Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's damn hard not to envy Lazarus Rokk.

In February, the former sports editor of the New Straits Times and author of the controversial (and now the late) Counterpoint column, took the VSS that he didn't want.

But how things are looking up. At the end of the month, he'll be on his way to Germany, the place every sports journalist wants to be this summer.

Rokk has been handpicked by AFC president Mr Mohamed Hamman to be Fifa's media officer (with special duties) for the World Cup 2006. Fifa have appointed only 53 media officers worldwide, six of them from Asia. Rokk, easily the country's best known sports writer after Fauzi Omar, is the sole Asean rep.

And that's not all. I hear the editors at The Star have convinced Rokk to start writing a column for them soon.

What a coup.

How not to envy this guy.


  1. Anonymous5:12 pm

    i heard starsports desk very disturbed over news of rokk's entry. knowing how controversial rokk is , it is understandable that people get very nervous with him around. for nst it is good riddance, for star ... he he he ... welcome aboard

  2. Anonymous5:26 pm

    yo bro, tnks for the glowin remarks, you do far more justice to me than i actually deserve. but haing said that i am compelled to explain that i wanted the vss as it was timeto part company with the nst after 30 yrs with them. i felt i was no longer a part of their future, and i had to do the right thing by leaving. cheers bro.

  3. Anonymous5:27 pm

    mr rock! your future too are looking up! heard you are producing a mag for air travellers?
    gud luck!!!

  4. Anonymous7:05 pm

    For Malay publications in NSTP, i dont see any reporter can do better than Rokk....maybe our present GEIC.

  5. Good job,Rokk, I was there at the launch and didn't see any comparderes from the new MM. Why ??? Do anyone know aqbout the Star job ?
    NST's loss is everyone's gain!!
    Keep on Rokking!!on Rocky's bru!!

  6. Anonymous11:46 pm

    kahkahkah! Present GEIC is Rokk to Malay publications in NSTP? You must be joking!! The GEIC is a businessman lah! Businessman like him have vested interest. He may have been a sports reporter longtime ago but that's about it. His boys in the Berita Harian talk behind his back and laughs at him especially when his wife starts calling BH desks demanding that they cover her events! No lah! Your GEIC can't do a Rokk! Your GEIC can't even maintain his column on a regular basis. And with his new-found interest in business, he's not likely going to step on anyone' toes. Maybe Dato Manja can do better 'cos Dato Manja isnot a businessman> But he's too scared of his GEIC! And he's not yet a businessman! Good nite!

  7. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Rokk is not the only good reporter who had left nst in the last two years. There were many others who left before him or the VSS was announced.
    Reason for leaving: They knew they have no future with the paper. Look at how the paper is being run today...You have a bunch of clowns on the new Malay Mail newsdesk who don't even have experience.
    One of them only has three years of experience and has been promoted to manage the desk and go though the senior reporters copies.Just imagine, you have a Kaki ponteng on the desk!
    Well done, new Malay Mail...

  8. Anonymous6:06 pm

    We hope Zainul Ariffin will be our GEIC. He is anytime better than our present GEIC lah...no character, sorry to say lah...of course not Datuk Manja lah....still long way to go. Kalimullah dulu silap pilih sebab dia lupa Zainul tu adalah wartawan yang ada karektor. Tentulah Zainul suka hilang dan merayau ke sana ke mari jumpa kontak dia. Itu pasal dia bawa Rajan Moses. Kalimullah dulu pun macam tu juga...kaki tunggang lagi, monteng pun hebat juga. Kalau ikutkan dia pun tak layak duduk situ. Tapi sebab Zainul qualified, tahu ekonomi, banyak kontak dan sebagaianya, dia tak diberi peluang. Anehnya, dia minta VSS tak bagi pulak. Wait for your time brother...kick them off.

  9. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Rokk has confirmed what I always suspected - that only the ball carriers get this far in life. It can be recalled that this is the same Rokk who once poured scorn on the AFC and declared openly that he had in interest in it! He refused to give coverage to AFC events and if he did, it was very grudingly or was asked to.Rokk, never lifted a finger to help the AFC on any score. In fact, he did what he could to sabotage coverage of the AFC. Now, having warmed up to Mr Hamman, he suddenly finds the AFC to be a very "special" organisation.Principles are important but i guess when it comes to Mr Rokk, that is easily dispensed with! With Rokk, anything boleh! Thought you might wan to know Rocky.

  10. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Haha birds of the same feather flock together at the Press Club.

  11. Anonymous9:15 am

    I introduce myself as TumpangSekaki.

    I enjoy reading coomment by Matjbond about our GEUC. Dont question his credebility, please......Malulah Straits Times in the eyes of the world. We must be well qualified and good journalist, othersise he should'nd be there. holding a very important post in the giant media house like NSTP. Our friends outside, even important people in the news, questioning about our GEIC. We just listen. No comment. They also question our CEO...they said he is very WEAK. They believe he must be one of the GLCs leader to be chopped off. No wonder I saw his car was still at the office at 1 am last week. He must be cleaning up his room.

    Note: Mana cukup bagi gaji budak-budak BH 4 percent jer...tapi buat renovation sampai puluh juta. Check mana ada budak NST dapat 4 percent.

  12. Anonymous10:30 am

    Reading the comment by Anonymous has left a bitter taste in my mouth. To imply that Rokk is a ball carrier is a bit unfair just because he took up the post of a media officer for the World Cup. At the end of the day, it is an honour for Malaysians to be involved considering our own football track record. Rokk has been very consistent in his opinions and thoughts (obvious in his column and in public) and i'm curious to know how Anonymous came up with this 'story'. Please la, get real, its like saying if you pay your taxes, you support(and party to) every decision taken by our leaders. This appointment is a job and a recognition of Rokk as a formidable journalist.

  13. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Surprised how shallow the sports pages are now.Well if these new peope feel that local sports is not important, no thanks to Brendan I hear, then why bother even giving the two pages. Sitting in Malaysia and writing opinions about the World Cup sure tops the CRAP list I must add Rocky.Way to go bro, keep up your good work

  14. Anonymous3:40 pm

    wherever lazarus goes, controvery follows. there are people who hate him, there are people who adore him. but whatever it is, he is making the star establishment very very nervous with his impending entry. of course the nst will be keeping track of his movements.

  15. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Hi Rocky, good effort la U. We hope to hear a lot of things from U. Enjoy life outside NST lah brother.... Let them continue to serve whoever they want to serve. We better serve ourself.

  16. More power to Lazarus that's what I say.

    Deserves it...

  17. Anonymous3:08 pm

    rokk is a friend, but many read his column more the english rather than the content. must admit hislanguage and presentation is wonderful but like all arm-chair writers, he's comments don't ruffle any feather cause it is not accurate and his views outdated but well written.

  18. Eva Rokk1:18 pm

    Eva Rokk said...

    From what I've read in the comments,certain things said about Mr.Rokk are untrue. Esp the "ball carrier" part. Just when I thought teenagers are capable of such remarks,apparently not. I should know that the remarks said are untrue as I am his daughter and a daughter knows best,esp when it comes to her father. By the way Uncle Rocky,this is a good article.

  19. Thank you EVA,

    You sound like your dad.