Friday, July 07, 2006


A regular column by "Mr Brown, a popular Singaporean blogger, has been suspended by the Today free newspaper, according to a news report.

The news report said the move by the free sheet, published by the MediaCorp group, came in the wake of government criticism of his latest satirical piece about high living costs.

Message for Mr Brown and friends: Government criticism is OK as long as it is not the Singapore government you criticise.

Dr M, take notice!

Malaysian bloggers, too!


  1. I hear you loud and clear mate!!

  2. Anonymous3:19 am

    Bru, Singapore is no more democratic than Burma. The PAP-led government has always done what does best – nip the challenge to its authority in the bud. For that reason democracy does not flourish in Singapore.
    Anything resembling non-conformity to the PAP’s mold will be quashed. That includes bloggers and the struggling oppositions.
    Singaporeans love Malaysian political stories because they do not have ones of their own. Just look at how kiasu they become the moment the front wheels of the expensive cars hit our side of the boundary. They go nut.
    You can’t blame these poor souls, including those running the ST and other government-owned newspapers, for wanting to share our democracy.
    Over there they have three “Prime Ministers” to be very, very afraid of. Here the country has been known to function without a Prime Minister.
    So don’t be too harsh on them. Maybe Guna should write and the Edge should print more damning stories about Dr Mahathir and Malaysia for the entertainment of Singaporeans. After all, I think Guna is just another makan gaji journalist who has to help his paper sell more copies to keep his owners happy and his job secure.

  3. Anonymous3:26 am

    An old joke about Mahathir and Kuan Yew fishing on the Causeway. The former caught quite a number of fish but the later none.
    Kuan Yew asked Mahathir what's his secret.
    "No secret," said Mahathir, "here in Malaysia we occasionally allow the fish to open their mouth."
    Of course Kuan Yew did not laugh. In Singapore you're not allowed to joke, except about Malaysia.

  4. Rocky!

    Please turn to page 6 and 7 Prime News of the NST today dated 8th July, 2006.

    Then let me take a para from Bandit who said: "Except for Dr Mahathir and A. Kadir Jasin, the UMNO politburo, the Cabinet ingrates, and other political/Government apparatchiks have NOT questioned the Kali-Bren no one attacks me with impunity attitude"

    Now then, all of you stupid Morons in the government and UMNO, the Malays are again being depicted as truly Morons by the Kali-Bren attitude in page 6 and 7 as idiots who believe in the netherworld, and that they are indeed country bumkins, plebeian, and that such story deserves the Prime News!!

    Let me quote you another: "His piece is calculated to encourage cynicism and despondency which make things worse not beter, for those he professes to be sympathetic with," said K. Bhavani, press secretary to Minister Lee Boon Yang, on the scraping of the Mr Brown column.

    The quote can also applies to what happens in the NST depicting the Malays especially by people with suspected intention over the country and its people.
    Page 6 and 7 encourage not only cynicism and despondency toward the Malays but also the disdain and hatred for their so called idiosyncrasy (sp?).

    The Nazi German started for the last 20 years depicting the Jews as blood-sucng mone lenders, hooked noose "lower beings" before the rest of the German people "allowed" them to be gassed and starved at concentration camps,without lifting their fingers.

    The German people were de-synthesised about Jews as being sub-human so when they were killed enmasse they just said "they are Jews!"

    The way I see it I am convnced, so are many more, this is what NST is trying to do to depict Malays as the "lower beings" believing in the netherworld, and the unseen world, so unscientific lot they are as to call for Djins to help cure stomach gas. So Umno leaders who have the balls what are you all going to do about this serious depiction of the Malays huh!

    wake up please!

  5. Bro'
    Noted contents with a heavy heart and my family and I, would like you, on our behalf, to convey our deepest condolences to Mr. Brown and his family, on the demise of their column, in TODAY!
    Can we all try and observe a minutes' silence today, as a mark of respect and can we also take out an obituary in TODAY or in the Singapore ST ?? Sorry, bro, can't continue, cos I'm in deep mourning.....

  6. Anonymous4:08 pm

    shanghai stephen
    i know you are in deep mourning, but i got you something that might cheer you up, i got you a brazil jersey man bro that was going on a discount after our fav team crashed out, so cheer up. besides a column never really dies, its like that stephen king (i think) title, "sometimes they come back."

  7. To Lazarus
    You da man !!! Hee Haw!!
    See how easy it is to cheer me up bro !Thanks man,
    Well then, this being a change , like there's a little hope, lets all take our pints high up in the air, tonight and drink to the health Mr. Brown's column. "Cheers to life and continued living" !!!

  8. Singapore is a world that is in chaos politically and socially. Their world is in dire straits because they do not trust themselves. They equate spontaneity (in expressing views) with irresponsibility; abandon with evil. The leaders see everything as sinister and evil.

    Their social institutions are set up to fence in the individual, rather than to allow the natural development of the individual. They must learn to trust fellow beings, then they will be able to trust their institutions and the media.

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