Friday, November 17, 2006


Letter to Rocky's Bru:
Hi Bro Rocky,

Re: NST, today, page 7 by Wan Hamidi Hamid
I am saddened by this article in NST today which quoted a speech by Perlis delegate Hashim Suboh venting his anger at non-Malays. He asked our Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein:
"Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham, when is he going to use it?”.
I am shocked by his statement on being insensitive. Being a law-abiding citizen and truly loved to live in this beautiful country, Malaysia and after living more than half-a-century, I don’t expect it to come from a delegate. I have friends a lot of Malay friends and we get along so well. I don't think we need this type of comments.
I rest my case, Malaysia.

updated: 11pm Dollah delighted with debates. [click here to read how happy the PM is with all these].


  1. Anonymous8:52 pm

    It's sad that UMNO delegates fall for this all the time. How far have they come since independence?

  2. Anonymous9:26 pm

    this keris thing is really out of date - just like umno.
    people nowadays resort to c4 explosives and machine guns.
    u have m16 gang, steyr gang, mamak gang (also with m16) and bentong kali gang (the old trusted handgun) and here we have umno still weilding a keris. ketinggalan zaman betul. kalau perang, awai awai dah kena KO.
    he he he

    seriously, what's the significance of weilding a keris at umno anyway. nak symbolise apa? apa motif? and what is the objective?
    sure it makes a nice photo for the media but in the end, how does this help ordinary malays like you and i?

    as i mentioned in some other earlier comments, umno meeting these days purely waste of time. what do they actually do and achieve and how does this translate into benefitting people like me.

    correct me if i'm wrong lah but in the days leading up to malaysia's independence, i seriously doubt it was the keris that played the significant role. keris ni semua zaman hang tuah babe.

  3. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Bro Rocky

    This was a cler eflections of the current leadership of the Confused PM. A rsponsible PM would have stopped such behaviour. Well, what to do, the confused PM needs such delegate to divert and distraction attention from his imcompetent and inability to deliver so that he can becomes a "Here To Stay PM".

    It is verhy scary to think that ABB want to be a Here To Stay PM with his confused or directionles leadership.

    Those who play with the sword will die by the sword.

    God bless UMNO and Malaysia!!!

  4. Anonymous9:47 pm

    If that is all the "competency" delegates of UMNO able to showcase, who do you expect to give you the respect? Respect is earned and not by demand.

    After half of century of independence, UMNO produces this kind of quality, isn't it pathetic? PM, what are you going to do about it? Saya sokong?

  5. Anonymous10:00 pm

    This like those tribes in Papua or those head hunters in Borneo Island many many years ago.

    Whole bunch of clowns, well carry on and you would have adequate experience to be exported to the Sentosa Theme Park in Singapore when it opens in few years time.

  6. Bro Rocky, if you read the Penal Code, it is classified as Criminal Intimidation and the speaker can be charged in court for the offence. I wonder if our A-G would dare look into it. If this similar statement is made by DAP or MCA, wouldn't they be charged? Just see the double standards in almost every area of law and government management. It's sad that Malaysia is by far a police discretionary and arbitrary state as enunciated by Mahathir. Yet Pak Lah mentioned yesterday of the Rule of Law. What a shame.

  7. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Betui kata hang Sabri Mahmut Sungai Jatuh. Keris Hisham tu untuk tunjuk-tunjuk dan gempar-gempar saja. Macam keris masa dia menikah. Keris lain dia tunjuk, keris lain dia pakai.

    Sepepu dia yang nama Najib pun hunus keris juga pada tahun 1987. Orang lain kena ISA dia jadi Ketua Pemuda. Tanya Tajuddin Rahman, Perak.

    Cabut keris, cium keris, tikam langit ni tak main lah. Kerja budak-budak silat pulut.

    Kalau berani betui, buang geng yang dok jahanam NST tu.

    Jangan dok main-main dengan keris. Salah-salah sumpah makan tuan. Zaman cium keris dah lepas dah. Janganlah dok buat malu Melayu.

  8. Anonymous10:21 pm

    All these UMNO youths speaks without any shame at with all the threats and intimidations.If they want to be rich by all means work hard like anyone else.Please don't make other Malays feel malu.

  9. Anonymous10:47 pm

    PM, you had promised to take firm action if anyone, muslim or non muslim were to incite racial tension. Here is an idiot openly challenging you. If you are really, really in control, you can start with him. Otherwise, like all your other big talk, it is just empty air.

