Wednesday, September 06, 2006


4th floor tells Hisham: Get rid of Datuk Rejal or ...! And, thus, Rejal Arbee was told yesterday that his Wednesday column has been retired, effective immediately.

Rejal was informed by one of the editors via e-mail. Expectedly, Hishamuddin Aun, the group editor-in-chief moulded and sculptured by Rejal when he was his group editor, had neither the courtesy nor the balls to pick up the phone and speak to his former boss.

Rejal's "retirement" is the result of direct intervention in the newsroom by the 4th floor boyz at Putrajaya.

It seemed that they had told Hisham of how they had taken offence at references, in Rejal's last article, to Malaysia Today and Beritakmu as "gentlemen bloggers" against machai, malaysiatomorrow and kpmu (which are pro-Abdullah Badawi blogs) for not identifying themselves.

In the same article, Rejal also mentioned Kadir Jasin, Rocky's Bru and Jeff Ooi as "gentlemen bloggers" but these references had been deleted by the editors before sending the article for print.

Rejal started his career as a journalist at Berita Harian on September 30, 1963.


  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Hishamuddin Aun, Kalimullah Hassan, brendan Pereira (NSTP) Annuar Zaini (bernama), Kamarulzaman (TV3) and Kamal Klalid (4th Floor PM Complex) are the unravelling of Abdullah. They are the sokong bawa rebah type. Pagar yang makan padi. The classic TV3 interview and NST spin. Correction: Rejal did not mentor Hisham. Actually nobody mentored him except, maybe, Abdullah Kok Lanas. If he had been mentored by Rejal, Kadir or even Nazri, he would have been a better journalist and by the same token would not have been made GEIC.
    Rejal should start his own anti-Singapore bloc using his own name.
    The only respectable senior Malay journalist still writing for BH and NST is, ironically, the former GEIC of Utusan, Johan Jaaffar.

  2. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Tan Sri Samad Ismail, Datuk Samad Said, Tan Sri Mazlan Nordin, Kadir Jasin and Rejal Arbee stick to journalism and are damned for their thoughts.
    But when a journalist becomes a politician like Datuk Zam, he has to say things he does not believe in because he has to survive.
    Poor Zam. He losses. Kali and Brendan still rule supreme in NST. Zam is part and parcel of the Umno apple polishers now.
    This is what Zan has to say about Dr Mahathir:
    "Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin said it is too late for former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad as he has ‘missed the boat’.
    He said Mahathir, who helmed the nation and Umno for 22 years, should have followed in the footsteps of Singapore’s former premier Lee Kuan Yew and remain in the cabinet.
    Lee chose to remain in the Singaporean cabinet as minister mentor after serving as prime minister for 31 years.
    “Lee Kuan Yew is smarter than Tun (Mahathir) for he chose to remain as a minister mentor after stepping down. In that way, he is still able to contribute to the government and be involved in the country’s administration,” Zainuddin was quoted as saying by the Star.
    The minister, one of Mahathir’s closest associates, said Umno and the Malays would choose the current administration if they had to decide between the former premier and his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi."

  3. Anonymous3:17 pm


  4. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Bagi pihak KMU saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Datuk Rejal Arbee yang sanggup mengorbankan kolumnya demi mempertahankan KMU.

    Saya tiada nombor contact beliau.Bagaimanapun KMU mengalu-alukan dan sanggup menyediakan ruang sekiranya beliau ingin menulis.

  5. Rocky!

    The administration of this country and Umno is sufering from a political disease called septicaemia or necrotising fasciitis or "flesh eating bacteria syndrome" . This type of bacteria is eating away at the country's largesse and disturbing the country's social and political order. The only way to cure this country of such disease is to cut away the affected area. Pak Lah please take heeds of such serious disease affecting our country, you may not be IT savvy let alone having your own e-mail account, but Nori I know you are a decent person can you please tell your dad of our political septicaemia that is eating the flesh of this country.

    We are so helpless Nori please help the country by telling you dad the real story!

  6. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Bru, the poor soul assigned by the bolaless Hisham GEIC esq. to do the kapak job on Datuk Rejal is Zainuddin Ayip. Hisham, the mother of all gutless boss, got no gut to face Rejal. The reason was as stale as Hisham's Sunday Column -- kami sedang mengkaji semula kolumnis kami. Ha ha......

