Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm a Responsible Blogger

NOTICE: Previous comments by readers have been taken down pending the trial of my suit. This is, however, not an admission that any such comment is sub judice or defamatory. As the matter is before the court, it is only appropriate that respect be given to the judicial process.
Thank you for your contributions and support. - Rocky, Mon 30/1/2007 at 12:15pm

Freedom without responsibility?
The Prime Minister has made his views known about the suit taken against me and fellow blogger Jeff Ooi.
"The law is the law. They cannot hide and hope to be protected under some kind of a cover or whatever they think that they have," the Prime Minister said.
Abdullah said it was obvious that for bloggers and for journalists of other media, duty and responsibility must go together.
"And if you want freedom, what is freedom without responsibility?" he asked. "I don't agree with freedom without responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is anarchy. Actually, it is being irresponsible," he added.
I am a responsible blogger. Anyone who comes into this blog can click on my profile and know who I am. I do not hide behind any kind of "cover". From the first day I started blogging, I have been using my own name. Not a nickname. And I have always encouraged friends to use their own names for their blogs. There's no shame. No Fear.
When NSTP and the four individuals linked to NSTP filed the suit against this blog, I did not run. I did not deny that this blog is mine. I do not hide. And that's because I always believe that I must account for what I write. Just like Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan must account for what he writes. Or Brenden Pereira must for what he wrote (when he was at the NSTP).
Freedom without responsibility? Who's talking about freedom without responsibility?

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