Friday, December 15, 2006

Rafidah against NeST-UM merger

No brainer, she says. Even the PM's most staunch backer in Cabinet, Rafidah Aziz, is not for the merger between the New Straits Times and the Utusan Melayu as they could end up losing advertisers as well as growth.
Two companies can work together and form strategic alliances. Why the haste to merge? Have they discussed the merger with their employees?
Sounds like the old Kak Pidah to me. [Read here]

But let's not forget, some people with inside knowledge have made a killing from the two stocks and, at this point, it won't make much difference to them if the two Umno-owned media companies merge or not. The Securities Commission and the Bursa are still mum about that! Business-savvy Umno leaders like Rafidah must call for an investigation to see who's been manipulating Umno counters for their own gains!


  1. siapa berani nak call for investigation.
    mana bole lawan towkey...
    Kritik pun tak bole....
    inikan pulak nak buat siasatan?
    Ramai menteri-menteri dah sedar yang sokongan rakyat sudah sangat berkurangan...
    so sekarang ni diaorang try to show that yang dia orang ambil berat pasal kebajikan rakyat..
    tapi masih ramai jugak menteri-menteri yang masih hidup dalam mimpi..
    sedar-sedar je....BN dah kalah teruk masa election..

  2. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I am most perplexed over attitude of the Securities Commission and the Bursa KL over this NST-Utusan merger thing which was first leaked to the Singapore govt controlled Straits Times. (Looks like our own people seem to favour this S'pore paper over our very own. Look at how the toll rate increase was also first leaked to this Lee Kuan Yew controlled paper by no less than a Deputy Minister. Can you beat that?)

    I wonder why this obsession by some of those in our own government with the Singapore papers. Its understandable why the ST and the Spore BT and the Spore BH have so many reporters - staff as well as stringers and other kuncu-kuncu Malaysians who have no qualms about selling their country for a mere pittance. So these are also the people who continously provide the papers with juicy bits and pieces about this country.

    But of course the republic will not allow our papers to station their own reporters there. And we can't get Sporeans to string for our papers because they are very patriotic towards their own motherland unlike some of our citizens who are willing to sell themselves.

    We are not allowed to station our own reporters stationed there apart from the lone Bernama reporter who is allowed to operate there. Utusan for example have been trying to place their people there for years to no avail. Basically being the racists that they are, they do not want any Malay reporter lurking there reporing negative things for the benefit of Malaysians.

    We should actually stop this one sided thing and insist that if they have five reporters here each of our paper could also station five of their reporters there - though I don't think all the papers here would want to station so many staffers there). In any case there should be reciprocity. Period.

    Back to the SC and Bursa KL. Doean't their 'membisu seribu bahasa' and no action, show not only their ineptness but their lackadaisical attitude to insider trading by the 'big fish'. What they have been doing so far are only going after the 'ikan bilis' who made technical errors. This is actually a waste of time and effort.

    They should instead be going after the big players, the insiders and the syndicates who manipulate the market like what happened to the NST and UM prices. Surely they can easily check who bought those shares prior to the announcement and whether these people then sold them off for some tidy profits after the announcement was made.

    These people dabbling in millions of shares would have made killings at the market at the expense of the small players. But, of course the SC and Bursa KL are not interested in this or is it because they are so inept and impotent for this job. Its really pathetic.


  3. Anonymous3:25 pm

    As an ex-employee of Balai Berita, I am sad at the present state of affairs at NSTP.Just look at the Malay Mail circulation. The Malay Mail was most sought after those days. People used to wait around the Mamak shop in Lucky Garden for the Mail to arrive. It was a compulsory lunch item. What happened now...hidup segan, mati tak mahu. I sense a great lethargy at Balai Berita. The senior guys are either not interested or are just bidding their time...making some side money in the mean time.
    Journalists (can we still call them that?) today are an uninitiated lot, not having a clue of whats going on at assignments, seldom do research on stories, hoping for doorgifts or other freebies, junkets. Bru, our time is gone.NSTP is gone too. BH will hang on because it has got its own readership, Utusan has got its own too. But NST and Star are after the same readership...need I say more. As Bro Ragu, former President of Cuepacs used to say..."Paku the bugger". Cheers and God bless all. Nasi daun at Sin Sin anyone?