  7. Anonymous8:50 pm

    fingers have been pointing at Pak lah's boyz -- the Ks - as those behind Machai, MalaysiaTomorrow and KPMU. Now it is confirmed. I have always had my suspicion, especially Kalimullah being the one bashing at his computer/laptop. And having some of his machais doing the same. Such viciousness, such pettiness in the postings. Never a bad word about Kalimullah.Which is unbelievable. The question is -- Is the the New Straits Times behindMachai and all those other blogs -- unnamed blogs. Penyangak blogs. What have Kalimullah, Brendan and Hisham done to NST.
    NST firewalls screen shots and Rocky Bru, to name two gentleman blogs. BUT NST reporters are "urged" to read Machai,a penyangak blog.
    What can I say?

  8. Anonymous8:51 pm

    my dear God, zam has gone from bad to worse and my instincts tells me he is going to reach his all-time low very soon. the guy is sinking fast to the muddy river bed of umno bootlickers. he might end up worse than even kalimullah or brendan pereira in the list of journalists who have fallen from grace.

    i agree with another poster (kakibodek) on this blog, that zam should exercise a bit of his authority and rein in the likes of gunasegaram from poking fun at the malay-muslims of this country by raising issues like a second casino (and in Johor!).

    If Guna is left to his devices, he will continue to push this parameter - and our patience. Do not leave it until too late, zam.

    and do not bother trying to score points with paklah by belittling dr m. you are a marked man and will not make it farther than where you are now by carrying balls.

    just speak the truth and speak it forcefully. as a journalist and editor,you had balls and integrity. politics should not change a man this much.

    as information officer, he has the power

  9. Anonymous8:53 pm

    what a disgrace! How shameful!

    Pak Lah has got a bunch of ##*****@#$ working for him! What a bunch of cowards. Now we know.Now we know.
    pengecut pengecut pengecut.... Sembunyi belakang seluar Pak Lah. Lempar batu, sembunyi tangan.
    pengecut pengecut pengecut

    PS: I am a gentleman. I know worse adjectives to describe those boys. But, for the time being -- pengecut will do.

  10. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Terfikir jugak.Blog Machai tu. Sekarang tak tahu lah. sebab dah tak nak baca. Meluat. kerja orang jahat. Dulu, saya pun curious. Ada orang mention pasal Machai. Saya pun buka lah. Eeesh. Teruk nya. Saudara Rocky kena. Datuk Kadir kena. Dollah Ahmad kena.Sudah tentu Tun kena. Tapi yang di lemparkan terhadap saudara Rocky tu -- bukan apa-apa. Tapi di buat macam dahsyat sangat. seperti ada orang cakap -- as though what you do or what datuk kadir does, is detrimental to the country. what a load of crock si machai ni.
    well...what do you expect? Tak ada benda lain yang nak di korek...
    Itu lah... betul betul nampak macam kerja si kalimulah tu.
    as someone also said --- He is written all over Machai.

  11. As a regular visitor of KMU, I hope Rejal take the offer of Kunta Kinte

  12. Anonymous9:03 pm

    ader sesiapa yang kenal zainuddina ayip ni? tolonglah bagitau l/belakang beliau sikit..

    jaga, saya difahamkan hisham bukanlah orangnya yang sepatutnya bertelur untuk beritau datuk rejal. sepatutnyer orang tu ialah datuk manja ismail, ketua pengarang berita harian.

    datuk manja tak ada kat office ke? kalau ada, tak malu ker dengan apa yang berlaku?

  13. Anonymous9:04 pm

    sudah sah sekarang siapa yang dibelakang MACHAI, malaysiatomorrow dan KPMU.
    Kalimullah dan machai2 nya. Atau pun Kalimullah lah kepala machai.
    Machai kalimullah termasuk lah hishammudin aun.

  14. Anonymous9:10 pm

    i am utterly surprised that so many people are shocked by Datuk Zam's stand now.
    He is a politician. He is no longer a journalist. He has long compromised his principles.
    you should not even bother about this.
    you all should accept this.
    the second he stepped over that line -- from being a journalist to being a politician, he was no longer the zainuddin maidin we knew.
    so if he has already started whacking Tun Mahathir, he is doing it because it is the thing to do as a minister under AAB's regime.
    so let's not bother with Zam. they all need to survive. so much is at stake for them.