  10. Anonymous11:16 pm

    hisham sends his kids to international school.
    in a way, his hands are tied.
    he has to try to be melayu.
    but his recent speeches are ok. and he is doing well as education minister.

    better than ambiguous anwar. who in 1987 tried to instate 300(?) non-verncular trained vice-principals in vernacular (CHINESE) schools.

    according to anwar, it was to aid communication between the ministry and these schools.

    then ada banyak protest.

    lepas to najib, sebagai ketua pemuda umno pada masa itu, pun waved the keris and threatened to kick MCA out of BN if they continue with their unreasonable demands.

    yes, even nifty najib has a past, but he also no choice cos all ketua pemuda have to do the 'keris' thing. it's a ritual.

    but he redeemed himself when he took over as education minister from anwar, and opened up private education so that non-bumis previously really really marginalised in the education system have opportunities locally to continue their tertiary education.

    actually, this year's assembly is really toned down compared to previous years, when even more racist statements are made, eg. cina ni kaya, sebab semua tamak and tidak beribadat

    but still threaten us with bloody May 13.

    actually, so sad. they don't realise that this is not 1969.

    if they riot again, there may be retaliation. and they have too much too lose now.

    before, they had close to nothing.

  11. Anonymous11:33 pm

    The Umno Annual General Assembly has now been reduced to a circus entertained d by a bunch of monkeys & watched by delegates who are real dungus, with an exception of a few.

    What a sorry state Umno has become.

    I feel sad and shudder to think where our country is heading for with a clueless party president who, unfortunately, happens to be the country’s leader.

    Scarier still because he doesnt intend to be a one-term Prime Minister!

  12. Anonymous11:33 pm

    of course hisham won't use it. he won't know how! he's been brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth he doesn't know how to chop things up. he gets his many maids to do it.

  13. If these umnoputeras were dressed in white robes and capes, and turns up at a KKK meeting, they wouldn't be out of place.

  14. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Bernama quoted Pak Lah as saying that he would get very worried if people just showered praises. "But everybody (at the assembly) has spoken very frankly on what they feel about certain things. And I think that's healthy, that's good."

    But when asked abt Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir's comments that his keynote address on Wednesday contained nothing new, Pak Lah said:.

    "Well, he has said something which I thought was not right at all," was Abdullah's response when asked about the matter, adding that it was up to Umno Youth to tackle the issue.

    Bangang punya presiden parti! Cakap dolak daleh. Kata tak suka dipuji, tapi kena kritik sikit, marah pula.

    Ini lah dia seorang pemimpin yang angkuh. Pak lah and his false modesty.

  15. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Elah!!! Si Hishamuddin lembik! Cakap suara keluar macam kartun & tak bersemnagat.

    Dia angkat keris & cium tu... acah aje.

    Nak jadi pahlawan, wira bangsa. Gelak aku! Tak de balls!!

    Ini kah yang dikatakan Ketua Pemuda tetapi takut & tunduk kpd timbalannya si Khairi Jamban-ludin, orang nombor2 dlm hierarchy pergerakannya sendiri?

    Piiraahh Hishamddin. Hang tak payah lah tunjuk kejantanan eko tu.

    Hey guys, you dont have to take this Hishamuddin seriously.

    He is a joke!!

  16. Anonymous1:05 am

    What can we say! This year's Umno assembly is shown live on TV. Even commercial station Astro saw it fit to give extensive live coverage. One wonders why this is so. My friends in the television business tell me that it's very costly to give live coverage. And when there's no accompanying paid commercials during the live show, then the cost can be very high indeed. But this should be alright I suppose, because these stations are either Government-owned (though not necessarily Umno's) or linked to the ruling party. One can also not discount the possibility of some arm twisting to get the Umno talk show into the living rooms of our houses or teh tarik stalls. It's alright for the Govt-TV station to use the taxpayers money to support a political party's annual assembly? Did I say that earlier? I must be out of my mind...

    As for the keris show and accompanying statements, this could be nothing more than just routine rituals by the Pemuda wing of the party. But when its leader keep brandishing the keris, someone is bound to ask: "What are you going to do with it?" Done too often, it means nothing in the end, not even symbolically.

    As Datuk Najib pointed out in his winding up speech, the real weapon for the Malays in search of real supremacy is under-utilised and rarely tested at the highest level - the MIND! if the Malays can use their minds effectively, they'll be challenging places on the global arena, and not just within the small tempurung called Malaysia! The mind, and not the keris, mind you, is the tool that can make a difference between a mediocre and boring leadership with only rhetorics at his disposal and a world class leadership with real ideas and followed by real actions!

  17. Anonymous1:06 am

    F1 tickets already on sale for April 2007 race.

    Anyone wants to book tickets for UMNO circus( the recent one just ended yesterday)?

    Tahun ni ada pantun seloka, ada yg menyanyi dan ada buat lawak bodoh.
    Tahun depan adakah hiburan basi yg sama atau pertandingan menghunus keris tak bersarung?

