Friday, September 29, 2006

Brendan, be warned!

Pujangga, a poster on this blog, heard that Sang Kelembai was not the only one discussed at the Umno Supreme Council meeting yesterday. He said former Singapore Straits Times operative Brendan Pereira, who was made group editor of NST by Kalimullah Hassan, was also mentioned.

See under "Comments" below to read what Pujangga heard from someone inside!


  1. The following comment was left by Pujangga under an earlier posting. - Rocky

    Brother Rocky,

    I heard Singapore Permanent Resident Brendan Pereira was disscussed at length at the Umno Supreme Council yesterday.

    Apparently, his recent articles, like they did to all of us, have also incurred the wrath of several members, especially the article on Tun Mahathir last week.

    "Who is this punk to talk about a Statesman," said a Supreme Council member.

    Party President Abdullah Ahmad Badawi promised the council that Pereira will be hauled up and reprimanded. Hopefully, Pak Lah does what he says.

    Umno members are worried that Pereira, a non Malay leading an Umno paper, will become an issue they can't handle at the November Umno General Assembly.

    Of course they should be worried. He might publish another carricature of Prophet Muhammad and blame it on another editor.

    Whatever it is, I sense Pereira's days are numbered.....

    Time to run off to Singapore...

  2. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Adakah kerja PM panggil Brendan hari-hari?
    Tak bolehkah Press Secretary buat kerja ni?
    Apa besar sangat si Pereira ni?
    Talifon Menteri dan MB Pak Lah tak jawab tapi si Pereira ni maharajalela bagi tau budak2 bodoh NST PM just called me!
    Saya berani kata nothing will happen to Brendan sebab PM dah termakan budi.

  3. Anonymous4:20 pm

    The problem with the NSTP is that the n/paper is being run by inexperient people. Hishamuddin cannot handle politics and economic stories. He can only handle sports and entertainment news. Thats fact. Frankly speaking, NSTP have to be revamped and clean up again. This time Pak Lah must do something drastic. Dr M looks good because the editors handle him properly. Pak Lah looks bad because the editors handle him badly. Look at the headlines of Pak Lah stories. Pope stories and headline in BH and NST, were bad taste. Not every words uttered by PM are newsworthy.

  4. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Dah lapar, baru mengadah! Took them so long to see that they were allowing their own paper, the NST, to condemn Umno's ex president? Sholes! Sholes all of them! If Brendan condemns Dr Mahathir as a ST correspondent, that is his business. We know Straits Times and Singapore hate Dr Mahathir's guts. But like Zahrin, Brendan is now part of Umno, even though he's not Umno member. To me he's done what zahrin did so he should get the marching orders!

  5. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Is it true BP has singapore PR?


  6. "Umno members are worried that Pereira, a non Malay leading an Umno paper, will become an issue they can't handle at the November Umno General Assembly."

    an example of how the non-bumis are marginalised.

  7. Bro,
    Rule no. 1 in any management crisis....if there is any screw-up in the framework...the head's head must roll(please ..not like they do to foreign journos in Iraq, pls..)! Now tell me who is No. 1 in the NSTP group ? or better still who IS No. 1 ...... the PM ?

  8. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Cool it man! This' Brendan Pereira you're talkin' 'bout. This' no ordinary Bren man. This' Brendan Pereira. Kali'll fight to death to defend him man. No Brendan no Kali. Kali never confident workin' alone.
    Pak Lah? Well here's no ordinary dude. No spinnin' top man. This' a super cool dude. The Khairy kind of mean dude.
    Umno? Hahahahahahaha
    Najib? Hohohohohohoho
    Sport excel centre? Syed Jojo got the contract. The dude is Kamal's buddy.

  9. UMNO pun jangan lupa cermin diri sendiri. Tengok jelah berapa banyak pemimpin UMNO yang bersekongkol dengan Singapore. NST je kata lidah UMNO tapi siapa yang "control" ?. Macam mana orang nak respect kita, kalau kita sendiri tak boleh "control" benda benda yang tak betul.

