Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hello Updates Malaysia, Sarawak Kini (Goodbye Unspinners)

A new newsportal vows to back Malaysians clamoring for change
Puchong, 15 July: Every journalist wants to change something - the world, his country, your mind - and Khaidir Majid, who thinks Khairy Jamaluddin should be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, hopes to push for change with his new news portal, Updates Malaysia. The former Berita Harian group editor is recruiting like-minded journos and established writers (in English and Bahasa Melayu) to be his agents for change. Khaidir will be the Editor and  Invictus Galore Sdn Bhd the publisher. The newsportal will go full swing by the Merdeka month and vows to bring Readers balanced perspectives on politics, business, public policies, tech news, sports, consumer affairs and human interest stories. 

Sarawak Kini is not a newsportal but a blog that believes it is a newsportal. I feel like I know the people behind it but I can't say for sure. What's sure is they have been making life hell for KPMG right after Serba Dinamik, whose founder and major shareholder is a Sarawakian, started blaming KPMG for the loss of some RM5 billion of its market cap. Serba Dinamik is suing KPMG in the Malaysian courts (NOT to be confused with the Malaysian Government's lawsuit against the same KPMG).

p.s. A lonely, Covid-19 goodbye to SnapShot. After snapping up over 59 million hits in the last 5 years, the people behind the hard-hitting portal, formerly known as The Unspinners, told me they have posted their last.

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