  18. Anonymous1:27 am

    Aib sungguh jadik Melayu hari ni! Pergi mesyuarat setakat memenuhi korum tanpa mengetahui tanggungjawab, baik tak usah datang langsung. Kosongkan kerusi tu !

    Diberi peluang berucap, ucapannya merapu. Hari tu sibuk sibuk nak bertanding G7, ingatkan kualiti sangat. Dah menang G7 & dapat jadik perwakilan, rupanya datang sekadar nak cuti cuti, nak bilik hotel, nak makan free, nak salam menteri, nak lobi itu ini & nak interframe dengan topik yang meracau !

    Nak ke mana dengan keris tu??? Sekarang ni keris dah kira lambat dah, orang sekarang dah pakai bom, dah tak main kerat 18 dah !!!! dah lama dahhhhhhh ...

    Aku suka meramalkan kemungkinan Persidangan UMNO tahun depan bakal jadi majlis perjumpaan orang yang rendah IQ, rendah jatidiri, rendah ketahanan diri, omong kosong, majlis syokkk sendiri, majlis puji & puja, kalau tak puji bakal kena pecat nanti, and mungkin juga jadi majlis tempat orang perasan bagus !

    Lagi bagus kalau Persidangan UMNO tu ditukar aje jadi hari membeli belah untuk UMNO members daripada dijadikan hari bersidang pasal agenda Melayu dengan alasan perwakilan UMNO tak layak untuk menyertai intelligent discourse sebab diorang ni semua buta, pekak & bisu !

    Tahun depan ada lagi elok pilih OKU yang betul betul bisu & pekak jadik perwakilan so kita tak berapa rasa sakit hati.

    Rumusan sepanjang minggu persidangan UMNO ni, yang aku pelajari ada beberapa perkara dibawah :
    1. Melayu UMNO cukup defensive
    2. Melayu UMNO korup idea
    3. Melayu UMNO malas membaca
    4. Melayu UMNO suka gaduh
    5. Melayu UMNO cuma nak dengar apa yang diorang nak dengar
    6. Melayu UMNO tak tahan diuji
    7. Melayu UMNO sekarang dah terror spin menyepin, awalnya nak marah KJ, tapi spin punya baik terus corner ke Muhriz ngeh ngeh ngeh .... aje memang !!!! Nak ketawa pun ada .... tapi bagus jugak famous kejap si Mukhriz ... kalau sampai Mukhriz diterajang dari Biro Antarabangsa, memang sungguh lah kau bongok Hisham wehhhh ....

  19. Anonymous2:45 am

    This is the time when I would like to believe that a keris can really makan tuan. I hope UMNO's many kerises (reads its criminally irresponsible members from the PM on down plus its lying mouth, the NST) will destroy UMNO as a political party before that chauvanistic entity destroys the social thread of this country.

    Not enough the hp6 management and all its thieving hangers-on are bringing down the economy, these idiotic keris wielders also look hell-bent on encouraging civil strife in the form of racial conflict. Of course it is only to deflect the rakyat's focus away from the crimes and shortcomings of the current administration. But this can really get out of hand because it is not obvious to the ordinary men on the street who are struggling to eke out a living and getting more and more frustrated from lack of opportunities. As times get harder who is to say they won't snap and lash at the scapegoats that have been so conveniently planted in their minds. These keris wielders know this, they just don't care about the potential risk of their manipulations.

    This is indeed dangerous time. UMNO should be stopped and defanged and declawed once and for all at the next GE. I dare say that my fellow Malays, including UMNO members, who know and see what these gangster Rempit politicians are doing and yet still vote for this party in the next GE are commiting treason against our beloved nation. The opposition parties we currently have don't seem like much, but I think a change in government can't be any worse than maintaining the current cancerous statusquo.

  20. Anonymous3:53 am

    Bro Rocky
    It was unbelievable that Confused PM was delighted with the speeches at the UMNO GA. Good for Mr Confuised PM. With your youth wing urging the Youth chief to use the keris. I suppose to use it on the kafir.

    This message has been filtered down to non-muslims. I know that they were very hurt by such attitude and mentality. Those goes for the national unity.

    I am just waiting to see whether the BN under the confused PM will get another landslide victory come the General Elections. I am very certain that most, if nbot all, non-muslims will vote against the confused PM's BN.

    Trust me, if the MCA, Gerakan and other componet parties of BN will definitely be wiped out next GE unless they start to speak up agaisnt the extrremist policy of UMNO.

  21. Anonymous4:12 am

    i am shocked and utterly disorientated by this brazen show of disregard for public sensitivity by umno delegates. this is the 21st century. what are they trying to prove. what were they thinking when they made irresponsible statements. it is very disturbing. any civilised people would have been shocked. what is happening. rocky, you have always been highly regarded by malays and non-malays alike for your cosmopolitan views and non-racist approach. i hope you can lend your voice against this reckless behaviour.