  10. jed,

    Your point is noted and accepted by me, at least. We need each other for Malaysia to progress, right. Let's only marginalise corrupt, incompetent and racist individuals, in any category.

    Btw, I don't think rocky has a disciplinary board to do that UMNO thingy.

  11. Cute, Jed. But imagine this: if I was not an Umno member but wanted to join the party because it was now so open and there was greater freedom, I would have to forget it because I'll be sacked by the party in no time (judging by what they did to Sang Kelembai). Not that I was thinking of enrolling. But, really, what if I want to? You think they'll take me in? Or you, for that matter?

  12. Anonymous1:42 am

    Hail Brendan! Hail Brendan! Hidup Brendan! Hidup Brendan!
    Majulah Balai Berita!
    Majulah Singapura!

    Brendan Preira (spelling ok Mr Brendan Sir?) will continue to pen his words against Tun M. The Umno Supreme Council can discuss him the whole night, but nothing will happen to him. Remember la - he's the blue-eyed boy of Kali who is in turn the top story-teller of the Umno President. Mr Brendan's protection comes in several forms - Dato Haji Kali and the party president. No amount of gentle persuasion or vocal aggression from Umno members will topple Mr Brendan from his high office. The affection by the party president on Mr Brendan has been proven many times. If Zaharin can be sacked for criticising the PM, then Mr Brendan, trained by the best of Singapore's spy-master, will continue to enjoy his place in the Umno newspaper for his attack on Tun M! So since Zahrin has been sacked for his vocal attacks, then Mr Brendan will get just rewards for his demonising efforts on Tun M! Simple as that la!

    In the Umno Supreme Council, Mr Brendan is loved and respected in the same manner that Zahrin is despised and loathed! That's the simple conclusion from the council's decision made this week! In the eyes of the Umno leadership, the things Zahrin did is wrong and the things Mr Brendan has been harping is correct n proper.

    That includes his negative public remarks on the NEP, the cornerstone of Umno's social engineering policies!

    Hail Brendan!

  13. Anonymous6:17 am

    Anonymous said...
    Is it true BP has singapore PR?


    Isn't it obvious? That's where is loyalty lies...Singapore.

    And, should anything happens to AAB, that's the country he'll run to.

  14. Anonymous9:30 am

    Siapa mahathir?.M.Nasir ada tanya itu soalan.Pada masa tu byk orang marah dia. Tapi masa ni si Brendan beruk LKY kutuk Tun Mahathir ...apasal tak kasi halau mamat tu keluar Malaysia

  15. Anonymous10:31 am

    Kawan, I know you and a bunch of other editors sit on many only panels. Even Indian Muslim Kali sits on Umno panel. He sits on the Information Bureau with Melayu like you, Kali's boy Hisham Aun, Khalid Utusan, Kamarulzaaman (TV3), Chamil Wiraya (TV3) and Azman Ujung.
    I challange all of you to be true journalists and resign from the panel.
    Mat Taib is using you to bolster his image with "I am the PM in control" Abdullah Badawi.
    You people are tools and yet you dare condemn Umno and each other. Where's yout dignity?
    Are you also a munafik, a hypodcrite like what Zaharin said of Umno top leaders?
    I dare you, Khalid and Azman to resign if you're independent journalists.

  16. Anonymous11:42 am


    before we make any speculation, we must first acknowledge the state of affairs of the country. if we acknowledge that our Prime Minister is blisfully unaware of goings-on, that he is being manipulated by his close aides and advisers, then we must acknowledge that mr brendan pereira's tenure in the NST will continue.
    No matter how much pressure the supreme council has given the party president, AAB will only listen to his son-in-law who gets counsel from Kalimulah, who is Brendan's benefactor.
    It would depend on how cornered Kalimulah feels. You and I know that Kalimulah would be the first to slam the door and run. If the going gets too hot, if its his head that's gonna go, then he would probably throw brendan into the ring to be slaughtered. but because, brendan has been such a loyal and obedient servant, he would help brendan pack his bags and quietly go.

