Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Got A Name

Zorro, Unmasked!
Since the suit, people have walked up to me and we'd talk about blogs. To the blog-less, I encourage them to start having their say, to claim their own space in blogosphere. And to use their own names when they blog.

Like the pine trees linin the windin road
Ive got a name, Ive got a name
Like the singin bird and the croakin toad
Ive got a name, Ive got a name
And I carry it with me like my daddy did
But Im livin the dream that he kept hid
Movin me down the highway
Rollin me down the highway
Movin ahead so life wont pass me by

Bernard Khoo used to be a "poster" in other people's blogs, mine included. The ex-teacher, 67, would leave his mark "Zorro" wherever he went in the blogworld. Today, he unmasked himself [].

Like the north wind whistlin down the sky
Ive got a song, Ive got a song
Like the whippoorwill and the babys cry
Ive got a song, Ive got a song
And I carry it with me and I sing it loud
If it gets me nowhere, Ill go there proud
Movin me down the highway
Rollin me down the highway
Movin ahead so life wont pass me by
One of Bernard's former students, Tony Gayondato, beat him to it by time's whisker. []
A retiree, Rajahram, has a name and a blog, too. []
Nazran from used to blog under a pseudonym. I asked him why. No reason, he said, it was just something you did, or did not do. He's got a name now []. There are guys who don't need any persuasion, like Major (Rtd) D. Swami []

And Im gonna go there free
Like the fool I am and Ill always be
Ive got a dream, Ive got a dream
They can change their minds but they cant change me
Ive got a dream, Ive got a dream
Oh, I know I could share it if you want me to
If youre going my way, Ill go with you
Movin me down the highway
Rollin me down the highway
Movin ahead so life wont pass me by*

You will read more people blogging with their own names in the days and years to come. Including this one here, I hope. Sure, some of you will never be able to reveal yourselves because of what you do, who you are , or where you work, or all of that. But for most of you, no excuse. No fear. You've got a name, use it.

* I Got A Name by Jim Croce


  1. Anonymous3:33 pm


    c'mon politikus, you've squeaked, you've 'speaked,' now time to roar, bahbee, time to ROAR! :D

    and jim croce? that dude rocks man! :)

    see y'all down the unmasked highway :)

  2. Thank you,bro for your intro.I like your two poems,though.But I ain't got nobody going that way.I will make it myself.
    Cheers and all will be your way on the 22nd. Waiting to read your posts.Over.

  3. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Everyone was born to a name, everyone was born to their rights… however, and the ones that were born embracing their right with courage.... that is someone to be admired.

  4. Anonymous5:27 pm

    thank you for making more people think

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    I personally think that they should. If you believe in what you do and what you say, then there is no shame in saying or doing in what you firmly believe in. I have written to newspapers stating my views and opinions in my own name. This has nothing to do with an ego trip. I just believe it is the right thing to do. Names make a person real and it also gives the impression that you are willing to stand behind what you do. That is important. Its accountability !!

  6. Anonymous6:15 pm


    I hairan kenapa u semasa be3rgambar dengan Marina, tak pegang bahu Marina seperti Pak Dollah di acara Monsoon cup tu!
    tak ada attitude ler u rocky!
    -makan gaji.

  7. Thanks Rocky for the intro. More will walk with you and Jeff as the Band of Bloggers (BoB) Onwards together then,sah!

  8. Anonymous9:51 pm

    I admire you people - such courage. I think I'll stick to my alter-ego for now - if you had a name like me that sticks out like a sore thumb (the only name in this world of such type in fact), then you may be singing a different tune. *sigh*...

  9. Anonymous11:23 pm

    actually i dont mind revealing myself if had a blog myself
    but to those concerned, trust me, u'll be wasting ur precious
    time coming after me, a wheelchair-bound commoner. surely
    these guys have much better things to do, like running the
    country....errm...dont they??

  10. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Bru

    link them up in your site as well as those new bloggers coming onstream. Be it their ideals are in common with you or not. Its for all to read and up to individuals to think and dissect and come to a conclusion whats the truth.

    well, at least malaysians will not be spinned left and right by the mainstream papers as often as before. let there be alternative views and freedom to information will set us free.

    many thanks bru and best wishes. by the way, where is the bloggers funds? My friends and I are waiting eagerly and will contribute.
    2:49 PM

  11. Anonymous11:48 pm

    this was sent by nuraina samad of 3540 jalan sudin earlier -- rocky's bru

    hi rocky,

    great they say the more the merrier....
    how can that be bad?

