Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thank you

NOTICE: Previous comments by readers have been taken down pending the trial of my suit. This is, however, not an admission that any such comment is sub judice or defamatory. As the matter is before the court, it is only appropriate that respect be given to the judicial process.
Thank you for your contributions and support. - Rocky, Mon 30/1/2007 at 12:15pm

Walk with us.
I've been quiet but I haven't been idle. The young man who is going to represent me in court has given me quite a bit of homework for the fight ahead. I am going through the 48 postings that the NSTP and its 4 top operatives claimed to have defamed them in their suit against me. I am taking a breather now and dropping a few lines here to say Thank You for all the support that has come my way since Jeff Ooi and I posted on our blogs on the legal suit, here and here.
Many of you asked me for my bank account no because you wanted to send money to help finance the fight. We have decided that it will serve bloggers well if we set up a fund not in our names but in the name of blogger solidarity and freedom of expression to defend our rights in the court of law.
We should be announcing the formation of the fund this week.
Bloggers Unite should also meet up soon to discuss the future of blogging, the new threat that we face, the steps that we will need to take.
It's going to be a long journey but we'll walk the distance.
Walk with us.

p.s. In your case, Kerp, wheel with us!