Friday, August 18, 2006


Peace, ruined Lebanon.. Last night, at the end of the 3rd day of the ceasefire, I was sent this reminder by a Malaysian Yang Tak Mudah Lupa: "Whatever happened to the list Khairy Jamaluddin promised to give us of companies in Malaysia supporting Zionism?"

Anyone out there has a clue?

It's been nearly 3 weeks.


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Leading the way:

    1. ECM Libra

  2. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Perhaps he was waiting until he was free from ECM, since people had pretty conclusively drawn ties between ECM and Israeli lobbyists.

    Or prehaps those ever powerful corporate interests somehow got to him, through some influence/directive or other bought his silence, etc etc..

    I guess the only constant is that it's not out yet, and that no reasons have been given. Khairy and gang probably should either publish or explain, to safeguard from accusations of talking big only, and to put speculations to rest. They're trying to get the hang of that sorta thing, no?

  3. Anonymous1:05 pm

    khairy probably didnt know what he was saying.
    it is so easy to say so many high-falutin things. but a wet-behind-the-ears boy like khairy, whose advisor is none other than a scumbag like kalimullah --- well what do you expect?

    P.S: wanna hear great stories about trysts and adventures of a certain someone when he was rollin' and coastin' as a jounralist in Sabah??

  4. Anonymous8:27 pm

    budak belum kering hangus cakap tak serupa bikin