heard the Turkish PM right, that the Turkish PM got it all wrong.
    Because if brother Anwar and the Turkish PM got it all right, we are a nation in deep trouble.

  8. Anonymous9:45 pm

    I remember once someone contemplated legal action over what I wrote, but you cooly said there's nothing to worry.

    Now, with a little more education and encouragement thanks to you, i'll tell you the same as well..there's nothing to worry.

    The ship story is yours, and if there is any truth in play, go all out.

    Note: They could make you an example..a scape goat. Watch your back.

  9. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Mak latuk, this is worst than dictatorship. This group of kitchen cabinet can get away with murder or have they?

    No wonder Tuhan laknatullah, sebab orang yang berkuasa salah gunakan kuasa.
    Jangan kata AAB tidok,semua rakyat termasuk raja pun kena bangun dari TIDOK !!!!!

  10. Anonymous11:00 pm

    They can continue to pretend nothing happen while there is story of the Cobra Sultan, the RM50Bil RMK9 private funding initiative and many other and behaving like nothing happening.

    That's what I called a master politician. Playing the script that was passed to him. Ha ha ha....

  11. Anonymous12:43 am


    Kalimullah and gang are suing you. Why Kalimullah dared not sue the BBC over teh publication about Brendan , the plagiarist!!. They were threatening the BBC and the BBC told them "go to hell'. They all went quiet.

    Now Kalimullagh and gang suing you. Is Kalimullah suing you for calling him a liar over the June 11 article or about the ECM Libra scandal, whihc you have published.

    Why is Kalimullah not suing Tun for saying so many things about Kalimullah, Khairy and the NST.

    Perhaps Tun should consider suing Kalimullah for the lies in his June 11 article. But to Kalimullah paying compensation for defmation is not a problem now - nST had to pay or to Klaimullah it is just a few lots of ECM Libra shares will do the tricks.

    Kalimullah is a rich man now - not before Mr I AM In Control was the PM. I hope Klaimullah will not sue me because I said that he was no rich at all when Tun Dr M was the PM.

    Rocky keeps bloggings and tell us more about Kalimullah, Mr I Am In control, Khairy and the like.

  12. Anonymous12:53 am

    Mr Rocky,

    I have been folowing the news and the blogs. It is very noticeable that Lim Kit Siang, the Opposition Leader, was in silence mode when it comes to the RM30 million yatch scandal with the PM.

    You mean Lim Kit SIang was nto aware!! What a big joke!! Even the primary school students were aware of this boat scandal.

    Mr Lim Kit Siang please wake up and stop pretending that you are asleep when it involves Bodowi's scandal.

    The whole nation is talking about the RM30 million yatch and Lim Kit Siang and son were trying to take over control of DAP selangor. What a big joke!!!

    Lim Kit SInag, please remember you are receing salary from the tax payers. SO please speak up agaisnt this half past six government. There are so many scandal for you to pick and yet you chose not to see them. Tkae up this RM30 million yatch scnadal like what Rocky did then only you cna call yourself the Oppositon Leader otherwise please call yourself Opposition Sleeper!! Sleeping is the order of the day for Malaysian politics.

  13. Harap dapat banyak lagi crita baguih-baguih dari bro n Bloggers United. Terima kasih daun keladi, bib!

    - bakaq

  14. rocky, u are a news hound man! LOL. i also have a good nose cos im a puppy. woof woof

  15. Anonymous1:24 am

    This is a very serious allegation. The PM lied? If we in the Press and now bloggers are being sued for lesser mistakes, the PM must sue the Turkish newspaper, the Turkish PM, Anwar Ibrahim and all the bloggers and Internet newspapers to clear his name OR he should resign if he lied.

    Even if the yatch was a present from gaming king Ananda Krishnan, how can the PM justified accepting it?

    If it's not true, Ananda must sue the Turkish paper, the Turkish PM and Anwar Ibrahim.

  16. Anonymous2:11 am


    Get the best lawyer you can find and take them to the cleaners with a counter suit.

    I will start with RM100 contribution to the fund. I am sure you have many supporters who want justice served. All the best and may I echo Sheih's latest poster : "It ain't over 'til it's over. Rocky,we are with you."

    May God bless and watch over you.

