Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Zam, the Info Minister, who was a journalist and editor of great standing before his leap into politics, has burnt the Causeway as far as his ties with the editorial gods of NSTP is concerned.

There should be updates on his assault on segelintir wartawan media tertentu yang menjadi alat kepada anasir luar after the weekly Cabinet meeting today.

Whichever way the wind blows, we now know that this bit about ET controlling the puny minds of some media big boys is a question not just the bloggers are asking. Screenshots was merely repeating the question earlier on.


  1. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    I was on the panel with Datuk Zam. He had "piles" of NST and BH cuttings to support his allegation.

    When I told him that he should name the papers, he said, he had his ways of skinning the cat.

    I told the conference that the Government should do away with kawalselia media (media supervision) because it was, among other things, against the spirit of transparency, accountability and openness of the present administration.

    Was it reported anywhere?

  2. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Dear Bro
    If the suggestions are true, may it long continue. However, as long as the public does not understand the place of the media and its responsibilities in a democracy (a much abused term in the media it has to be said!) as well as the duties of citizens needing to take more responsibility for their lives, then I'm afraid we will continue to stumble along. Those with the means and the will to do so, will always be able to take advantage of the prevailing situation. As always, thank the Gods that there are individuals like Datuk AKJ and your kind self to remind more of us of the need for vigilance - after all, the Malays in this country must be the only natives as well as majority in the world that is continuously on the backfoot. Aside from three decades of cultural and political apologia, we now face the possibility of compromising even our faith, in light of the continuous pressures applied from those outside our country as well as those from within.
    But maybe there is a lesson to learnt from the experiences in Palestine, Lebanon and previously Algeria - in that democratic providence, spoken so much of in the world today, is merely a synonym for the brokering of power by the rich and powerful.

  3. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Zam does not have to dust out any conspiracy theory to prove the rot and unprofessional behaviour of the Kali Era NSTP.
    He can stop evoking the Singapore spy story and global domination of the NSTP.
    Does Zam, a veteran journalist and now a Minister of the hazari (modern) cabinet sincerely believe that ISD and the American CIA will employ this bumbling lot?
    Look closer to home Zam! These guys don't even know about or respect the right of reply. They ignored even letters written on behalf of Tun Dr Mahathir.
    NST has until tomorrow to publish Sufi's newest letter. It has been two days since he sent the letter to Kali and Hisham. Let's wait for NST tomorrow morning.

  4. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Sometimes we wonder how on earth do scumbags become Ministers.I believe the British comedy program " Yes Minister " is a just potrayal of the antics of our current bunch of Malaysian Ministers! Does Zam really qualify to be the Minister of Information? or was AAB so desperate!

  5. Anonymous3:15 am

    Its obvious Zam was referring to the NST group which continues to boycott him following his outburst against Hishamuddin Aun at the Biro Penerangan Umno meeting a couple of months back. He had then chided Hisham for not having the "balls" to act against another Singapore spy in the NST, Brendan Pereira, used by Kamal Khalid (one of the so-called all powerful KJ's Oxbridge group housed on the 4th floor of the PM's office) to draft the government's reply to Tun Dr M's allegations.
    Thus the so-called 'scoop' by the NST carrying that story through its website even before other press have got the statement. The NST had to delete that entry a couple of hours later and another Malay news editor, Shamsul was made the fall guy and immediately transferred out from the NST newsdesk. (Surely a news editor do not have the power to post the item over its web page without being told?)
    So now the Chief News Editor, Deputy Chief News Editor, News Editors and Asst News Editors manning the newsdesk of the NST are all from one community - we know who.
    Isn't it ironic that a newspaper supposedly majority owned by Umno interests is run by members of one community who can never be Umno members?
    Yet the Malays are touted to be racists. Can you expect the Star, an MCA controlled paper, for example to have Malays running it? As it is the paper do not have even one Malay editor!
    So again what gives?