Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pahit Manis

Journo-blogger. The name Ahmad A. Talib rings a bell still. Seasoned journalist, former group editor of NST, author of the weekly Pahit Manis column in a former English-language broadsheet, ex-chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute, and still current champion of underdogs in general and orphans in particular.
He's turned to blogging as of today and here's why.


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Best feels good to see many of the ex NST guards having their own blog...I may not have served on the 4th floor but I am ever proud to be one of the 'bekas bekas warga Balai Berita'....Syabas to you all ex NST bloggers.
    Thank you Tun M.It was very much due to your foresight that we now get to bebefit from the world of cyber.

  2. Anonymous10:13 pm

    We look forward to reading "pahit manis"

    Btw did you see how NST editorial to-day tried to defend and justify what the umno delegates have been shouting all week?

    kalau macam ni mainstream media mati la negara...

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    to ahmad talib, sorry for being a wet blanket. your pahit manis was considered a joke when it became a weekly affair in the nst. i hope you can give us something better. anyway welcome to the blogging world.

  4. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Brother Bru,

    I am glad that another stalwart of free journalism decides to embrace the cyber world. Now someone might say that isn't it too many bloggers and too many posts... not if each one has his or her own style, own view and most importantly, own commitment to make our beloved country a better place to live in!

  5. Anonymous7:35 am

    Have to agree with nstman.

    The weekly column was neither Pahit nor Manis.

    It was bland. Tawar. Tak cukup rasa.

  6. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Aiseh, tak cukup pahit ke...tak cukup manis ke, tawar ke...tak cukup rasa ke....a joke ke....whatever la. At least he wants to continue writing. Asalkan jangan plagarize sudah :)


  7. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Betul tu.

    Asalkan jangan macam...

    I miss...I miss...I miss...I miss...Brendan to the power of 3 (Plagiarist, Penipu, Penghasut).

  8. Anonymous6:31 pm

    What? Datuk Ahmad A Talib a blogger? He must be kidding us. How can a person who has a Form Five-level mentality become a blogger? His Pahit Manis shows enough of his immaturity as an Editor of mainstream paper.

  9. Anonymous5:38 pm

    To aku meluat,

    You must be a form five person too...some form 5 people stay at form 5 and never grow up. You better grow up and make something of yourself! Ada orang form 5 yang jadi penakut nak tunjuk nama sendiri..bapak bagi nama tapi menyorok behind nama samaran 'aku meluat.' tak malu kah? kalau gitu, aku pun meluat!

  10. Anonymous3:02 pm

    I wish AAT lots of luck and hope he will make it interesting.

    His Pahit Manis column was bone-dry and totally uninteresting - roti canai, roti bakar, teh tarik, kopi o, nasi lemak, at warung si anu, stall si polan, etc etc.

    A joke among even cadet reporters at Balai Berita at that time!

    When it was in NST, Pahit Manis (and mostly Bland, I might add) wasted a lot of valuable newspaper space accommodating one man's diary on where he had his snacks, with who (Ah Chong, Ali, Mutu, John, or siapa-siapalah), observing kapchais puttering by...

    He still thinks that low (and even very-low) income families eat satay from the 'local pasar malam' as 'weekly treats'.

    Halo Dato' AAT, these people don't fancy satays anymore. That was a long time ago (even mentioned regularly in Bahasa Malaysia primary school books during the 1980s).

    It's KFC or McD, nowadays.

  11. I have been following Pahit Manis when it was running in NST.

    I liked it a lot.

    I am surprise that there are some who says what was written was considered a joke...