Friday, November 17, 2006


Wanita Umno leader wants PM to tell off Cabinet Minister's wife for sexy attire.
"We, as women, feel very embarrassed. We teach our children to dress decently, to wear the scarf, but the action of one minister's wife puts us to shame." - Rahimah Idris, Wanita Umno leader, who said the sexy Datin was not even decently dressed at her former husband's burial recently.
The Umno Women's delegate must think that Dollah Badawi has nothing better to do. Or she thinks the Cabinet Minister in question is unable to "control" his sexy wife and needs his boss to act on her. And one wonders why this issue was not brought up with Bakti, the body representing the Cabinet minsiters' wives, instead. In any case, it would be hard to be more openly bitchier than this. Congratulations, Wanita Umno!

Tiara Jacquelina, the accomplished actress wife of Mohd Effendi Norwawi, the Minister in the PM's Department, will be wondering if Rahimah's attack was aimed at her. Or if someone is trying to ruin her husband's career. [Click here for the Bernama story on the "too sexy" Datin].


  1. Anonymous2:45 pm

    i dont see a problem with sexy datins. heck, they got to do something to keep hold of their datuk's attention.
    no need to go far. just compare wanita umno and puteri umno. darn, they look good.
    wanita umno should have more quality and substance in their debate instead of addressing topics like this. sad that wanita umno has stooped to this level.

  2. Anonymous2:47 pm

    i c.

    u heard that song?

    don't you wish your gf was hot like me...

    ini semua dengki la

    this is what happens when everyone become religious fanatics la

    everyone try to be holier than thou

  3. Anonymous3:11 pm

    This is where I get even more confused with UMNO.

    The Malay saying goes "jangan membuka pekung didada", another one, "menepis air di dulang tempias ke muka sendiri" (or something like that; I'm not pure Malay maa..).

    Two things.

    Like Rocks said, deal it among yourself la. Why bother the already confused man with this nitty gritty stuff. Bring it up, perhaps Rosmah can walk up to her and look as friendly as she does on those half-baked music videos on Astro RIA, and juts tell her to tone down those barebacks, sleeveless and cleavage-showing dresses.

    The other thing is, after you've done so, SHUT UP. A modern Malay saying goes "kubur masing-masing" la. If Tiara, and by default her husband wants to rack up the sin counter, your role as a saudara seIslam is to remind her gently.

    After that, pray la for her to "mend her ways", or keep he chastity in check.

    If you want to solve the problem this way, can we then get Pak LAh to address the poor dress sense of Rafidah (get a hairdo sista!).

    freelunch is right. Jealous la ni. Tiara is considered lawa la I suppose. Another modern Malay saying goes "boleh la buat bini". So since my face not wife material, not glamorous like the PGL queen, we shun her la. I think Tiara is more than happy that she does not have to mix with the likes of Rosmah and gang. Fakes! The lot of them!!

  4. Anonymous3:16 pm


    Indeed, this is the responsibilities of the PM. He should make sure all of UMNO dress accordingly. He has to make regular inspection to avoid future trouble. I mean he must have free time since according to him the country is doing well. Might as well spend the free time checking the all the minister's wives are properly dressed.

    "Just arrest them and place them under the ISA"

    She could even utter these sentence so casually. I dont know much about IFC but I don't think she can just make assumption about IFC until it validates the use of ISA. I think her commment is a a threat the freedom of attire and the freedom of free expression. We should just place her under ISA.

  5. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Bringing up such matter in a party assembly and asking the PM to intervene in such matter, speaks valume for the mentality of the UMNO leaders/memebrs. For the last 3 years of ABB's leadership they have been trained to think about such trivial issue.

    This is the direction of the PM of the half past six government.

    I will not be surprised soon the cabinet will be discussing such matter.

    God help us. We are a nation with no direction.

  6. This "holier than thou" stance is getting more and more prominent among UMNO leaders. I have heard "corrupted and sinful" talking about the virtues of honesty, righteousness and morality.
    May I ask this lady "if you have not sinned cast the first stone."

  7. Oh god, this is too ridiculous to be true...

  8. Anonymous5:23 pm

    How sexy was it? What is considered sexy?
    Are they going to carry our a study to define what is sexy? Masuklah kedalam RMK9 satu lagi projek seksi.

    Tak ada kerja lain yang mustahak ke!

  9. Agree with Freelunch. How pretentious they are.

    Aaaaaaargh!...we have idiots leading this country! I wish I can be impervious to all this.

    Anonymous is right too. These women have so much to fear since the men have the upperhand at ending a marriage. Anyone here remember that old guy who boasted having had about 30 wives? It got cover in one of the NSTP Malay papers. How absolutely absurd!

    When pop star Siti left for Jakarta for a show soon after her wedding, a newspaper reported of its journalist asking Siti if she doesn't worry about having to leave her husband during that short time.

    And silly Siti actually dignified that question with an answer. Something along the lines of "No, I trust my husband."

    Again...... aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggh!