  22. Anonymous4:25 am

    i nearly choked when our pm said he was satisfied with the debates. what debate? it was a mob playing to the gallery. tell me, does anyone gain by shouting and yelling? right now what bumis need is concrete action, not sloganeering. go to the ground, do something like exhorting the bumis to go into business on a large scale. i am sure the non-bumis are more than willing to help. this is a beautiful country. don't let a few rotten apples destroy everything we have done. there is enough for everyone. there are so many things we can do for the bumis, like marshalling funds to help them start up small businesses. or better still help bumis start up their main weakness like the retail business. for a start we can go into joint bumi-non bumi retail enterprises. playing to the gallery does not help matters, it makes matters worse.

  23. Anonymous5:09 am

    For me, the comment by the PM that the debate over Malay equity is over is either a warning or delusional. If its a warning, he is higly unfair to not have made it clear, if its delusional, well....

    This thing is not going away. I forsee him cracking down.. Ops Lalang II is possible but it would also be a big mistake... Today is not yester golden years...

  24. Anonymous5:49 am


    Since we are in the Kris mood champion by Hishammudin, for next year Umno Meeting I would like to propose that every Umno members to bring along as follows:-

    1. Hishamuddin- Kris
    2. Khairy- Spears (Tombak)Not Britney Spears, please!
    3. Najib- Blowpipes (Sumpit)
    4.Pak Lah- Arrows (Panah)
    5.Kak Dah- Catalpult (Lastik)
    6.Din Mydin- Bow Arrow
    7. Azalina - Cangkul
    8.Kay Toyo - Jenglot
    9.Efendi -Parang Panjang
    & 10. Ali Rustam - Sabit.

    This will be an interesting display of 100% genuine pure honest to goodness `Indah Water Konsortium` product speech of terror!

    """"" Bro Rocky, if you read the Penal Code, it is classified as Criminal Intimidation and the speaker can be charged in court for the offence. I wonder if our A-G would dare look into it. If this similar statement is made by DAP or MCA, wouldn't they be charged? Just see the double standards in almost every area of law and government management. It's sad that Malaysia is by far a police discretionary and arbitrary state as enunciated by Mahathir. Yet Pak Lah mentioned yesterday of the Rule of Law. What a shame. """"" QUOTE.

  25. Anonymous5:49 am

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  26. Anonymous5:49 am

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  27. Anonymous5:49 am

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  28. Anonymous5:49 am

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  29. Anonymous6:14 am

    It is all a show la over there. A world-class circus. Yet, it scares me that we will regret giving them the blank check in 20 years time... *sigh*

    rocky, it was a pleasure meeting you at TM that day ;-)

  30. Anonymous6:18 am

    Perjuangan Umno sekarang:

    Menegakkan kemungkaran
    Menjaga kepentingan & kedudukan
    Mengamalkan ketidak adilan
    Mengamalkan penindasan
    Mengamalkan budaya membodek
    Mempertahankan kebodohan
    Memperjuangan & mempertingkatkan perasaan perkauman

    Umno boleh!! Ooops Umno bodoh!

  31. Anonymous10:23 am

    dear rocky and other respected readers,

    As a malay nasionalist with no apologies n a person who loves umno, what hisham and people like him did was a tragedy. It encapsulates a total lack of understanding of what Malay culture and tradition is all about and betrays the legitamate basis of Umno's national struggle.

    In one stroke they have done more harm to the Malays and Umno than all that Pas, DAP or coloniolism cud ever do- They have manage to make the Malays look like a bunch of marauding bandits and Umno like a thieve's den! N to do a most unMalay act in the name of Umno n the Malays?!If this doesn't qualify as a tragedy i don't know what does!(i admit i m emotionally charged- i would be emotionally retarded if i wasn't)

    Don't they understand that the fundermental basis of Umno's struggle since its inception was to redeem, protect n promote malay dignity?Not by robbing or intimidating others but by demanding that the rights that were soo long denied to us due to colonialism was return. Even when fighting against the Malayan Union, when most of us Malays were poverty stricten,ignorant,illitrate even.. we never once abondoned our behaviourol protocols or to use our own words, our ADAB.

    It was our hallmark..the British called us 'the perfect gentleman of the East' n comming from them, a people who beleive that they define what is or is not 'gentlemanly conduct', that was high praise indeed. Cynics may taunt us say n that our Adab didn't manage to save us from colonialsom-bt that simply means they don't know our history.