  15. Anonymous9:11 pm


    they dont make 'em (journalists) like they used to.

    in my book, they are as low as they can go,

  16. Anonymous9:13 pm


    wartawan2 sekarang tak bertelur. pengecut. sebab kepala2 diorang pengecut.

    pendekar mamat

  17. Anonymous9:19 pm

    memang sudah di duga. datuk rejal mesti kena kapak.
    tapi kami tak sangka yang hisham akan tugaskan orang lain untuk memberitahu datuk rejal.
    kami rasa ini bukan soal tak ada telur. that goes without saying... hishamudin memang tak ada telur.. tak payah nak cakap lah. sah sah sah. TETAPI, cara Datuk rejal di beritahu memang lah BIADAB BIADAB BIADAB.

  18. Anonymous9:24 pm

    PakLah's boys afraid of rejal's remarks? why am i not surprised. they are so insecure that they are so afraid of shadows, when there are no shadows in the first place.
    they are afraid of anything and everything. they have no idea how to do their job that they they think that any statement that does not glorify Pak Lah is one that is dangerous and threatening to his leadership.
    rejal should be happy that they did that. confirms what people think of them --- (expletive deleted)

  19. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Eloklah dato" rejal berenti menulis di berita harian tu. kalau dia tulis kena dok dipotong je pun buat ape. Paling elok semua kolumnis di berita harian turut boikot je surat khabar tu dan berenti menulis kolum masing-masing. Johan Jaafar, eloklah kamu juga stop menulis, melainkan kamu sanggup nak menulis yang bodek-bodek belaka. Mana kredebiliti kamu. Penulis lain juga kena ikut berhenti ramai-ramai lah. Sebelum nama kamu tu terjejas kerana dicop sebagai kolumnis murahan, eloklah kau orang tarik diri. Penulis kolum hari ini kena ikut telunjuk. Jadilah macam si hishamuddin aun tu je. Dia tulis pun teruk,. Nak selamat, tulisan pasal anak bini, tentu tak kena saman. Lebih elok lagi kalau tutup je berita harian tu.

  20. Anonymous11:22 pm

    I knew it!I knew it! Kali is behind that macai & kpmu blog. It is him alright, the moment I read all those comments there!

    Bru, who else would want to wrote disparagingly abt you?

    The first name which came to mind was no other than that f**k***gsh*t kali!

    Downright vicous this Kali. How low can you go?


  21. Anonymous12:13 am


    Gua tak terkejut dengan apa yang berlaku pada Dato Rejal. Gua tau yang ini akan berlaku punya. Lambat laun, mesti kena tendang. Semua orang tahu Hishamuddin Aun tu budak suruhanan semata-mata. Dato Manja suka digelar 'professional' oleh kawan2nya. Tapi semua orang tahu dia pun 2 x 5! Kedua mereka bukan jenis yang akan berjuang. Mereka berdua bekerja dengan NSTP mengikut kontrak. Bila lu kerja ikut kontrak, u kena ada KPI. Dan antara KPI yang paling penting ialah ketaatan kepada Boss yang tidak berbelah bagi. Kalau satu hari nanti Dato Manja naik dan Hishamuddin ditendang, Manja pun akan membuktikan sikap 'professionalnya' dan hentam Hishamuddin! itulah corak permainan politik dalaman di NSTP. Tanya kepada Mior bagaimana Hishamudin mainkan dia!

    Bagi Rejal, dia tak jatuh maruahpun. Kalau Rejal dibenarkan untuk terus menulis, satu hari nanti dia akan mengkritik Singapura, dan gua tau ini sudah tentu akan bikin Hishamudin malu. Hishamuddin ialah orang suruhan yang tiada tolok bandingan ketaatannya kepada semua Bossnya, samada kecil atau besar! Syabas Hishamudin Aun, anda terkenal sekarang sebagai Pak Turut luar biasa!!

