Thursday, August 31, 2006


Just 1 wish...that he who sells out this proud nation gets sacked, shamed and shunned.
And short, too!

Happy 49, Malaysia!


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    bro rocky,

    Happy? I don't agree with you.

    I am terribly sad when I read that we want to legalise the illegals, a.k.a. Mat Rempit, those hell riders.

    Does Oxford University teaches a subject call "Legalising the Illegals"?

    Why no minister speak against this?I am shocked.

    With the crime rate so alarming now, can the government do some wise thing instead the above rubbish.

    Where is this country heading to?

  2. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Dear paranoid,

    If it is the SIL's great idea, do you think any minister would dare speak up against it?

    What wise "things" has the Government under Pak Lah done, except making blunders after blunders.

    That is what our "Bapak E-Knowledge" is good for.

    Where is the country heading to? Nowhere!!

  3. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Like you, I spent Merdeka day in a despondent mood. Two things related to recent events crossed my mind:
    1.Pantai- if Khazanah's intention was to remove foreign control, why still allow foreigners the management rights for this company? Worse, do not the foreigners still owe up to 40% of Pantai and therefore enjoy the profits from the 2 govt concessions?

    2. Khazanah- isn't the Chairman of the Board of Khazanah also the Finance Minister? So who does the Board answer to? Its the rakyat's money and as a member of the rakyat, we need to know the basis of some perplexing decisions. Will some YBs
    in Parliament raise this issue?

  4. Anonymous9:37 pm

    We are heading straight to the dustbin.

    With Paklah's proposal to build single room house for the rakyat and his son in law's attempt to make mat rempit national heros, what more can we expect?

  5. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Dear Rocky and fellow readers,

    Selamat Hari Merdeka.

    From someone who is away from tanahair, the feelings of disgust, sadness, hatred, uncertainty and is-this-for-real? bears with me when i read what's happening back home. It's not a good feeling at all. Rasa amat menyampah sekali.

    Apa dah nak jadi dengan tanahairku?

    Hope u all had a good break anyway. That's one consolation i suppose.

  6. Anonymous10:42 pm

    ok. i'm with you here, bro. You refered to only one person? Can I add a few more who should be sacked, shamed and shunned?
    Cowards cowards cowards
    Traitors traitors traitors

  7. Anonymous10:51 pm

    What is wrong with these people? These young Umno leaders.
    DON'T use the term Mat Rempit interchangeably with bikers.
    Obviously Khairy and Azeez whats-his-name do not know Mat Rempits.
    Mat Rempits are those mamats who ride in droves and place the lives of other motorists at risk on the road, ok? Get it?
    You mean you have not been in a situation when they ignore traffic lights, when they are high on their rempit machines, when they donmt care two hoots about other people on the road? they are brave in numbers.
    You say they are an asset to the nation? As people, as Malaysians, everyone is an asset. But as a group of rowdy, dangerous and violence-prone people, I don't think so.
    Yes, I believe there are among them some good people. But, they ride in groups. They have a herd mentality. So, the good among them are condoning the acts of the rest.
    Our young political leaders are so bankrupt of strategies to win support that they are trivialising the acts of Mat rempits.
    Do some investigations, man... drugs, women, money change hands among them.
    You don't know what youa re talking about.

  8. Anonymous11:04 pm


    these clowns in politics are not trivialising the acts of Mat Rempits. Worse! They are glorifying them.
    God help us!
    God have mercy on us! (That we have clowns as political leaders)

    While I would disagree to any proposal to use physical force against the Mat Rempits, I believe that they are a menace, a serious threat to road-users. Therefore the authorities should swiftly enforce measures to curb their dangerous nocturnal activities. I am, of course, aware that previous measures have failed. Although I am uncertain why.

  9. dear journo,

    i wasn't wishing it on one particular person; rather, i was/am wishing it on anyone who is selling out this country. you are right, is quite clear that there is more than one person doing that.

    after the 10-part majulah singapura series, you know how i feel about these penyangaks. and you'd also realise that this is no a figment of our imagination.

    antai is real.

    and pantai was taken away from us (and is being taken away from us) with the help of malaysians.

  10. selling out this country?
    some people feel that to sell a company to non-bumis is also a sell-out for the country.

    it breaks my heart to think that i,
    in spite of being born in this country,
    in spite of paying my taxes,
    in spite of whatever contributions i make for this nation,
    am not worthy of leading a glc, not worthy of buying something like ecm libra.
    selamat hari merdeka??
    i'd rather we "degenerate" to what we were in the 70s than to go forward in this path we're being taken on.

  11. Anonymous12:18 pm

    bro rocky,

    bukan ke dulu ader keluaw surat kabau sorang anggota polis terapik meninggal dilanggar dek mat rempit? aruwah pulak dah kawin dan ada anak. camno ni jang?

  12. Anonymous12:27 pm

    yo bro!

    wa masih ingat-ingat lupa ada baca surat kabau tak lama dulu ada sorang polis terapik tu meninggal dilanggau dek mat rempit kat KL. pulak tu arwah dah berkeluarga bro!

    apa nak jadi la ngan negara kita la ni, mcm cerita hindustan plak, org jahat jadi hero wakakakakah... aku berdoa sunguh2 agar anak cucu aku esok2 nanti beroleh kepandaian menjaga diri mereka, Insha Allah.

  13. Anonymous4:15 pm

    yo bro,

    BINGO! PENYANGAKs. So apt to describe these guys who are selling off the country, these guys who are milking our country and making an ass of our beloved Prime Minister.

    You can give them billions of ringgit.. you can put designer suits on them, put expensive watches on them...hell, give them luxury cars...BUT man, you cannot shake off the PENYANGAK in them.

    once a penyangak always a penyangak.

    CLASS, brother...