    Our independance was unique-most ex-colonies, n many of them like india for instance were far more stronger than us,had to go through a bloodbath to achieve it. But in the case of the ignorant malays, not only was blood not spilled, but we had ex-British Residants fighting our cause n articulating our interest in Westminster itself!N the irony was so rich that some of them like Windstedt,as colonial officers, were amongst the most responsible individuals in the educational n economic marginalisation of the Malays!

    Why the about turn?..Unlike today money politics was not an option to the Malays- we were too poor to buy thier services:)The answer lies in our had won them over.. In a bizzare case of twist of fate , in the process of colonizing our lands we, the supposedly ignorant, timid malays had, on the other hand, manage to colonize thier hearts if not thier minds.In a sense, the colonizers had been colonized.( Readers may want to ask: Am i being melodramatic?m i exagerating? Do an extansive research on Henry Gurney for instance n you tell me)What took place after that is well documented and resulted in Merdeka.

    But, in a way Merdeka for Malaya, was not Merdeka for the malays. The return of self determination gave an appearance of indepandance which was more apparent than real-it gave the Malays an optical illusion that everything was starting from a clean slate. This was bollocks of course-apart frm having some political power which was in soo many ways limited by the lack of economic power, to the vast majority of the Malays there was no differance between 1st September 1957 and 30th August of the same year. The economy was the same, the educational opportunities was also the same. We had inherited a colonial economy which was built on discrimination towards the Malays and if allowed to natural processes that unnatural n unjust state of affairs will continue naturally.

    Naturally of course, no morally consciense society will allow that to happen n the Malays may have been many things then but immorall they were not. Hence the metamorphisis of Umno's struggle from 'menuntut kemerdekaan to mengisi kemerdekaan'which in many ways was simply a natural progression. And being true to their values and tradition they wanted to change the colonial economy into a more malaysian one yet at the same time without demanding that the non malays gave up whatever they had gain during the colonial period.

    Hence, enter the NEP-an ambitious attempt to level the uneven colonial economic pitch that we had inherited. Actually that 's a poor anology becoz after decades of sytematic educational, economic and racial discrimination the malays were not even on the economic pitch.

    So if your a morally conscience individual,malay or non-malay, the NEP in its objective is not an option, its a moral imperative.

    Rocky,i just realized that my comments are awfully long-my appologies. To cut the story short, what i wanted to say is that in brandishing the keris and using such uncivilize language n intimidation tactics to our non malay brothers, hisham and co are undermining the legitamacy of the Malay cause. They r inadvertently reducing the Umno cause from fighting for rights denied to plundering the rights of others.The Malays r a unique people- they are so diverse in appearance and skin colour and contain in thier blood the blood of so many other races that strictly speaking it cannot accurately be define purely in racial or genetic terms. But what had been a defining characteristic throughout the ages was our adab, our behaviourial protocols. Some who have studied n ruminated on the Malays n thier history, have even describe 'Malayness' as a code of ethics- anyone can become one if he/she subscribes and adopts certain charateristics.

    Hence, it is more saddening today that at a point in time where there has been soo many malays that are affluent, exposed and educated that our cause are being hijacked by people who have no inkling what so ever of what makes being malay meaningful. Never before have the Malays been championed by individuals who r soo unMalay,so devoid of decency and adab. Today its a tragic day indeed for today is the day hisha n co had manage to do what decades of colonization and poverty couldn't- they have manage to make soo many Malays to abandoned thier adab

    To the non malays i can only offer my appologies and to the malays i ask that we pray for a swift return to our moral foundations

  32. Anonymous11:22 am

    I somehow think that many of you are missing the point when you say UMNO members lack political sensitivity or are stupid to do something which incites racial hatred.

    Perhaps we give them too little credit, when in fact, what they really want to do is create strife. The party is under siege and are under pressure to act.

    So as usual.
    (a) find a bogeyman - the non-Malays;
    (b) agrravate the situation - wave a keris;
    (c) provoke a reaction - hopefully someone takes the bait and makes an equally Malay-insensitive response;
    (d) and on cue, UMNO members react with a bit more keris-waving - government deems race relations "now worrisome"; and
    (e) invoke ISA - Ops Lallang II

    Then this government rides to rescue the country from the calamity they orchestrate.

  33. Anonymous11:39 am

    Hm.Can I ask anyone here if they have gained anything out of the recent UMNO GA? Have we learnt anything new or gained any self improvement knowledge etc? Frankly, what was the assembly for again?

  34. Anonymous11:46 am

    Dear Bro,
    I'm really saddened with what our Eduacation Minister has done. He should have shown a good example to all the young ones. Just look at this old stupid fool who can't even think but already follow this Minister by asking him when he is going to use it. I'm really sad to see all these simple minded Malays to become a leader in our ''ONCE ''a beautiful country.