  22. Anonymous8:23 am

    The only way to describe Zam is PATHETIC. For a former editor, whose anti-Lee Kuan Yew stance is fanatical, Zam's praises for LKY as being clever than Tun Dr Manhathir is mind-boggling.
    Inilah yang terjadi kepada insan-insan yang berjiwa kecil yang berasa dunia kewartawan tidak cukup besar, makA mereka menjadi ahli politik jadian.
    Sdr Zam, you're an insult to Malaysian journalism. Then again, more and more journalists are becoming like Zam; shallow, unthinking, apple-polishing herd of "yes Mr Prime Minister".
    Sdr Zam, sedarilah dirimu. Engkau pernah seorang wartawan.
    Muhasabahlah diri Tuan seperti yang Pak Lah sentiasa nasihatkan. Atau apakah seperti ketua Tuan sekarang, Tuan juga ibarat ketam yang menyuruh anaknya berjalan betul?
    Muhasabahlah diri Tuan. Siapa yang bawa Tuan masuk ke dunia politik? Kalau tidak kerana Mahathir, Tuan tidak hidup senang seperti sekarang. Dulu Tuan minta mahu jadi duta. Tapi Mahathir tak yakin. Kami tahu cerita ini semua.
    Seperti ketua Tuan sekarang, Tuan terhutang budi kepada Mahathir. Ingat Sdr Zam, kacang yang lupakan kulit akhirnya dimakan semut.
    To me, you have crossed the line. You're today no better than journalistic pretenders like Kalimullah Hassan, Brendan Pereira and all those ISD boys who ara now eating their way into whatever is left of Umno soul.
    Sdr Zam, you are PATHETIC.

  23. Anonymous8:31 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    saya terperanjat dan dukacita melihat Sdr Datuk Zam tergamak membuat perbandingan sebegitu rupa antara Tun Dr Mahathir dan Lee Kuan Yew.

    Hari demi hari, saya semakin tidak mengenali kawan-kawan yang dulu sama-sama berjuang.

    Mungkin kita sudah ketinggalan zaman. Mungkin kita dilamun nostalgia. Mungkin idealisme sudah lama berkubur.

    Terima Kasih.

  24. Anonymous8:42 am


    caught brendan pereira readng MACHAI...dunno whether he was just enjoying the dirt or adding some himself.

    kali borek, brendan rintik

  25. Anonymous9:40 am

    strange that you have described the machai blog (which i see a couple of your commentators have described as a PENYANGAK blog) to be pro-Pak Lah. And malaysiatomorrow and KPMU..
    Pak Lah is a pious man who is,I am sure, loath to indulging in such viciousness. He would not have approved.
    Could it be he does not know.
    I am inclined to compare the Datuk kadir Jasin, KMU, Malaysia Today, Screen Shots and, of course Rocky Bru blogs.(I am not sure if these are pro-Mahathir but I know they are critical of the jokers and clowns working for Pak Lah) with the pro-Pak Lah ones.
    One thing is so so clear -- they have names and we KNOW who they are and they do not write vicious and petty postings. (even if they did, you'd know who they are. You can damn them. and they can take you on anytime and anywhere. and they have --- what else b...s).
    Besides, they put on the table real issues that are of public interest -- political and economic corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, nepotism, state of the country's economy, mega projects, and so much more. These issues we can debate because WE LOVE THE COUNTRY. I dont see Datuk kadir, you bro being petty and vicious. You dont make issue of kalimullah's drinking or personal past and present, (i know your commentators do, of course. and we know why). I mean i know you could because someone told me you know him pretty well since your The Star days when you were a rookie and he was your senior.
    Now... Machai, malaysiatomorrow and those obviously set up to counter the scribe, rocky's bru etc.... we don't know who they are (until rejal's column was axed).
    and how "meluat" can it be when it churns out nothing but viciousness...
    but that's ok. that is theonly thing they can churn out. anyway, people are already seeing them for what they really are -- just a soon-to-backfire strategy of those young clowns on the 4th floor of putrajaya.

    wassallam, adios,

    jabbar rodrigo

  26. Anonymous9:49 am

    kepada datuk rejal arbee,

    datuk, saya rasa datuk memang sudah duga bahwa Berita Harian akan bertindak hentikan tulisan datuk.

