Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Unspun, the Jakarta-based blogger, was in KL recently when he was told by old friends about tales of corruption in this country that made him conclude that "..perhaps Indonesians should not complain so much about how bad corruption is in their country."

Have we really gotten worse in the corruption department since Abdullah Badawi became Prime Minister?

Read his posting here. And ask yourself the question.

Or you might want to read this Bernama article about a certain Malaysian warrior's battle cry against corruption in the Islamic world.


  1. Anonymous10:29 pm

    I wonder if anyone noted the difference of viewerships figures between TV3 & RTM in the MM as compared to NST & Star. Worse was MM carried the headlines as 4.3 million tuned to the wedding of the year on TV3. Was this right?
    Was I reading wrong? Can Rocky help?

  2. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I heard curruption is one of the main reasons international investors skip Malaysia nowadays...

    We are fast becoming a pariah nation.

  3. Anonymous11:37 pm

    If Anwar was sent to jail for using his influence on the Police, how come Khairi, Kali and the gang are still free?
    Nazri Aziz said Muslim nations must fight corruption together.
    But I heard he goes to Singapore often. Is Singapore a Muslim nation?
    BTW belated 52nd birthday YB. How was the vintage party?
    Give you my present at next elextion!

  4. Anonymous12:38 am

    Nazri Aziz said Muslim nations must fight corruption together.

    That's the biggest joke...coming from Nazri's filthy mouth!!

    Ha ha ha!

  5. sorry anon, my maths is bad. what i can tell you is i was neither with the 6.3 million who cried for siti nor the 4.7 million who cried for both mawi and ina.

    selamat menyambut merdeka!

  6. Anonymous1:43 am

    The whole problem arises as a result of the ruling coalition has enjoyed 2/3 majority in parliament for too long !

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely !

  7. Anonymous9:39 am

    I have my own statistical analysis. During Tun premiership, there were more voices crying 'corruption'. Lately, the cries are muted and less frequent. Let us assume that those who do not partake in the corrupt cycles shout the loudest without fear...can we then assume that now more people are caught in the cycles and dare not voice the concern.

  8. Anonymous10:14 am

    It is really very interesting to note that AAB had mentioned something about eradication of corruption in the forum of Muslim delegates in our country.

    Infact,he is trying to show that Malaysia is clean with regard to corruption, but first clean your backyard before trying to champion this issue.It would be a laughing stock in the eyes of the world if our corruption level is not improved and trying to teach Muslim countries-huh....he must be joking!!

  9. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Whatever the figures are, whatever the total is, all of them I am very-very confident are the MALAYS. Hidup Melayu, Hidup Melayu, Hidup Melayu. That kind of Malays we want to...Berhibur lara.

  10. Anonymous1:07 pm

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  11. Anonymous6:07 pm

    rockybru, brother's maths quite OK. nst's maths ok when comes to siti or mawi or trivials like these. hut check out our maths when it comes to real things! head spin (kapla pusing lah)!

    Today the media reported MAS making even larger losses of RM498 million for the first six months of 2006. Here is a simple straight forward report from the Asia Pulse :

    Thursday, August 31, 2006 : MAS reports larger first-half loss

    Asia Pulse - Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has booked a net loss of RM498.2 million in the first six months of this year against a RM166.2 million loss for the same period a year earlier.

    However The News Straits Times twists and spins the same news to make it sound as though MAS almost made a profit. The NST says the following :

    Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has reduced its net loss 36 % to RM176 million for the second quarter ended June 2006 on a 5 % increase in revenue to RM2.95 Billion. The loss registered in the 2nd quarter was RM84 million or 32% lower than an earlier estimation of RM261 million losses targeted in its business turnaround plan. . . . . For the cumulative 6 months period net loss increased to RM496 Million...

    First of all even the Iranian atomic scientists cannot figure out what the NST means when it says "has reduced its net loss 36 % to RM176 million for the second quarter ended June 2006". 36% of what and from what level ?

    Now here is the same news from The Star :

    The Star
    MAS posts lower three-month loss of RM177mil

    PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) managed to better its own forecast for the second time this year by reporting for the three months ended June 30, a smaller net loss of RM177mil versus RM260mil projected earlier. The figure is lower than the RM276mil net loss reported in the corresponding period in 2005 and smaller than the RM321mil net loss reported in the preceding quarter. The losses narrowed as the airline cut costs and saw higher yields during the quarter. ...Cumulatively, in the first half of 2006, MAS reported a net loss of RM496mil, which is lower than the projected RM610mil. Sales were higher at RM5.9bil versus RM5.7bil but operating expenses expanded to RM6.5bil from RM6.2bil.

    To make a long story short MAS has made another RM498 million loss in the first 6 months of 2006. For the first 6 months last year (2005) MAS' losses were only RM166 million.

    This means MAS losses have increased RM498 M / RM166 M = 3 TIMES.

  12. Anonymous10:56 pm

    The unspun posting.
    I know corruption is everywhere. not just in malaysia. in indonesia, to say that corruption is widespread is an understatement. I think it is part of their culture. They have made it part of the system.
    It is hard to believe that THAT kind of corruption related to us by unspun exists in Malaysia.
    Unspun's friend should report it immediately to the ACA. He should go to the NST or the Star.
    Well, I wish i could advise him to go to the Malay Mail...but well, it is a paper that no longer cares. NOR scares.

  13. Anonymous11:04 pm

    mustang dear,

    the malaymail may be no-care and no-scare but i think they will still try no help, but tolong don'[t ask the guy to go to the sun.

    becauswe ...