Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Bloggers beware... In the same week, we had Fu saying one thing one day and then another thing the next day, Zam reaffirming what his deputy had already denied, and Keng Yaik dismissing these two and their talk of government's control of the internet.

But when the PM is the one issuing the warning, then we must conclude that something is really wrong. Something is fundamentally wrong with all of us.

The Scribe,
meanwhile, he cries for this beloved country.

... "I have seen countless young upstarts came like hunder and disappeared like tumbleweed in the desert wind.
I have seen the roads leading away from the ballot boxes littered with broken promises.
I have seen so many things that make me cry.
I have seen as many things that make me laugh.
I have and will always cry for this beloved country of ours."

And in the meantime, a mainstream newspaper still refuses to own up to the untruths in its June 11 article, despite the Prime Minister's obvious cue for it and the writer to set the record straight.


  1. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I hope our Prime Minister is joking.
    That is clearly a threat. Not just a warning.
    But how could he issue that threat?
    Has he read what is written in the blogs? (we know who he was targeting)
    Am I seeing the Ks, am I hearing their voices in the PM?
    Nothing to worry about. I dont see unsubtantiated claims posted by you. Altho I do see angry commentators on your postings.
    Well, bro, you know that these days you have legal redress. You sue the government if they take you in unlawfully. Even under the ISA.
    Our PM, sad to say, has been poorly advised.
    Dont you worry, bro.... we know of maaannnnny lawyers we can turn to.


  2. Anonymous5:25 pm

    "I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944) French aviator and writer.

  3. Anonymous6:13 pm


    I admire the tenacity and passion you display in managing and updating your blog. And after reading the newspapers today, I wondered how bloggers like you must have felt. I suppose one's passion will always be tested and challenged. Once you have passed them, you will resume with more creativity and commitment. As long as you report the truth, and do so with utmost care and a sense of responsibility, you probably have much less to fear. Then again, you are not a greenhorn in managing news and perceptions, having served the profession with some distinction in the past. I trust you will always strive to report accurately, without fear or favour, as befitting the high standards demanded of journalism, print or electronic. Salams.

  4. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Bru, you're cursed. Watch your step. With Ahmad Talib and Kadir Jasin blogging with you, and usingb their own names, you'll soon be in trouble. Blogs have been around for some time and many nasty things have been said. Some called Mahathir Maha Zalim. Suddenly in the last few days it becaome a big issue. Now dudes like you may find yourself in grave trouble. They can't act on the blogs but they can make life hell for bloggers. It's all bacause Mahathir has befriended the blogs and Internet newspapers. There goes our freedom of expression. If you write about Khairy and some people get worked up and do something to cause disturbance, you can be charged with incitement. So the line is very fine between press freedom and jail. Be careful Bru.

  5. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Zam had two wishes when he spoke at the KKDN Media Conference last week -- to expand censorship to include online media and to get Kali and gang out of the NST. Pak Lah had granted him his first wish. Bravo Zam! But getting rid of Kali and gang looks less promising for the propaganda minister. Zam vs Kali is breaking the PM's heart. He loves them both very, very dearly. "Ditelan takut tercekik, diluah takut termuntah" so the PM has to keep chewing. The Malay Dilemma of the Third Kind. But why do people bother reading the Internet papers and blogs in the first place? Zam should find out by surfing the net.

  6. Anonymous10:33 am

    siapa yang buat fitnah - kena bert/jawab ke atas perbuatan dia lah.
    jangan senang-senang tuduh orang tanpa bukti -terutamanya hal-hal yang boleh mengugat keamanan negara.
    rakyat biasa mau hidup aman.

  7. All people are allow to have different opinions, so do the YB Ministers.