    begini lah. saya ini orang lama. saya kenal hishamudin tu. dia tu memang lah wartawan yang bergaya. bukan kah satu masa dulu dia a bit down sebab masaalah peribadi rumah tangga. Oh. ini tidak penting. Dan saya minta maaf kerana bangkitkan ini. saya tahu saudara rocky tak suka sebut2 hal2 peribadi orang yang tidak kena mengena dengan issue yang diperdebatkan.
    hishamudin tu budak mentah (dari segi memegang jawatan GEIC) yang diberi pangkat tertinggi dlm jabatan pengarang NSTP. Kalimulah sudah "hold him by the balls".
    Takpayah lah saya perkatakan lebih dari apa yang sudah diperkatakan mengenai budak ni.

    datuk... bia'pi depa tu. datuk berwibawa dan masih seorang wartawan yang berpengalaman.

    kita hanya bisa bersedih melihat anakbuah2 kita "degenerate", dan mengheret kewibawaan akhbar yang pernah megah -- berita harian.

  27. Anonymous10:37 am

    YOU said it, bro. Those on the 4th floor of Putrajaya -- they're BOYS.
    Aint men. Boys. So, what can we expect? Poor Poor Pak Lah.
    I am imagining Pak Lah, after he retires. And I can see his BOYS...oh of course, they'd all be rich. But wait.... look it is kalimullah.... with hisham... poor things, some people spitting at them.,

  28. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Masalah dalam NST, bagi saya, adalah antara manifestasi kekecelaruan pemikiran dan tindakan pentadbiran sekarang.
    Ambil contoh terbaru berkaitan dengan penarikan balik diskaun saman kesalahan lalu lintas adalah satu lagi bukti pentadbiran yang kacau-bilau. Daripada laporan media, jelas ada communication gap di antara polis dan Kerajaan. Ini samalah dengan kelulusan penjualan kawalan Pantai Holdings kepada Parkway Singapura.
    Apa sudah jadi?
    Adakah polis mengambil tindakan sebelah pihak – unilateral tanpa memaklumkan kepada Menteri yang bertanggungjawab ke atasnya yang juga Perdana Menteri?
    Apakah Menteri memberi restu kepada polis tetapi tidak memaklumkan atau mendapat persetujuan Kabinet?
    Atau apakah polis telah memaklumkan kepada Menteri bertanggungjawab tetapi tidak mendapat maklum balas lantas membuat kesimpulan bahawa “berdiam diri bererti bersetuju?”
    Apa pun kebenarannya, peristiwa ini merupakan satu lagi bukti atau petanda bahawa kita dewasa ini mengalami “the runaway government” umpama kereta api yang tidak terkawal.
    Inilah juga yang berlaku dengan penjualan kawalan Pantai Holdings. Berbulan-bulan lalu Menteri Kabinet seperti Najib, Muhyiddin dan Hishammuddin menafikan tahu menahu tentang penjualan itu.
    Sehingga 7 Ogos, dalam temu ramah dengan TV3 yang dikendalakan oleh Dato’ Annuar Zaini, Pengerusi Bernama, Perdana Menteri masih mendakwa bahawa tidak ada syarikat Malaysia yang jatuh ke tangan orang asing. Tetapi pada 13 Ogos beliau mengaku yang Pantai Holdings sudah jatuh ke tangan asing.
    Apakah Perbendaharaan, Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Unit Perancang Ekonomi, Bank Negara, Jawatankuasa Terbitan Asing (FIC) dan Bursa Malaysia tidak memaklumkan kepada Menteri Kewangan yang juga Perdana Menteri mengenai urus niaga itu?
    Apakah Menteri memberi restu kepada urus niaga itu tetapi tidak memaklumkan atau mendapat persetujuan Kabinet?
    Atau apakah Perbendaharaan, SC, EPU, FIC dan Bursa memaklumkan kepada Menteri bertanggungjawab tetapi tidak mendapat maklum balas lantas membuat kesimpulan bahawa “berdiam diri bererti bersetuju?”
    Bagaimanakah Perdana Menteri dan Menteri-Menteri Kabinet dengan kuasa yang begitu luas dan kawalan yang begitu rapi ke atas media massa boleh mendakwa mereka tidak tahu mengenai kegiatan perniagaan Scomi Berhad, penggabungan berat sebelah ECM Libra-Avenue Resources Berhad dan insider trading oleh Khairy Jamaluddin?