  35. Anonymous12:54 pm

    The guy said the world own them 500 years.
    Let me see...
    Let's go back to 1511.
    The Hang Tuah guy pull out a kris.
    The portuguese guy pull out a gun.
    Now who will win in this scenerio? If you don't know, go watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
    It is like using a 8080 cpu against a core duo.
    Instead of arming a core duo to face globalization, the guy pull out a kris. What a ....
    If he pull out a star wars laser gun, I would have applaud, that's progress. He can take on the world. Even DARPA cannot come out with a practical size laser gun.

  36. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Oh well, the keris waving incident at the UMNO assembly at PWTC just reinforces the "Fisrt Class Infrstructure & Third Class Mentality" of the provocator.

    Before the keris was waved by the pendekar in the kampung.
    Now it is raised in the high tech PWTC assembly hall.

    Truly, "You can take a person out of a kampung, but you cannot take the kampung out of that person."

    Is this the kind of leader we look up to ?


    Every time of that year, they all come together to the PWTC. The priveledged & 'korporat' ones in their BMWs, Mercs, Volvos. The less berjaya ones in their Perdanas and Unsers, hoping to score brownie points and network contacts for their 'Kelas F' contracting business back home.

    And its 'menghentam bangsa-bangsa lain', same old rethoric, perhaps a little more pepper this year, 'memperkasakan bangsa', before they head back for next-week's meeting with that dastardly 'Cina Tauke' for the subcontract deal...

  38. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Here we go again. Another attempt by UMNO leaders to play their disengenuous racial card in order to avoid any attempt to engage with more relevant national issues during the assembly. Its one thing to be totting kerises, another altogether to put some of the more fundamental issues surrounding Malay economic and social development on the national political agenda.

    Of course cheap crassness is the main symbol of todays UMNO, but the greater danger remains that we have entirely sidestepped the real Malay agenda altogether (which is of course, what UMNO wants to do).

    So instead of thinking through and discussing issues which would have a direct impact on the Malay community - such as the continual rise of urban and rural poverty, perhaps the position of the national language and its impact on nation building and so on - UMNO continually engage in posturing of the worst kind.

    What should also be a cause for concern is the constant patronising attitudes of those who feel that stoking issues with supposed racial inclinations ought not to be voiced out. What absolute rubbish!
    Surely, one way of properly accomodating differences is to be brazen enough to reflect on history with common sense - not otherwise.

    Perhaps instead of being the openly anti-intellectual organisation that it has been turning itself into, engaging with and cultivating ideologues within the party should be the order of the day. But alas, that would be hoping a little bit too much. Salams

  39. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Dua tigo kuciang belori
    Mano nak samo so kuciang bolang
    Dua tigo boleh ku cari
    Mano nak samo si Kerisham sorang

    Hai jang, pandai pandai lah jago diri yo..
    Hunus keris, cium keris...
    jago sikit oi jang,
    nanti terkorat idung baru terngadah yo!

  40. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Sincerely I hope Hishamuddin challenges Mukris for an open debate on the issue raised by .ahathir"s son. Why Pemuda takut nak cabar ke?q cakap berapi2 kat perhimpunan tapi nak ajak berhujah kecut perut.

  41. Anonymous6:17 pm

    The things that bring to mind during this UMNO GA ...

    Put yourselves in a non-Malay's shoe and consider whether you are doing the Malay a favour by investing in Malaysia.

    If non-Malay invest in Malaysia, this will reduce the % of the Malay's equity share. If they invest outside Malaysia, or better still shift their current Malaysian equity overseas, then the % share of the Malay will increase.

    I guess this will be a win-win situation for all. The only thing that puzzle me, why is the Govt trying to attract FDI since this will dilute or reduce the Malay's corporate equity.

    Malaysia is truly Boleh (Bodoh according to one Australian) and don't forget to remind foreign visitors to bring along their marriage certificate, just in case.

    Footnote : All Malay are Bumiputeras and Muslim but not all Malays are UMNOputeras.

  42. Anonymous9:38 pm

    keris sakti kah?betul betul memalukan kaum melayu.

  43. Anonymous10:05 pm

    In perspective, Umno members form only 15% of the malay population.

    And if Mahathir is to be believed, 80% of the country's tax revenues come from the chinese population.

    So what's happening here and in the undercurrent as well is that the umno ultras, certainly numbering less than 15% of the malay population, have become aggressive and vociferate in their demands and bashing of a community on which the government, which is Umno in all but name, depends for the majority of its revenues.

    Do you think this sort of thing can continue for long - a small number of political fanatics usurping the voice of the more urbane majority in order to score points in such manner that the undertones will reverberate across the globe for the way this country is being run into the ground?