  10. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Shit lah! Soon we may have a Ministry of Dressing, follow by lawatan sambil belajar at probably Gucci, Prada, Escada in Paris or Milan.

  11. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Walla, truth is finally told.

    The bell has rung. The light has broken through the clouds.

    The people are happy. They dance till the wee hour of the morning.

    Hoorey, they say, alas you get to become a cabinet minister because you have a sexy wife after you acrimoniously ejected your old troublesome wife.

    Who says our PM does not have good taste.

  12. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Yang Pak Lah dok bawa balik menteri bersara tu buat apa?

    Baguih sangat ke dia?

    Tapi yang tak sapa boleh celen dia betui-betui kaya.

    Janda dia dapat RM50 juta.

    Phoooooi dari mana dapat duit macam tu punya banyak?

    Teruskan perjuang anti-rasuah dan salah guna kuasa Pak Lah!

  13. Anonymous6:00 pm

    As a minister's spouse( and a Muslim), I think Tiara should dress more appropriately in public( like Megat Junid's wife, Zila something. Before marrying MJ she was like Pamela Anderson or rather Dolly Parton. After becoming a minister's wife she changed accordingly).

    But bringing up the matter in UMNO Assembly....memang cemburu punya kes. In the first place if AN doesn't mind Tiara's dressing code, why should Wanita UMNO? And AN is not an UMNO member!

    If needed to be advised, BAKTI (and Rosmah) should be the propper channel.

    ( Inul sang: Semua orang bilang diri ku sexy, sexy sexy sekali).

    But personally me think Tiara kena pakai lebih beradab and sesuai sebagai bini menteri.

    Ayub Tulakang

  14. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Proton Saga awai dari Proton Wira,
    Proton Perdana besar dari Proton Tiara,
    Yang dok dengki kat Tiara tu buat apa?
    Puan yang dok komplain tu pakailah seksi macam dia!

  15. Anonymous6:57 pm

    The shallowness of the Umno assembly debates is a reflection of the quality of our Malay leaders. The PM warned against inciting racial tension but the "bathing in blood" speech and the threats to harm non-Malays perceived as questioning Malay rights are incidents that warrant action. Use the ISA on these Umno racists. They can incite their race to violence but others can't even question their rights. The non-Malays better give PAS a chance. At least Nik Aziz and gang don't wave the kris and threaten a bloodbath. I know who to cross out at the ballot box come the next general election. As for Wanita Umno commenting on a VIP's wife ---wish that half of those mak chiks can be as pleasant to the eye and as accomplished as Tiara.

  16. Anonymous8:36 pm

    the comments on this article are hilarious and thoroughly entertaining! To desparil: I was going to say the same thing! And to salvatore ferragamo: Too much...!

  17. Anonymous9:04 pm

    If Rahimah Idris wants to look sexy in the eye of Pak Lah, I can "photoshop" her.

  18. Anonymous10:14 pm

    This Rahimah must be one hell of an ugly woman who is jealous of other good looking women.

  19. hmm.. diorang ni tk abis2 ngan isu2 yg insulting human intelligent, bila org luar criticize kita marah2. camne nk bersaing dgn developed countries camni.. dah la buat remark2 racist, tk abis2 ketuanan melayu, yg kaya golongan2 tertentu je..

  20. UMNO Wanita and Puteri members shall henceforth petition to AAB that all male UMNO politicians will have to declare their matrimonial status as having one wife only.

    ON TJ being too sexy, "Ladiez of UMNO, you can gaze downwards, can't you? If it is incumbent on your men to do so, it should work for you too".

    Btw ladiez of UMNO, when you're making out with hubby, did you check whether he's got his beady eyes opened?

  21. Anonymous1:42 am

    Terhibur sungguh aku sepanjang minggu ni di Persidangan "mesti TONTON" UMNO ni !!

    Tak payah bayar duit nak tengok badut buat persembahan. Persembahan free sambil dapat bilik free & makan free. Add colors dalam hidupku huhuhuhuhuhuhu dalam gelak gelak tu, hati dalam menyumpah, apa punya suwei tahun ni Persidangan UMNO dipenuhi dengan tin tin kosong yang cukup mengganggu ketenteraman gegendang aku.

    Nasib baik ada kisah menarik pasal perempuan Mongolia ... *sambil membetulkan telinga ku* kih kih kih....

  22. Anonymous1:43 am

    cmon man! absolute nonsense.she is probably too fugly to dress like tiara.

  23. Anonymous8:49 am

    Brother Rocky,

    Is it possible for you to post a Rahimah's photo for the readers to judge whether she is ugly or otherwise ?

  24. Anonymous11:30 am

    I have never seen an UMNO General Assembly where the delegates get as personal as this one.

    A sexily Datin who did not dress decently at her ex-husband's funeral. Whose business is this? The Datin's or the Wanita UMNO delegate's? Is this a national issue?

    Zakaria Deros. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could see the way he disregarded the laws with impunity. But no, it's the conspiracy of the opposition!