  4. Anonymous3:42 pm

    mr. Rocky

    guess what... it is just another lakonan Rafidah to safeguard herself now that she foresee many rakyat will no longer support UMNO and the BN.

    she herself made tonnes of monies manipulating rakyat using her capacity, eg AP stuff.

    funny that these muslims malays do not scared of God whom they will meet the day they no longer breathing ('sei-zhorred') which would not be that long from now.

    looking at the malays, i pity them lot as they are like beggars in their own country and many still support these "elected bandits" to the circus.

    funny eh!

  5. In this country once there is news over certain issue, means it is a dafenit happen.

    toll rise, petroll rise and wages stay are some of the sure happen issues. It's the govt. common way of telling rakyat that we have decided, you follow.. no two ways about it, period.

    Do not waste our breath on commenting, none of them will listen. Let's think of best ways on how to teach the govt. once and for all. Use this forum to gather as much ideas as possible and let start doing it together...

  6. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Why are you so hard-up on the so-called merger of NST & Utusan. I for one like it. That's the way...aha..aha..i like it.

    Let them merge. If they collapse thereafter, so be it. That's the way...aha..aha..i like it.

    Let the insiders make money. So what? Buat apa nak siasat? That's the way...aha..aha..i like it.

    Aku meluat! That's the way...aha..aha..i like it.

  7. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Bakar - We are not allowed to station our own reporters stationed there ...racists that they are, they do not want any Malay reporter lurking there reporing negative things for the benefit of Malaysians.

    Hello Bakar ... nothing to report ... semua Melayu in Spura 100% lebih maju dari racist Umnoputras dari semua segi ... baca lah Memoir Lee Kuan Yew kalau nak tau apa UMNO Utusan buat di Spura ... UMNOputras kalah teruk di pilihanraya di kawasan majoriti Melayu & kena tendang balik ke KL ...

    jgn guna Melayu Spura sebagai alasan ...Jaga rumah sendiri!

    Laporan Melayu

  8. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Hai, dulu Pak Lah kata semua keputusan dia adalah setelah dipersetujui oleh semua. Macam mana Nenek Pidah tak setuju? Ada yang dah nyanyok kot.

  9. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Rocky... see the following from SangKelembai.

    Is he Okay or just another Joker from the Circus???

    "Saturday, December 16, 2006

    Jari jemari Islam Hadhari

    Akhirnya akan datang kebenaran yang akan melenyapkan kebatilan. Sekian lama Abdullah Hj Ahmad diperkatakan mengenai sikap kepura-puraannya yang menjual Islam untuk kepentingan politik melalui sajak "Mencari Damai Abadi" dan "Islam Hadhari" yang lebih merupakan Islam yang dibuat ada had dan ada harinya, kini sikap itu nampak terserlah.

    Tidak perlu menjadi paparazzi atau jurugambar yang kerja mereka mengambil gambar curi orang-orang tertentu kerana dengan tidak semena - mena dalam Moonson Cup ada paparazzi rasmi yang telah mengambil gambar Abdullah Hj Ahmad dalam majlis rasmi dan dimasukkan ke dalam website rasmi Moonson Cup yang memaparkan tingkah laku Adullah Hj Ahmad mengusap bahu seorang selebriti anak Malaysia yang pernah berlakon dalam filem James Bond.

    Perbuatan itu bukan sahaja salah dari segi Islam, bertambah salah pula kerana yang memegang itu bertaraf imam walau pun sekadar Imam Besar Islam Hadhari tetapi meruntuhkan dari segi moral orang Timor perbuatan mengusap dan memegang bahu seorang perempuan yang bukan sahaja tidak mahram tapi tunang orang.

    Bagaimana hendak mengajak rakyat bersopan santun dan beradab, jika sendiri tidak mempunyai adab? Nasib baiklah tunang dia sudah tua dan yang memegang itu Perdana Menteri yang cukup dengan bodyguard yang terdiri dari UTK, yang baru-baru ini dua orang anggotanya di kaitkan dengan tuduhan terlibat dalam satu pembunuhan yang paling kejam diawal abad 21 ini."

    pity the malays and muslims, mainly, the way i see this happenings... Hadhari??? Islam Version 2.0