Friday, November 11, 2022

Welcome back, Tony!

Friday, 11 Nov:  Got a text from Tony, an old friend who had spent the last four years trying to make something out of his life in Indonesia. He's back for the GE15, hoping that his vote will help change the country of his birth - the only country he calls his home - for the better. Not for himself, he says, but for his children. 

We all share that hope, don't we? We also have shared frustrations with both the excesses and the shallowness of those who call themselves leaders. From Tony's a tweeter account, I stumble upon a recent posting by my old lawyer Malik Imtiaz: 

"If you're voting, and you should be if qualified, think about the future, yours and the young around you. Vote for a future for the country. Please, it's the only home many (of us) have." 

Exactly a week before you and I go to the polls and decide where we want this country to go: back up or further down.

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  1. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Hello Bru, been a while yes? Well, so much has changed, yet here we are again! Hopefully we can catch up after GE!