    All these and other similar issues will definitely hurt UMNO in the long run. Chest thumping can only gain so much of the people's support. The ordinary people are still being marginalised.

    It looks as though each delegate is trying to outdo all the previous speakers to champion the so-called rights of the Malays. Are there any parameters of moderation at all?

    Can the MCA delegates or the MIC delegates speak in the same manner? Where will all these lead to?

    Get real! The world is passing us by. Investors are bypassing us when they read news like this. The economic pie is in danger of getting smaller!

  25. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Oh damn ... I missed the entire GA last week. Did we reach new heights in voyeurism? Wonder if there were any zooming on thighs, boobs, ankle, ears, or anything else that could be construed as sex objects?
    Are the wanitas bankrupt of ideas? And what abt the sexual innuendoes (Pak Lah lembut, tapi berkesan ... or something to that effect) ... typical UMNO deviance, and the entire Merdeka hall guffawed. Very high standard, world class 'debate' (sic!).

  26. Anonymous2:48 pm

    I am sick and tired of the UMNO rhetorics. Anyone got pictures of Jac Tiara? As the Pussycat Dolls say, "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"?

  27. Anonymous2:48 pm

    I am sick and tired of the UMNO rhetorics. Anyone got pictures of Jac Tiara? Love the Pussycat Dolls.

  28. Anonymous7:45 pm

    The Minister chose that sexy thing as wife.So he's accountable for it, not the PM. Ask him to resign.

  29. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Dear All, Rahimah and the other Umno Women delegates pls rAPidah and rosmah of bakti should go to Bangsar Shopping Centre. Datin Sri Tiara has been holding a charity do for children there for the past one week while the Wanita politicians bitched about her at PWTC! She may be sexy but she does not dress up like a cheap slut and certainly does not behave like an Umno bitch, which is good enough for me. Bloody good-for-nothing Wanita! No wonder Putri has made you old gals so irrelevant!
    Thank you.

  30. well actually she's upset that Tiara's dressing is making it hard for her to teach her daughter to wear the tudung and dress 'appropriately'.

    what it really shows is that she doesn't really know how to bring her own daughther up the she wants the daughter to be... hehe

  31. Anonymous1:09 pm

    hey mak chiks, just because you have stopped production, just because you stop ovulating doesnt mean you have to stop looking sexy. no wonder so many of your abangs take so many wives.

  32. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Wanita UMNO has got nothing else to speak about. Instead of speaking for the citizens and questioning the government about the frequent rise in prices of essential goods, they use a perfectly good platform at the UMNO meeting to question another Datin's dress. Sheesh. I hope all the Datuk would just go out and get a second wife from the hundreds of Puteri UMNO GROs out there. These girls or puteris are hungry for contracts and willing to bend over backwards (pun intended) to get some. Hehe

  33. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I feel sorry for the Wanita UMNo who had to sit back and see a new Dewan named after someone who has done NOTHING for the party. All the previous wanita chiefs and Ministers who fought for the rights and dignity of Malay women are now confined to history's dustbin. Pity. Not a single cry from them. Am surprised Rafidah didn't demand at least a toilet named after her.


  34. Anonymous10:38 am

    not a fan of Tiara, but WTF Wanita UMNO? dah tak de benda lain yang berfaedah yang boleh diperjuangkan ke? dok sibok nak kejar cerita yang tunjuk orang lain tu terok.

    This rahimah ibrahim, she got nothing else to do selain dengki kat orang lain ka? is she ducking serious? tak payah nak tunggu footage Tiara pakai seksi kat funeral ex dia, she didnt know her daughter has been watching MTV all these while, dok baca mangga or lepak kat klcc.

    Apa, anak pompuan dia tu stalker Tiara ke nak ikut sangat apa Tiara pakai?

    yang mak datin lain tu, tua sikit dah let go, cannot pakai seksi like Tiara, jealous ke laki kau kerling kat dia? pi la gym, kasi lawa balik.

    ...and no, pakai corset satu badan is not getting back in shape.

  35. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I was at the funeral of Datin Seri Tiara Jaquelina's former husband. She was wearing baju kurung Johor and tudung. Is she suppose to wear jubah and hijab?

  36. Anonymous4:49 pm

    lol - your readers are astute and also very funny :)

  37. Anonymous8:37 pm


    Bravo to Wanita UMNO, while there is money politics, more contracts to UNMO members and families, they have come up a sexy Datin comments. Wanita UMno wake up we are in 2006 going on 2007. If this the way there will be no accomplishment in 2020.

  38. Anonymous2:01 am

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  41. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Well, as i can see, Brother Rocky is "betul" another thing is Tiara J husband is not from UMNO. We talking about 'to sexy to be a WANITA UMNO'not a PBB-Sarawak Wanita,people over there dont mind about Tiara J dress,but u malay muslim over here (WANITA UMNO) must remember your represent a malay "WANITA UMNO'not MTV awards or BOLLYWOOD Actress,I you dont like to become WANITA UMNO, just quit and go abroad and marry a "MAT SALLEH" instead.