Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Less competitive. Malaysia has slipped a notch, to number 26, in this year's competitiveness survey covering more than 125 countries.

Among the reasons cited by the World Economic Forum for pushing us down the ranking are inefficient government bereaucracy, corruption, and crime and theft. Which is surprising because we were supposed to have done so much, especially with regards to corruption, in the last three years or so.

All the same we shouldn't be too upset with the results, which made us the second most competitive country in Asean after Singapore. Note: We were recently very upset with the Freedom Index, which saw Malaysia did a 30-rung freefall!


  1. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Wonder what Pak Lah and his snake-tongued Foreign Minister is waiting for. Somebody please set an appointment for a game of golf on Sentosa Island.


    September 27, 2006 18:01 PM

    Former Envoy Urges Wisma Putra To Lodge Protest To Singapore Quickly

    JOHOR BAHARU, Sept 27 (Bernama) -- A former Malaysian ambassador has urged the Foreign Ministry to lodge a protest with the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur over the provocative remark by Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew regarding Malaysia's Chinese minority.

    Datuk Syed Hussein Al-Habshee, the former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, said the ministry should take a firmer stand and hand over a protest note to the Singapore High Commissioner quickly instead of waiting for weeks before doing it.

    "Our delay (in handing over the protest note) is regrettable and shows we are not firm in the matter. If the same thing had happened to Singapore, we can guarantee that they will lodge a protest quickly," he told Bernama Wednesday.

    Lee had told a forum in Singapore recently that Malaysia and Indonesia were systematically marginalising their Chinese minorities because they were hard-working and successful.

    MCA and Gerakan leaders lashed back at Lee, saying the former Singapore premier was wrong and should apologise.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said he would write to Lee to seek an explanation for the remark which insulted Malaysia.

    The Indonesian Foreign Ministry, Tuesday summoned the Singaporean ambassador in Jakarta to ask for a clarification and to deliver a letter of protest to the Singaporean government over Lee's remark.

    The ministry also instructed its officials at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore to meet high-ranking officials at Singapore's Foreign Ministry to get further clarification.

    Several Indonesian lawmakers expressed outrage over Lee's remark and accused him of spreading lies and posing a danger to Indonesian and Asean unity.

    Syed Hussein said he believed Lee made the remark as a calculative move to test the level of tolerance of Malaysia and Indonesia.

    He said it was unbelievable that Lee did not know his remark was extremely sensitive to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

    "He was aware and knew his remark was very sensitive but used it as a strategy to assess the level of tolerance of Malaysia and Indonesia," he said.

    -- BERNAMA

  2. Anonymous8:18 pm


    I agree MALAYSIAN are great workers; smart,dedicated and hardworking what more can you ask for? I understand I am generalising here but the quality of workforce here IMHO allow me to do so. The goverment with all the dubious policy to me is our biggest bottleneck. At least all the MNC here are free to operate to their best interest thus enabling them to decide what is best for them. The goverment knows if they mess up with these company they would leave in a blink of an eye as profitability is the name of the game. They would tender all their project to get the lowest cost not award them to relatives unless they prove their worth. Think about the potential we have if the goverment encourage competitive growth. Too bad the government practice favouritism. Imagine the broadband connection we would have now then some crappy excuse about 17% subscriber are hogging the bandwith. They should have prepare infrastruture to support 100% of the subscriber hogging the bandwith. So what are they going to do now,cancel the 17% subscritions? Remember we should give the best experience to all the customer or they will drag their business elsewhere. Sad to day broadband provider is monopolize here. Dodgy deals like not awarding Digi 3G license will continue to exist, though I applaud Digi aggresive counter measure. If it doesnt kill you it will make you stronger. I will never see a growth in competitiveness until the government allows fair competition to every sector. This mean no special treatment to your kin, please ask your in laws and relatives to go to the private sector and cut ties from the goverment. I mean these in laws and relatives are smart oversea educated people with good financial background right? If I studied in Oxford I bet I can land a job in some huge company or handle one of toughes job in the world and earn my own peanuts. No need to depend on government projects or borrow millions for investment. Once I gain knowledge and become more mature I still can aspire to serve my country. Then again (sigh) I am not so bless.


  3. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Got this from a forwarded email. Sounded interesting.