    4:54 PM

  12. Welcome to the Resistance!
    For our beliefs are stronger than any puppetery suits stringed from behind. A win by bloggers is a win for all!

  13. i think human loves mysteries. and cyberworld is part of mystery. life is full of mysteries and we love to unmask lot of them.

    it fits into our curiousity thirst, the more mysteries the merrier.

    remind me of the film, 'catch me if u can'

    is not that i hate myself for not revealing my real name and self but picture life as a jigsaw, there is always a piece missing

    and also i am a firm believer that one should take note what is said and not who said it, so who is less important than the truth said.

    why bother who said it, even the devil can say the right thing. i am afraid if we put too much emphasise into who said something, we are still the one who trust the politician too much, and funny thing is , this is what we tend to correct..catch 22.

  14. what is said is much more important than who said it

    mystery is part of life, the curiousity will enlighten life.

    if we put too much emphasis on who said it, we are less focusing on what is said then.

    we never know maybe dolah badawi said many truths since our perception about identity of dolah badawi has been clouded too much with sentiment.

    the only thing human interested in is him or herself. to see one real name dan the eventual glamorous spectres it lead to, can sometime
    cause the person to lose 'self truth'.

    freedom is the best teacher. to not own a name, being totally 'naked' human being is the safest way in embracing the truth.

    truth is a naked piece. to say the truth one must also be naked, not even own a name, esp the popular one.

    manusia hanya hamba yang wajar mendidik diri berkata benar.

    truth alone will carry the weight of righteouness, not the blogger's name.

  15. Dear Rocky,
    I pray that you and Jeff come through this unscathed. Thanks for your e-mail. I do not use a pseudonym as it is a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity. I have nothing to fear, what I write are my opinions, mine alone or copy and paste someone else's and be damned. Of course, when I do that, I give credit to that person by naming him. If anyone is unhappy, it is fine by me, too bad for them. I have received mails, hate mails to be exact, unfazed though. Keep up the fight and bless you both.

  16. Thanx Bro for the intro. I may not take the same road you and so many others do for I'm not qualified. Mine is pure wit coupled with some philosophies picked up along life's journey. But then, life is like wandering thru a cow field - its hard to get all the way thru without stepping on some shit.

  17. 5-minute rest to the planet.

    Thank you people.

  18. For the record, the NST law suit against you and Jeff is the catalyst to my blog too.


  19. Bloggers Unite.....

    Keep on moving dude!!!

  20. "Bloggers unite"

    keep on moiving dude!!!!

  21. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Bru, God bless those who respond to your call! There aren't too many brave ones out there but by the look of it your army of bravehearts will be larger than the few men standing behind our so-called leaders.

    God bless them who answer you call.

  22. Anonymous5:09 pm


    reveal own identity=responsible

    I don't think so. we are being misleaded to something insignificance.

    Keep focus on what matters to our country.

  23. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    You and Jeff are becoming fast more popular than any other famous local pop stars in M'sia. There seems to be more and more support for you guys from the public. I suggest you guys go join the opposition parties and get elected to parliament in the next GE. Is it possible? Yes, I think so, in fact I believe so! - Just offering my two cents lah. Ppl like you and Jeff can be the voice of upholding freedom of speech which have been made silent by the BN for thus so long. So Rocky, what say you?

  24. annoymous 6.08 pm.
    Are you kidding, go join the opossition parties? Rocky and Jeff can start their own party, and I will be the first to sign up! Given the turn of events, that newspaper has just helped Jeff & Ooi on the fasttrack to start up their own party, at least we know we have intellects in this party!
    Fighting corruption and revealling the worngs in the best was, the Journalist way.

    a.k.a. alliedmartster

  25. No, please don't be politicians, unless one is strong mentally and morally.
    Politics can corrupt even the purest soul and we don't want these 2 dear bloggers to ever be corrupted or tainted.
    See what happened to a certain imam's son.....