Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Banking on the clear winner for GE14

These days when people ask me who'll win the May 9th general election, I'd tell then about the prediction made recently by Hong Leong Investment Bank. Why? Because banks usually don't predict who will win or lose an election. A bank has crystal balls for a lot of things - financial, the economy, stock market, the ringgit, consumer spending trends, etc - but not the balls for telling you if your favourite political faces certain defeat in the election.  
Hong Leong Investment Bank says it itself, its forte is not in predicting the outcome of political elections.  
But that didn't stop it from making one for the GE14: HLIB predicts a BN victory. 
So I reckon Hong Leong must be pretty certain about things to make the prediction. It's not even a government-linked company. Which makes me wonder if any of GLC banks (or any of the GLCs, for that matter) might come out with its own bold prediction for the GE. 
CIMB comes close, h e r e.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Pakatan's boogeyman ... and, possibly, Pakatan's own undoing

There are actually some smart people in Pakatan Harapan. They are those who will admit to you that whoever came out with that "abolish GST in 100 days" promise in the Pakatan manifesto are big idiots, much bigger than the idiots on the other side and a lot worse than the unscrupulous idiots who have been jacking up prices even before there was GST. 
This clip made by The Edge [the people behind it are not the biggest fans of the BN Government] who tell us why we all should stop looking at GST as some kind of a boogeyman.

The bazooka-proof man

"... DAP has recently rolled out a big bazooka, in terms of Lim Kit Siang, the supremo ... to start attacking Arul Kanda ... it shows the Opposition is genuinely worried..." - Arul Kanda, 1MDB roadshow prompted DAP to roll out big bazooka
For someone who is not contesting the general election, Arul Kanda sure is making headlines. And for the right reasons, too (as long as you don't ask Lim Kit Siang).

No, Arul isn't describing how big the Bazooka is

Here are some of news generated by the 1MDB man these last few days:


Life after 1MDB by Malaysian Digest

The Malaysiakini interview:

The aftermath of the Malaysiakini interview:

PAC member Tony Pua takes up this ad right after Arul's
interview with Malaysiakini ... 
...  so that Big Boss can perhaps go after Najib Razak without having to worry about Arul
Unfortunately for Lim Kit Siang, last weekend's 1MDB roadshow in Muar, Johor wasn't the last. I was told that the 1MDB roadshow will take Arul Kanda all over the country including Johor Bahru, where it is said Kit Siang is going to take on the invincible Shahrir Samad.

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Is Arul Kanda's definition of being professional one of going all over the country and even overseas to tell fake news about the 1MDB scandal? - Kit Siang

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cock-up over a yacht

Basically, the judge in this case, Justice Ratmoho has ruled the Equanimity seizure in Indonesian waters last Feb "invalid" and "without legal basis". What this means is that the Indonesian authorities and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, which made the high-profiled seizure of the yacht in a joint ops, screwed up big time. We don't know who screwed up who but that's for the Indonesian police and the FBI to sort out.  
Our immediate concern is, what else could those people have screwed up in this investigation? 
The DOJ had wanted people to believe the yacht was among "assets" bought using some US$4.5 billion allegedly siphoned off from Malaysia's 1MDB funds. This despite the 1MDB itself having repeatedly said that it had not lost any money. The other day in Muar, Johor, during a 1MDB briefing by Arul Kanda, YB Razali Ibrahim mentioned  the yacht. "They claimed they had found this yacht that belonged to us (1MDB, Malaysia, the Malaysian people, blah blah blah). How could they possibly find something of ours that we didn't lose in the first place?" 
Mr Ratmoho probably shares such a sentiment when making the ruling against the FBI and the local police on the seizure. He said there was no court ruling that the owner of the yacht had committed a crime. "If there is no crime, there should not be any confiscation," he said. 
Rafidah Aziz, currently the biggest critic of all things in the country, was one of those people who made such a fuss when the FBI and the Indonesians seized the yacht. Read her If I could find the Equanimity, why couldn't Malaysian authorities?  
Well,  Kak Piiidah, your answer is h e r e

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Goodbye, Jim

RIP: Late last year, Jim's friends and fans organised Jam for Jim, a charity mini concert to help raise funds for legendary Blues Gang bassist Jim Mandasamy, who was suffering from a type of neurological syndrome in which language capabilities progressively become impaired. The show made us happy. More importantly, Jim was a little happier, knowing that his friends and fans cared. 
Yesterday, Ganesh broke the sad news to me about Jim's passing. 

Blues Gang bassist Jim dies at 68, The Star