    IT has come to my mind that education is no longer an essential tool in Malaysia.
    And yes I will stick to that principle until I see changes made towards the national education system, both government and private.
    The Abdullah Badawi led government is seeking to obtain more so-called ‘educated people to fill in the brain drain lacuna (as quoted during his visit to London recently) which is happening in Malaysia. For what may I ask?
    The Malaysian Higher Learning Education Ministry is introducing soft skills to its graduates in a bid to further strengthen their bid to secure jobs? Again I ask…for what??
    Question one: Why bother encouraging more and more private universities and colleges to mushroom in the country when half of the courses are not accredited?
    Question two: Why does the current policy seem to dash the hopes of the future generations as it may be easy to obtain the degree (via private colleges due to the ridiculously low entry requirements) but the requirements to pass, ie the Certificate of Legal Practice or the recognition given towards engineers (IR) and accountants are so strict?
    Question three: Referring to question two, why don’t the local guidelines pay more emphasis towards local universities instead of private colleges?
    Question four: Why can local universities accommodate foreign students but not their own locals who are willing to fork out money to earn a Malaysian degree?
    Question five: Why must a third party decide on what course should a student would want to study as most of the time it is not the choice of what the student intends to do in the first place despite his or her good qualifications?
    Shouldn’t students be given courses which they want (provided they fulfil the qualifications that is) and let them rough it out during their studying years. Instead, our local universities seem to suggest that it’s difficult to enter, but once in, your degree is guaranteed.
    It is certainly as baffling as a degree holding policeman which earns an SPM leaver’s pay. Even a call centre telephonist can make triple the amount and requires no degree.
    The government is calling for more educated people. Parents are pushing their children towards excelling in education. For what may I ask, when in reality its not how much you know but who you know and how u play your cards well. If the higher learning institution plans to introduce soft skills, don’t forget to include the subject called ‘how to suck up’.
    Both the government and employers ought to realise the current academic based education system is damaging the future generation. It may have worked during the 50s and 60s but it’s certainly not working today, what happened then cannot be equated to what is happening today.
    I believe it is people like Prof Khoo Kay Khim who truly understands the modern concept of education, not like the ‘hafal and muntah’ attitude coupled with the burdening extra classes and mind you tuition even at pre-tertiary education we’re exposed today.

  4. Indonesia is showing political astuteness in exercising proper diplomatic protocol via their foreign ministry and embassy in response to LKY's statement whilst recognising his status as only mentor minister (and not PM of Singapore).

    AAB wants to write to LKY directly, seeking clarification.

    Shakespeare, if he was still alive, would have a gala time 'pucking' up another midsummer's nightmare. That is, if thy can get off thy floor from laughing.

    *ronanino - tumpang sikit, ok*

  5. Anonymous1:25 am

    Q.Why Malaysian Chinese and not Indonesian Chinese LKY?

    Q.What is his actual intention?
    Its a bless month pleased clarified LKY or Wisma Putra?
    I wonder?

  6. Anonymous7:07 am

    Anonymous said...

    Q.Why Malaysian Chinese and not Indonesian Chinese LKY?

    Q.What is his actual intention?


    Maybe u can get the answer below. Came across it the posting from forum.




    Kata2 LKY dalam analisa dan ramalan yang dibuatnya pada 1961 dalam bukunya "The Battle For Merger" yang diedarkan kepada rakyatnya pada waktu itu:

    "An independent Singapore would become an independent Israel in South East Asia." - The Battle For Merger – pg 170

    "An independent Singapore, by the very nature of its population, would be a Chinese Singapore. It would be retreat from the concept of a Malayan nation of which Singapore is an integral part. And this is a reactionary step that must be stifled." - The Battle For Merger – pg 171.

    "A hostile independent Singapore must lead to retaliation, conflict and in the end to conquest." - The Battle For Merger – pg 172.

    Taktik Singapore adalah:

    "Black Heart is the ability to take action without regard to how the consequences will affect others. A Black Heart is ruthless but it is not necessarily evil." - Thick Face Black Heart, Pg.13

    "Bait them with the prospect of gain, bewilder and mystify them. Use anger to disrupt them, humility to make them arrogant. Tire them by running away, cause them to quarrel among themselves. Attack them when they do not expect it, when they are least prepared. Be so subtle that you are invisible. Be so mysterious that you are intangible. Then you will control your rivals' fate." - Sterling Seagrave, Lords of the Ring, pg 30.

    Waspadalah Malaysia

  7. Anonymous7:34 am


    Bantah Kuan Yew, Indonesia panggil duta S'pura
    27-09-2006 06:43:58 PM

    JAKARTA: Kementerian Luar Indonesia telah memanggil Duta Singapura di Jakarta berhubung kenyataan Menteri Mentor Singapura Lee Kuan Yew bahawa kaum minoriti Cina di Indonesia dipinggirkan secara sistematik.

    "Kita telah memanggil Duta Singapura di sini hari ini setelah menerima arahan terus daripada Menteri Luar. Kita akan meminta penjelasan, dan menyerahkan nota bantahan kita kepada kerajaan Singapura," Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Luar Imron Cotan dipetik akhbar The Jakarta Post sebagai berkata.

    Menteri Luar Hassan Wirayuda kini berada di New York untuk menghadiri Perhimpunan Agung Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu.
    Selain memanggil Duta Singapura Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Imron berkata Kementerian Luar juga telah mengarahkan para pegawainya di Kedutaan Indonesia di Singapura untuk berjumpa para pegawai tinggi Kementerian Luar Singapura untuk mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut.

    "Kami mahu perkara ini diselesaikan secepat mungkin. Tidak benar etnik Cina di Indonesia dipinggirkan. Kita mempunyai menteri dan anggota parlimen yang berketurunan Cina," katanya.

    Menurut laporan, Lee memberitahu satu forum di Singapura bahawa Malaysia dan Indonesia telah meminggirkan masyarakat Cina yang tinggal di negara mereka secara sistematik.