    How many of these ultras have had proper education, have seen how the other communities have struggled and sacrificed in order to be where they are today? How many of them have seen the real globalized world out there where pragmatism draws inner reserve of fortitude so that those who can will be elevated to pull up those who can't, in turn pushing nations forward? How many of these ultras have stopped to question themselves what are the real qualities of a good politician and whether they have not prostituted themselves the moment they abandon their adab to embrace what they think is the necessity for popularism? How many of them know exactly what are in the minds of the moderate malays, let alone the minds and hearts of the other communities? How many of these ultras took even a minute to address what is happening to Malaysia, to ask of themselves what they would do when the day comes that oil dries up, domestic factories relocate elsewhere, funds move offshore, and factories close down? How many of them even realized that the 70% of the 300,000 drug addicts in this country who are malays will be swelled even more when the economy contracts?

    Instead of showing they understand the gravity of the situation, you get to read, not just in the press of this country, but also in the websites around the world, how they are addressing such grave matters - and their response? things that come out from their minds and rolled off their dirty tongues?

    - USE the keris;
    - lembik but penetrating;
    - throw five stones in spaceship;
    - no interfaith discourse.

    This bad-r-we is so weak between the two places of ears and armpits that he's fumbling around contradicting himself from one end of his statements to the other. And HIS ultras are having a hayday making mincemeat of the Chinese; they haven't included the Indians but that's because they have already been put in their place.

    Not a single one of those frigging jokers have had the balls to come out and ask:

    'now when the guy wrote out the social contract, what was the situation then, how has it changed now, and what's the impact if we continue the same way as before, in the light of national commonalities and in the light of what's happening to our national positionings?'

    If even one had asked these questions, things will fall into place, and the clamoring for justice that that religious teacher mumbled about will suddenly fall into place in the bigger scheme of things, and not look as threatening as those jaundiced minds seem to cook up.

    They have got all the faults of weaklings and those with no true culture, education and compassion. Add personal greed and thuggish bullyism to tomfoolery and a sick inability to seriously face up to realities and challenges, and you can imagine what's going to happen to this country, this society, this generation.

    They must think they're heroes; actually they already know they're finished as true Malaysians.

  44. rocky

    I would support a move on your part to make a police report on the the speaker who asked hishamuddin to use his keris and the speaker too for not stopping or asking the speaker to retract.

    This is the time for action!

  45. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Stormbreaker70....the only voice of reason in this tumultous partisan sea of commentators. Thank you are the perfect gentleman of the east.

  46. Anonymous6:15 pm

    This type of cheap skate politician would be in grave danger when he is in power.He would use emotion to solve a crisis rather than to use his brain.Unshealthing a keris to show his power would untimately frighten investors and who would suffer in the long run? Malaysians,of course!

  47. Kalau Menteri Pendidikan mula hunus keris nak tunjuk hero,dan macam samseng Sarip Dol( see P Ramlee's film), itulah tahap disiplin yg akan kita dapat dari pelajar2 sekolah.

    Kalau disiplin budak2 teruk tolong jangan marahkan guru2.

    Blame it on Hishamuddin

  48. Listen up morons (its now Malays and non-Malays)!

    Keris is a symbol of the Malay Supremacy or Ketuanan Melayu whar Hishamuddin did was symbolic, you guys get it! Symbolic! Just to remind or to let the racist non-Malays know this country originally rules by Malays that is why it is called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, or Federation of Malaya! We do know how to fight guns and it is not with keris, you morons always remember this! We ndo know how to fight!

  49. Anonymous12:08 am

    Know why 80% of tax comes from non-bumi? Because:
    1. Most Bumi company don't make money. They have no business sense. They rely on gov handouts only.

    2. Some make money but never file accounts. I know of one big bumi contractor that hasn't file returns since early 90s.

    3. Authority doesn't take action on them as they are Bumi controlled company.

  50. Anonymous9:44 am

    James Birch was stabbed from the back by a Malay, who has become a hero.

    Perhaps Umno members, particularly, Hishamuddin, wanna use the keris to stab others from the back too!!!

  51. Anonymous11:39 am

    Pasquale, this is my first post to this blog and only because I have to call YOU a moron. Of course everyone here knows the keris is symbolic. Most people are simply saying that that it has been used to stir up emotions to distract attention from real issues. If you “ndo know how to fight” than it is indeed only with a gun in your hand since in your case the pen is not mightier than the sword because you sure as hell can’t spell. But you see, I do know that you do know how to spell – the “ndo”was merely a typo. But it was an error nonetheless and I merely gave my comment that bears relation to it. So you see, the people here do know that the keris is symbolic except that it is visually, metaphorically or symbolically being used inappropriately. And your supremist attitude makes me sick, even though I am a malay. Yes, I would like to see better progress for the malays but certainly not with your approach.

    pasquale said...

    Listen up morons (its now Malays and non-Malays)!