  29. Anonymous1:00 pm

    To me, Dato´ Rejal should have stopped writing in Berita Harian the day he left the organisation. I know Rejal even when he was at Berita Publishing. His strenght is not writing in bahasa Malaysia. Thats why he think, Hishamuddin Aun's writing in bahasa is good. Same goes to Dolah Kok Lanas or DKL, who cannot write in Malay at all. When Dato Rejal recomended Hisham to DKL to write for his column, I was told, Hishammudddin make use of it. Even very early in the morning he was waiting at the gate to wait for DKL to call him in. Anyway, he was rewarded the post. Actually, his writing is like tin kosong. I know him when we were together in JB when I was a stringer then. He hardly went out to look for story, instead everybody knows where he stole the stories from....good luck to you. As what you did to Rejal..I want to remind you that, ada ubi ada batas, ada budi ada balas. Your time will come, definately, it will come...sooner or later. I think, its soon.

  30. Anonymous1:20 pm

    the guy behind machai is neither Kalimulah nor Brendan Pereira. It's Dr Vincent Lim, the political secretary for PM in charge of Chinese affairs.

  31. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Harap-harap ada reporter tanya Pak Lah dan Dato´ Najib sama ada mereka tahu mengapa kolum Dato´ Rejal diberhentikan di Berita Harian. Betul ke arahan Tingkat 4. Setahu saya, Dato´ Rejal menyokong kuat Pak Lah dan kerajaan. Sila lihat semua rencana dan tulisan dia sejak dulu hingga sekarang. Saya takut, tindakan ini dibuat oleh segelintir manusia yang berasakan diri mereka kononnya pandai, lebih pandai daripada Perdana Menteri. Sekali pun Dato´ Rejal tulis mengenai bloggers, apa salahnya. INi menunjukkan keterbukaan. Apa masalahnya. Dengan pemberhentian Dato´ Rejal akan menambah seorang lagi yang pastinya menyimpan perasaan geram dan marah pada kerajaan yang langsung tidak ambil tahu pasal apa yang berlaku di media. Cara pemberhentian pun tak kena, macam Dolah Kok Lanas memberhentikan Pak Samad dan Mazlan Nordin sebagai penasihat dulu. Hishamuddin Aun pun ikut cara mentor dia buat kerja. Don´t worry Rejal. Macam-macam ruang yang you boleh pilih untuk menulis. Tak payah lah harapkan Berita Harian tu. Bukan bayar banyak pun...

  32. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Sdr Kunta Kinte Malaysia

    Terima kasih kerana sudi menyediakan ruang di beritakmu untuk saya. saya menerimanya dengan baik. saya harap dapat berikan sumbangan itu bukan secara berkala tetapi (as and when) bila saya fikirkan perlu.
    sebelum ini pun saya beberapa kali pernah memberi komen kepada kmu dan kini beritakmu, adakalanya dengan nama lain.

  33. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Zam adalah contoh seorang lagi ahli Umno yang tak kenang budi & berterima kasih kepada orang yang telah banyak membantu beliau.

    Wasn’t his journey into politics made easy when TDM first appointed him as a senator than chose him as a candidate in the last two GE?

    And wasn’t he supposed to be very close to Dr Mahathir?

    Demi kepentingan kedudukan Zam, seorang bekas wartawan yang pernah saya hormati, sanggup menggeluarkan kenyataan yang amat dikesali.

    It is so pathetic that a journalist turned politician has thrown whatever principles, he once held dear, out of the window and down the drain.

    Sorry Zam I have lost all respect for you.

    Cuz you, like all the other current Umno leaders, are half blind & half deaf with a half past six mentality.


