Sunday, July 04, 2021

The BEST and WORST places to be as the world finally reopens: Wtf do you think we are?

 Malaysia at the BOTTOM FOUR: A "catastrophic morel failure"

KL, July 4: If we think we are doing badly, please take comfort in the fact that the rest of the world think so, too. In the latest ranking of the best and worst countries dealing with the pandemic, we finished 51 out of 54 countries surveyed.

Excerpts from The Best and Worst places to be as the world finally reopens:

  While parts of the developed world are awash with vaccines, supplies are tight and in some cases non-existent in swathes of Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. With infections continuing to flare, restrictions still in place and faltering vaccination rollouts, Argentina is ranked last of the 53 economies, and the Philippines, Malaysia and India round out the bottom four.

Bloomberg's Covid Resilience Ranking

Congratulations Mahiaddin Yasin. Congratulations KJ. Congratulations, Ismail Sabri. 

p.s. Ours is probably the only country where the frontliners get vaccinated last and have to pay for their jabs, too. In the case of journalists, it's a fact. And just now airport workers, who could have gotten their jabs back in May if a certain Minister had not called it off, complained their employers had to pay to get them vaccines for them. 

Read MAHB to bear Pikas vaccination costs for staffers, unions livid

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