  17. Anonymous8:46 am


    Looks like this is gaining momentum. The ship scandal along with the two bogus company that was brought up by Lim Kit Siang hopefully the majority of the population will realize what a con man our PM is. The toll issue and NEP formula calculation are also pending issue that have not been answered. Their shield are wearing down and hopefully it will break down till they are not allowed to deflect real issue anymore. Btw the government did do a terrible job on the recent floods.

  18. Anonymous9:05 am

    Lim Kit Siang is happy sleeping with Pak Lah mah.. they are both working hard (LKS) and hardly working (PL) - all for DAP and PAP!

  19. Quote:

    "I will start with RM100 contribution to the fund.

    "I am sure you have many supporters who want justice served.

    "All the best and may I echo Sheih's latest poster : "It ain't over 'til it's over. Rocky,we are with you."

    "May God bless and watch over you".

    me too!! - bakaq

  20. Quote:

    "I will start with RM100 contribution to the fund.

    "I am sure you have many supporters who want justice served.

    "All the best and may I echo Sheih's latest poster : "It ain't over 'til it's over. Rocky,we are with you."

    "May God bless and watch over you".

    me too!! - bakaq

  21. Anonymous9:24 am


    You might want to know that your injunction case was posted here:

    Malaysians are with you. A suggestion to start a legal fund was also made by a reader.

    We will chip in.. for sure.

    Hang on!!

  22. like i always said in my blog, "bangkai gajah tidak boleh ditutup dengan suratkhabar!"

  23. Anonymous10:00 am

    yo rocky bro! i'm ashamed for being able only to post comments here and there..while you are taking in all the sticks..trying to tell the truth to the nation..just to let you know we appreciate your fight..and your fellow bloggers who blog without anonymity and with dignity..the ppl will always be behind you..should you need funding for a good lawyers, i doubt you will lack of funds!! and i'm sure there are some top lawyers ready to prepare free consultationn or even fight for you in the court for preeee!! in anyway, just let your readers know!

  24. Rocky!

    It was comfirmed by a friend in Istanbul who said Hurriyet is a respectable paper where reporters there do not spin any yarn, or plagiarised or lied! I will be with you all the way even if I have to expose myself!

  25. Anonymous10:58 am

    Bloggers United Rocks!

  26. Anonymous1:20 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Please start the ROCKY's "BLOGGERS DEFENCE FUNDS" soon. Like right away!

    Let them see the support once the contributions start coming. Let them know that taking you on is taking the thinking rakyat on. Let them know they are going to have a mother of fight on their filthy thieving hands.

    We the rakyat are feddup to our gills with this bunch of worthless shameless rempits. We were just waiting for a trigger... and this is IT!

    I've been reading hundreds of comments on Malaysian blogs here and everywhere since yesterday - the anger and disgust at what is being done to you and Jeff and Sheih is palpable.

    We are solid behind you, Rocky. And WE ARE LEGIONS! Those mudderduckers with their wealth stolen from the rakyat better believe it.

    Now tell me where to send my money.

  27. Anonymous10:00 am

    Patriot, this country is really in deep trouble. And the politicians are out to make hay while the sun shines. They are raping the country for their own personal gains. Wake up!

    Contracts given to middlemen so that they can mark up and sub-contract to others. All paid for by the rakyat.

    The recent floods will be a big bonus for many politicians who will be tripping over themselves to award contracts, and compete to see who can get an even bigger yacht than aabs.

    Buying submarines through a small unknown company that earns hundreds of millions in commission and you better believe you and I as tax payers are all paying for it.

    And you say we are not in trouble yet? Thats all the more reason why we are in serious trouble!

  28. Anonymous10:11 am

    Jangan gentar bro,. Kita percaya kepada perpatah Melayu, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke bumi juga. Ini gua pasti punya bro. Gua rasa, you tak perlu bimbang apa-apa pun jika ia satu perjuangan. Doakan you supaya tabah bro.

  29. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Unfortunately, Erdogan's alleged opinion is mere hear-say because it is related indirectly via an opposition politician (vested interest); therefore, the news is not very credible.

    I'd like to read/hear what Hurriyet has to say (when, ah?). I don't think we'll be hearing Erdogan say anything officially.

  30. Anonymous7:07 pm

    AK in the midst of buying a new jet. It's for lease.