  34. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Cara column Dato´ Rejal diberhentikan adalah tidak wajar. Dato´ Hishamuddin Aun sepatutnyaa menulis surat kepada Dato´ Rejal, bukan Dato´ Manja dan bukan orang lain. Sebagai orang yang beradab, Hisham patut jumpa Dato´ Rejal di rumah Rejal yang tidak jauh dari rumah dia pun (kalau belum berpindah ke banglo baru di Bukit Kemuning lah) atau di mana-mana yang sesuai untuk jelaskan perkara sebenar. Mungkin ini dilakukan, saya tak taulah. Apa yang umum tahu, Dato´ Rejal dan Dolah Kok Lanas lah yang bertanggungjawab menaikkan Dato´ Hishamuddin hingga kedudukannya sampai ke hari ini. Sebagaimana pernah diceritakan oleh bos-bos Media Prima bahawa Dolah dan Rejal mempertahankan Dato´ Hisham yang namanya tidak mendapat perkenan Putrajaya untuk mengambil alih tempat Dato´ Rejal. Dari rumah Dolah, mereka bertiga menghubungi bos-bos media prima dan mengeluarkan arahan. Pengumuman pelantikan Hisham sudah dibuat oleh DKL tetapi arahan dari orang kuat Putrajaya yang diterima, supaya jangan menyiarkan berita pengumuman itu sebab ada nama lain yang sepatutnya mengambil alih tempat itu. Dolah dan Rejal bermati-matian mempertahankan Hishamuddin dan tidak memperdulikan arahan Putrajaya. Tuan Syed Faizal dan Rahman Ahmad, betul tak?. Kalau tak betul, sila nafikan kenyataan ini. Dolah atau Rejal pun boleh nafikan, kalau tak betul. Bila sampai masanya, apa dah jadi dengan Dato´ Rejal. Hishamuddin dah beralih bos dah. Tapi, biasalah tu.

  35. Anonymous5:56 am

    Hisham ni memang tak boleh pakai. Gua ni ha... salah seorang mangsa yang pernah dipergunakannya... Janji hanya tinggal janji.. Habuk pun tarak!!? Sedangkan benda2 besar macam tu dia boleh buat ikut suka hati.. inikan pula janji2 manis yang teramat kecil dengan gua ni... MEMANG DASAR MEMENTINGKAN DIRI SENDIRI.... GUA NAK TENGOK LAMA MANA DIA KAT NSTP TU.. DULU SIKIT PUNYA BAIK DENGAN GUA... TAPI BILA DIA DAH LEPAS SESAK.... JANGAN KATA NAK JUMPA MINUM TEH, TELEPON PUN TARAK!!!?? HAMPEH BETUI LA DIA NI...

  36. Anonymous9:22 am

    What goes around, comes around! Ingat tu. Takkan orang-orang lama di NSTP dah lupa apa yang dah jadi dekat Pak Samad & Pak Mazlan? I tak akan lupa walaupun I dah tak ada di NST. Ada ka, Legal Manager yang berhingguih yang bagi surat termination. Masa tu, orang kuat NSTP esp bhg Editorial semua tak ada bola dan even orang kuat HR pun tak ada .... (malu nak sebut pasai dia perempuan). Depa buat hina dekat orang tua, lepas tu tenguk apa yang jadi... even to that lady (in her personal life)....

  37. Anonymous4:36 pm

    dulu semasa kami bekerja di bawah rejal, siapa yang tak buat kerja betul atau berpakaian selekeh akan kecut perut apabila dia lalu. dah tak ramai orang mcm ni dalam newsroom kan ? tabik to u encik rejal (dato now)

  38. Anonymous5:21 am

    Suruh jer BPR masuk kat NSTP tu...

  39. Anonymous10:18 am

    Anonymous said...
    Suruh jer BPR masuk kat NSTP tu...


    what could BPR do?

  40. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Kami tak tau yang kolum dato rejal diberhentikan....hanyalah setelah membaca blog ini. Kami peduli apa kolum siapa pun..nak tulis ke, nak berhenti ke...apa ada kena mengena dengan kami...selama ni pun kami tak baca pun. Kami kerja sebab mahu tanggung anak bini. Apa bos-bos nak buat, depa punya pasal lah. Kerja untuk cari makan jer...yang lain bos-bos punya pandailah....nak terlingkup ke..nak apa ke...nasib badan lah.

  41. Anonymous12:36 am

    It is sad that we do not know how to appreciate great journalism in its pure sense. My dad loves his work. And he does it with wholeheartedness. He work his way up, and i do mean WORK his way, never did he 'kiss anyone's a**'.

    The reality is, that is what happen to those who truly believe in being transparent, they will be axed one way or another.

    And for those who are in the wrong, they cannot hide forever. They can stop the the writing in the print up media, they can edit what they feel is hurtful truth, but we, the younger generation are tech savvy, the truth will find it's way out.

    And for those 'b*** kisser' out there who did this to our Great Journalists, there is a thing called 'B*** Cancer', alas!