  17. Anonymous11:52 am

    and we thought that this is a tolerant government that subscribes to transparency, freedom of expression. More liberal values.
    During Dr M's time, he took merciless and brutal attacks from Anwar's supporters, from the reformasi. They called him names.
    During his early premiership, he was called a dictator by his own deputy Musa Hitam and of course, Musa's boys. Abdullah Badawi was among them.
    You think Dr Mahathir was a dictator and brooked no criticism. Don't fool yourself. Look at history, man.
    Blogosphere never had it so good during the reformasi, anit-Mahathir era.

    But now... Zaharin, party machai, dirty tricks dept executor. An irritant to some. Everyone's buddy to others -- gets the Umno sack.
    A clear message to other bloggers.

    Does not speak much of the administration.

  18. Anonymous11:54 am

    The motto of Umno now is -- It's okay to whack Tun Dr Mahathir but it's not okay to criticise Pak Lah.

    Puteri Melaka

  19. Anonymous4:00 pm

    It was made in passing but the allegation that Mr Brendan Pereira, the former Straits Times correspondent and deputy chief critic of Dr Mahathir, holds a Singapore PR is a serious allegation.

    Why serious(when there are probably thousands of Malaysians with PR status in Singapore and other countries)?

    Simply because Mr BP holds the highest office in the NST, which is an UMNO newspaper. The position makes him privy to knowledge and information sensitive to the security and well-being of this country.

    But if he is a PR status, he is also answerable to the Singapore government, like it or not. One of the conditions to be a PR is that one must agree to be called up to do National Service for the Republic. You can't be doing National Service to two countries, can you?

    This matter can be easily clarified. One of the reporters can ask the PM's Department if there's any truth in the allegation. We are not questioning the loyalty of the deputy critic of Dr M; we are merely doubting it now that Pujangga has come up with this allegation.

    While we are at it, can we ask all Cabinet ministers to declare their loyalty to this beloved country. If anyone has a PR status, pls give it up!

  20. Anonymous4:10 pm

    My bet is Brendan wins and Umno SC loses. PM will not remove him.

    In case of NSTP, PM is supreme. He rules as Umno President and PM. Realmild, the NSTP ultimate holding company, belongs to PM and not Umno.

    This has been the situation since NSTP was created in 1972/73 by Tengku Razaleigh at the behest of Tun Abdul Razak by buying out Singapore Straits Times ops in Malaysia.

    Ironically, 30 years later Abdullah returned the NST to ST by appointing ST-trained Kali, who in turn brought in more ST-trained and indoctrinated propaganda agents, inc. Brandan.

    PM will not remove Brendan as this may be seen as bowing to MT pressure. PM cannot be seen to be losing control.

    On another score, Zaharin may be correct when he accused the PM of being a munafik (hypocrite).

    PM, his cronies, lackies and sidekicks have dedicated themselves to erasing Mahathir's legacy.

    But when it suits them, they apply some of Mahathir's worse actions like delaying party election and discouraging competition for party posts so that they can prolong their hold on power.

    No wonder Najib looked so pathetic on TV last night trying to defend this undemocratic decision. He was shouting when he should be speaking softly, calmly and accommodatingly. Even berbuka puasa and prayer did not halp to calm his troubled soul. He is pathetic as a Pak Turut.

  21. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Hey jivetalkin',

    That sports center, tell me somethin' new. Good to know anyway.

  22. Anonymous8:21 pm

    This big man. RM480 million. A real bomb. Taxpayers money man. Govt don't care. This' Khairy handiwork. Money, chance to go back to old England with MyTeam all expenses paid. Najib? He's used by PM to all the dirty work. Later he'll be blamed. Azalina? She's sucking up to Khairy like everybody else. Syed Jojo of Hardrock Cafe got the contract. Jojo's Kamal good friend. Kamal is PM's son. Jojo gave contract to ECM Libra in Southern Bank deal. He's a big hit with Pak Lah. Saloma cafe and all. Heard Jojo was also given a heritage hotel in Penang. We got hit big time man. Pak Pak said Mahathir finished all the money. Now Pak Lah is lavishin'. Where did he get the money? Or was he blamin' Mahathir to hide his own squanderin'?