    Kenyataan beliau itu telah menimbulkan kontroversi dengan para pemimpin Malaysia dilaporkan meminta Lee memohon maaf kerana kenyataan itu.

    Sebelum ini, beberapa anggota parlimen Indonesia turut membidas kenyataan Lee itu dengan menuduhnya melakukan pembohongan dan mengancam perpaduan di Indonesia dan Asean, kata akhbar itu.

    Mereka mendesak kerajaan supaya mengemukakan bantahan rasmi kepada kerajaan Singapura manakala menggesa Lee membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka, menarik balik kenyataannya dan menjelaskan kenapa beliau hanya merujuk kepada pemimpin dan rakyat Indonesia.

    Menurut satu anggaran, rakyat Indonesia keturunan Cina terdiri daripada kira-kira tiga peratus atau sekitar 6.5 juta orang daripada seramai 220 juta orang penduduk negara itu.

    Menurut akhbar itu, selain ketegangan hubungan antara masyarakat Islam dan kaum etnik Cina, hubungan Indonesia-Singapura juga sering tegang.

    Sebagai contoh, menurut pakar-pakar, Lee telah membuat beberapa kenyataan yang negatif mengenai Indonesia sebelum ini, di mana yang terakhir adalah dengan sengaja dan dikaitkan dengan permintaan Indonesia supaya Singapura mengekstradisi ahli perniagaan Indonesia keturunan Cina yang terlibat dengan kes penggelapan wang di Indonesia yang telah melarikan diri ke Singapura bagi mengelak daripada didakwa.

    Ramai rakyat Indonesia mendakwa Singapura dengan sengaja melambat-lambatkan perbincangan mengenai permohonan ekstradisi berkenaan untuk mengambil kesempatan daripada ahli perniagaan Cina yang melarikan diri ke negara itu setelah menggelapkan wang negara manakala sesetengah yang lain menyatakan kebimbangan mereka terhadap pengambilalihan beberapa syarikat milik negara oleh Singapura. BERNAMA

  8. Anonymous8:58 am

    So far, no one picked up the remarks made by DrM's recently over his defeat at Kubang Pasu division's election. What he said was, before this, money politics were used by individual in order to win the party election, but now it is used by the PARTY/GOVERNMENT just to deny his right. Thats why AAB said DrM accusations was a very very serius one.

  9. Anonymous10:02 am

    "All the same we shouldn't be too upset with the results, which made us the second most competitive country in Asean after Singapore."

    Your very statement mr rocky, shows the usual 'competitiveness' of the typical malaysians. nevermindlah we're still the kampung.

  10. Anonymous11:17 am

    the papers say the Bodowi wants 2 write to lky. Bodowi, who was foreign minister, must be really bodoh. If we were really offended, the norm is to recall the ambasador 4 consultation. Everybody in wisma putra knows tis. When Lky spit on Malay, Bodowi wana write letter, when Dr M speaks bodowi got no time to meet or write to him. What an irony, malay nasionalist treated as scum, but agent provocater LKY treated with respect. Why is Nazri not challenging LKY's manhood? On Raja Ahmad made sense. Bodowi maybe better make him foreign minister. Compare what he said and what hamid alabar said. Hamid is lost, maybe due to smoke on the water effect. Blindness is confusing, it shows u are unhealed.

  11. Anonymous12:17 pm

    To Sham,
    I believe that's what we call 'sarcasm' by rocky.Must have been wasted on some.

  12. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Please bring back Tun Mahathir!

    Anak bugis.

  13. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Please Bring back Tun Mahathir!

  14. Rocky and tghe rest of the Malays who still love the country!

    Let me make it clear, Singapore does harbour the notion of controlling our country, we are now seeing signs such as "corruption, red tape and crime".
    Way before the end of this century Singapore will already controlled our country and make no bones about this, Malays will be marginalised, the kampungs will be turned into pig sty or pig rearing areas, and there is nothing the Malays can do. Masjid Negara will be turned into DAP Headquarters and the minaret will be turned into Rocket and painted red. Malays will continue to be given two pieces of kurma every fasting month, and bubur lambuk will have an additional ingredient and the Malays will have no choice but to eat it.

    Now hold on! All of these can be avoided if Malays, from top leadership to ordinary people, can make a pledge to stop being Morons now and fight back, and show that we are indeed in control. Otherwise just think of the inevitable if you guys continue to be idiots!

    Selamat Berbuka Puasa!

    P.S. Yom Kippur will be celebrated on 2nd Oct, how I wish I am Jewish to celebrate it, at least I will be proud for I can kill and bomb to protect my rights!

    Shalom Beit!

  15. Anonymous10:36 pm

    apologies for not catching the humour. i got to drop by here more often.

    but wouldn't that be the typical, optimistic malaysian view. always looking at the bright side of things. being happy, content, and bersyukur with what we have achieved whether it's just reaching the semifinals in a competition.

  16. Anonymous12:17 am

    cucuwak telu,

    apa yang nak dihairankan LKY pernah berguru dengan Harold J Laski.

  17. sham, actually the italicised sentence was taken, verbatim, from the NST report on the wef's competitive index! like you, i thought it was such a pathetic angle to take. thanks.