    Keris is a symbol of the Malay Supremacy or Ketuanan Melayu whar Hishamuddin did was symbolic, you guys get it! Symbolic! Just to remind or to let the racist non-Malays know this country originally rules by Malays that is why it is called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, or Federation of Malaya! We do know how to fight guns and it is not with keris, you morons always remember this! We ndo know how to fight!

    8:31 PM

  52. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Just a note to agree with much that was written by Storm Breaker. The spirit in which the piece was written is something which many who understand the true nature of UMNO's political struggle would appreciate.

  53. Rocky!

    The problem with bleeding heart liberals like Azmi, who as a Malay feels he has to defend his liberal education, is that Malays like him truly believe they are coming to age and seriously believe that they are at par with the non-Malays who only tolerate the Malays so long as the power is not in their hands! So Azmi guck you, yes I do know how to spell! You are one of the many Morons who are not capable of seeing the tree for the forest! Sorry to know that the government money to send you to be educated came to naught!

  54. azmi:
    Siapa kata negara in diperintah oleh kaum Melayu sahaja? Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak memberi hak politik atau kuasa politik kepada satu kaum sahaja. Ia tidak memberi kuasa ekonomik kepada satu kaum sahaja. Perlembagaan kita memberi hak saksama kepada semua rakyat Malaysia.

    Rakyat yang bangsa Melayu diberi kelebihan ekonomik yang tertentu kerana tidak adil untuk sebuah bangsa yang telah diendah berkurun-kurun tiba-tiba dipaksa bertanding dengan rakyat lain dalam ekonomi terbuka. Ini tidak bermakna bahawa bangsa Melayu lebih berkuasa atau lebih berhak berbanding dengan rakyat Malaysia yang lain.

    Saya mahu bertanya, adakah Perlembagaan kita menyatakan dengan jelas bahawa satu bangsa lebih mustahak atau lebih berkuasa daripada bangsa-bangsa lain? Manakah "ketuanan Melayu" ini? Tidak boleh didapati dalam Perlembagaan kita. Sesiapa yang membaca Perlembagaan Persekutuan dengan mata yang objektif boleh lihat bahawa kita semua mempunyai hak yang sama. Bukan Melayu yang tuan di Malaysia - para rakyat Malaysia adalah tuan Malaysia. Ini tidak boleh dinafi.

  55. Minta maaf, komen saya dituju kepada pasquale.

  56. Anonymous10:14 pm

    I used to own a piece of property but for whatever reason, I lost my right of claim on the property to someone else legally.

    Can I go back to the guy now and claim that the property was own by my and my ancestor for decades and the new owner should own up and belah?

    I would want to know if there is such a loophole in law that allows me to do so?

    Sometimes people don't talk logic and law as some of the people think they are above all law. This is sometimes symthoms of people high on devine actualization or plain brainless.

  57. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Pasquale, there is really no need for you to get so emotional because it’s making you sound irrational. No wonder you fell for the keris waving antics. I apologise for assuming that you’d be able to take criticism like a man. I’d like to believe that the education I received – thanks indeed to the government and ultimately Allah – has indeed come very useful. For apart from being able to assess the level of your idiocy, I am also able to feed my family, which is not something I take for granted. I won’t question your educational background but it’s a pity your level of maturity and intelligence leads you to make wrong conclusions about me (about being a liberal malay – that notwithstanding, god comes first, not race -- and not knowing the reality in this country with regards to balance of wealth and power) as well as limiting your arguments to the concept that malays are superior to other races. No, I do not believe that the malays are at par with the chinese and not least because many of them have your attitude. Wake up old boy. You’re not going to get what you want merely by trying to convince the rest (the educated and the uneducated) that it was yours in the first place by virtue of the fact that your mother gave birth to you. Are you a muslim? If you are, then perhaps you missed the part in the quran about how no race is more superior than the other. Stop dreaming la and go out and earn it. Would I like to see fairer wealth distribution? Of course. Would I want you to be the champion for the malays to get their fair share? Definitely not, because you have already demonstrated your inability for strategic thought; all I hear is noise. I beg your pardon. You do have a strategy: you merely tell people you want wealth and it’s yours. (I missed that part in my education that the government funded).

  58. Anonymous2:43 am

    Just a note to Zorro (anonymous). Perhaps the said gentleman/woman could kindly relate as to what he means by 'reason in a tumultuous sea of partisanship'? Many thanks

  59. why the noise and worry of Hishamuddin's keris.

    He used it for cutting cakes, which means it has no poison and its not an original keris

  60. Anonymous3:12 am

    we deal racism with non-racism..we do not deal with racism by saying something equally racist..simple isn't it? say 'tak nak' to anything racist!

  61. Anonymous9:51 am

    UMNO, take race out of the scene and you'll be fine!