  23. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    I think ex bt reporter is wrong about NSTP. Before 1987/88 Umno crisis, NSTP and TV3 through Fleet Group belonged to Umno.
    That's why these companies were taken over by Public Trustee when Umno was declared illegal by the Court in 1988.
    In 1989 these companies were sold to Renong and later to MRCB.
    I think now the beneficial owner of NSTP, TV3/Prima Media and MRCB via Realmild is the PM.

  24. Anonymous11:50 pm

    again the whole racist/xenophobic/bigotous notions of "non-malay" and "singaporean" agenda is being fanned.

  25. Anonymous1:25 am

    They are in NST and Khazanah. What a smart move!

    Their huge land reclamation project is a copy cat of Jewish settlement movement in West Bank and Gaza.

    Like the teaching of Holocaust is an essential element of Israel high-school education and in the Israeli army officers'course, the teaching of "marginalised Malaysian and Indonesioan Chinese" has become an essential element in Singapore. They want to see themselves always as the victims. In the process, they failed to make concession with dignity!

    That's Singapore, a country that sees itself living at the edge of a volcano! Never mind, that the volcano is already a dead, inactive and elegantly silent volcano!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  26. Anonymous1:30 am


    any legal mind here?

    Any possibility using the case of
    JP Beltelzen v Ketua Pengarah Immigration or Sugumaran v Ketua Pengarah Immigration to clarify 'genuine expectation form a newsman in executing his duty?

    Seem from the ways bloggers has been arguing this Brenda a PR Status holder has cause lots of emotional stress among fellow country man.
    Thus what does he got to do in Malaysian Political senario.

    I am naive in a way coz I am not a newspaperman nor a politician just an odinary citizen with feeling too,but any malice intention to provoke the disunity among fellow nation are subject to
    application of Sect.8 of the ISA No?
    or using per dicta in Sugumaran v Ketua Pengarah Immigration a PR status may be revoke no?

    My guts feel I hunch from bloggers views this Brenda fellow ,do cause quite a stir among us good citizen.
    Things are getting heated.I even recived 12 racist spam in my mail accusing uneasyness among us fellow Malaysia.But a level headed and sensible person would know it was written in bad faith. Thus I deleted it for good,for sure.

    Its a bless month of Ramadan.A peaceful month please lets us fellow human have some peace of mind to face the almighty instead for bragging each others tail over some little word in dict call "Power'

    As Don Carleone words of wisdom
    'don't under estimate the power of Love over the power of God" no!

    I quote the late Tub Azmi in Habibullah v Faridah Dato Talib,it is well grantee and protected in the Copnstitution the right for the non muslim to pratice and conduct their religion affairs in a likehood manner under Art 11 must also means that the Muslim are granteed the the right to practice their religion in a like manner as stipulated in Art.11 because Islam has a special position in Malaysia.

    Thus if we believe the supremecy of our laws let 'justice prevail" and I for one belife JUSTICE will Prevail.It might take a while and not necassary in the court room but wait for the day when our dippers are change by a hired nite nurse instead of our children changing it coz when we were young we occupied our self with too much worldiness matters and bragging and bitching destroying our identity as a peaceful nation.
    So to speck lets The Beauty of Ramadan shows mercy on us Human.
    Peace and Unity in this bless Country.
    I hope I am not a visionary of William Morris in 'UTOPIA'hmmm...

    If that is what my gut feel is all about than Jabatan Immgration do your home work?
    Spring Clean time in Ramadan.

  27. Anonymous11:16 am

    brother, corporate analyst is right about the history of NSTP ownership, except about Realmild.

    have a blessed ramadan.
    and may the force be with you, brother.

  28. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Hey jivetalkin',

    Now that's what uh call smart politics, four fishes in one net.