Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Lady Boss at SC

Hardev Kaur, the former NST group editor and BT editor, early this week joined the Securities Commission as its head for all communication.

SC big lady boss Zarinah Anwar has merged two key departments - corporate affairs and international affairs - and placed them under the veteran journalist.

Hardev is expected to continue writing her column My Notebook in the NST.


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Bru, Thanks for the info. Hardev deserves it. She's hardworking. Very experienced. We were together with her in BT. Those were the good old days. She liked you. She thought you were "cute". All the best Hardev. There's life after the NST, especially today's NST.

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    in all sincerity -- Good Luck to hardev and good luck to SC.


  3. Anonymous7:00 pm

    I wish Hardev "SYABBAS".


  4. Rocky!

    Unlike Singapore, we do not marginalise our non-Malays, and just look at Hardev Kaur she has been given a posh job with Securities Commission with serious responsibilities, the same cannot be said about ugly, squinty little Chinaman's island republic which he took from the Malays!
    Congratulation Miss Kaur, you have suceeded when no other Malays have!

    Happy Yom Kippur!

  5. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Almost 60% SC top & senior mgmt are ladies. Some people say the regulatory body is a bit emotional. LOL. But, I think the org is quite progressive

    IPO man

  6. Anonymous10:29 pm

    rocky, i heard you are a good friend of hardev. pse do me a favour. beg her to stop her friday column. i throw up when reading the crap. pse rocky, just one favour. by the way congratulations, hardev, there is certainly life after the nst.

  7. Anonymous2:50 am

    Hardev should be alright if she can be less wordy in her reports. She can be useful to the SC if she can keep time, and not make her staff stay late into the night as she does her cocktail rounds. she must be into her late 50s now, which means she's a really matured and is an experienced writer. Hardev, ex bt reporter will tell you, can be very obliging if you don't cross her path. If you do, that's it - you're history! Good Luck to Hardev. May the force be with you SC!

  8. Anonymous6:35 am

    Ms Hardev Kaur. She is a survivor.

    Anyways, all the best to you, Ms Kaur.

  9. Anonymous9:37 am

    SC is surely a better place for you. Don't associate yourself too long with NST. After all you are much better journalist than Kalimullah and of course our half past six GEIC. Good luck to you.