Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Those aren't my words. They belong to M. Bakri Musa and Unspun, two of my favourite Malaysian bloggers who have made abroad their homes (the other one is Kak Teh's). Yes, they do sound peefed, don't they?

The government's control of the internet will cover them as well, right?


  1. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Bru, I do not care too much about people like Bakri. You want to fight and face the ISA you come home to Malaysia. At least you, Raja Petra, Kadir Jasin and Jeff Ooi stay in this "blessed" country and face the wrath of the gods. You were showed the door and Kadir is losing his contracts and his magazine is "banned" from Mas.
    Bakri and his pontificating lot stay in the safety of California and and England, and spend their days damning this country. In this case, I have more respect for the fornicators. Bru, you should not entertain these people. They will in the end bring downfall to us the Malaysian-based bloggers. They don't have to face rampaging Zam. We do. Good luck.

  2. he!he! keep on blogging bro - Am yr silent reader. It is sad read abt a place we once loved. Really, really sad.

  3. Anonymous4:36 pm

    i think we should not get worked up by opinions of others i.e bloggers, he or she has his right to his say on matters close to his heart & it is our right to either agree with his views or we blast away our reply if we feel like it. it is only here in M'sia that some bloggers get a bit wet in the pants in case one is invited to the govt.'s in laws house for some free food and reflection! for giving our view's. so much for freedom of opinions !

  4. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Pissed off local blogger: have you considered that a more skilled government may be more receptive of dissent and embracing of change - and therefore have less need to rampage?

    Also I think you never stop loving the country you were born and raised in. You just do the best from the circumstances life has dealt you. So lighten up on casting that first stone against bakri will you please?

  5. Anonymous6:26 pm

    "...favourite Malaysian bloggers who have made abroad their homes..."

    "...they do sound peefed..."

    You mean "favourite bloggers who have made their homes abroad" and "they do sound peeved", doncha?

  6. Anonymous2:19 am

    they are shaking now...especially since realizing the popularity of blogs has reached a wider audience...thanks to your blogs and the others too, you have made a mark in history and caused the govt to review their regulations regarding internet freedom........i say kudos to you all....whoever, wherever you are.

  7. Anonymous3:32 am

    rocky, i may not totally agree with your views but i respect you and other bloggers for sticking your neck out and putting your rice bowl on the line.

  8. Anonymous8:03 am


    you can thank rocky in KL, kadir jasin in KL, jeff ooi in Subang Jaya, raja petra in KL/Selangor, Unspun (Ong in Jakarta), Bakri (USA)..... they have identified themselves in their blogs. You know who and where they are. They are not hiding. They are out in the open with whatever they want to say.

    and then, you can say, and the rest, whoever and wherever you are.

    p.s I am not running down those who choose to remain unidentifiable.
    I am sure you have a damn good reason to be so.

  9. Anonymous8:06 am

    AAWW Roughneck,

    give bro a break, willya.
    it dont mean a thang if he gets hiz V's and his F's mixed up.

    It dont mean he's stoopid. Bro is one smarrt dude.

    Arentcha, bro?

  10. Anonymous11:39 am


    It looks like we are getting in the same old, same old digression into discussing personalities rather than the issues.

    The issues here are serious as the Government can and will crack down if it feels it is backed into a corner. That woulld be disastrous for the nation and everyone will lose out economically, financially and, for some, liberty. Fine if you want to be a hero but its best to find a way out that benefits everyone.

    I think the way out is to focus on the issues. This whole thing started with Mahathir four questions. Are they legitimate questions? Is he the right person to ask them? Is the Government's response appropriate? They have yet to be debated and resolved.

    The other thing to take into account is that it benefits everyone if the Government begins to realize that it needs new communications skills in this age of pervasive internet connections and blogs.

    I think if we all can be constructive in suggesting ways the government can become more open, transparent and accountable the better it is for the nation. By all means be critical but do not forget to be constructive.

    One thing I've realized since I have left journalism for business is that organizations - businesses and including governments - often find it incomprehensible why journalists and others should be so hostile to them. You could say they lack self-actualizations skills.

    But that's the lie of the land and confrontation and unconstrucive criticism would only harden their positions, not open them up to a dialogue and change.

    The government, on its part, should ook toward professional communicators and advisers to help it confront this new age where technology would stymie the harshest attempts at muzzling opinion and information. It also has to face the fact that it has been in a cushy situation for so long that it has no such skills internally. it must look outside for help.

    Finally, blogging under our own names are nothing heroic if you know how the Net works and that you cannot hide anything from someone who knows what they are doing. The Borg lives!

  11. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Bru, thank you and thank you fellow discussants. Some are angry with me. They are entitled to their opinions. I still think that foreign-based bloggers can bring about our downfall. I'm being proven right. The PM had announced monitoring of the blogs alongside Internet newspapers and SMS. Believe me, action will soon follow. Somebody must be made a lesson of. Where are you, RPK, AKJ, Jeff Ooi and others who blog under their real names going to run to? You guys cannot run. Either you love this country too much or you do not have financial means to live in Perth, London, Los Angeles and elsewhere where the long arm of the Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri cannot reach. News Websites are the legacy of Mahathir-Anwar crisis. They were set up to fight Mahathir-controlled media. They called Mahathir all kinds of names -- zalim, Firaun and many more. Mahathir just ignored them largely. Now these websites and the more recently the blogs are reporting Mahathir. That's their no. 1 sin. Characters like Zam, Jamaluddin Jarjis and Fu Ah Kiaw will do anything for a minute of glory. But in the end the will of the people shall prevail. Good luck and long live the bloggers.

  12. Anonymous1:10 pm

    ni baru la barua sebenar

    =bukan barua=