Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Council of Rulers needs to do one thing and one thing only: get Parliament to reconvene

Not a unity government but LEGITIMATE one needed to save Malaysia

Putrajaya, 12 June: You may or may not agree that Anwar Ibrahim is, really and truly, Malaysia's only real and true hope standing. But having seen Mahathir Mohamad. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib Razak, Mahathir Mohamad again, and now Muhyiddin Yassin bring this nation to its knees, even DSAI's biggest detractors have begun to wonder if they had not made a mistake about the man. The other day, a seasoned journalist getting her Sinovac jab told me we really and truly should consider giving the Saudara a chance. "Let him not be the best Prime Minister we never had". 

Umno's two strongmen Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi are clearly not averse to the idea of Anwar leading. Mahathir had no qualms about holding up Anwar's hand in 2018 to "save" Malaysia (and to make himself PM again) and we all know he will make promises to hand over the reign to Anwar again if Anwar asks him. And if PAS, Amanah, the most chauvinist in DAP, and the parties in Sabah and Sarawak have had no problems working with this man because they thought he was THE ONE, who am I to tell them not to this time? Maybe Anwar really is the only one who can take us out of this Mother of all Doldrums. Maybe I'm starting to think that way, too ...

But I don't believe the decision on who should be Prime Minister should be left the King. Or to the Council of Rulers, which will be meeting this week. 

It pains me, therefore, to see the YDPA currently granting audience to the leaders of the political parties again to (maybe) decide on who has the numbers and, therefore, who should be PM. The King did that last year and that resulted in the "backdoor" government which, we all can agree, has failed really and truly miserably. 

It didn't work then and there's no reason to believe it will work this time. We can't be doing the same thing and expecting different results this time, kan?

If the King had asked me, I would have said this: he Council of Rulers has do do one thing and one thing only -  get Parliament to reconvene. 

Democracy will do the rest.

It's that simple, really.

With Parliament in session, the MPs who are representatives of the people can decide at the Dewan Rakyat (or even outside Parliament, as precedence would show) who should lead them from now till the next general election. Let them pick the one among them who should be the new Prime Minister.

Needless to say, retaining a failed government is not an option. 

Edited 3pm MAGERAN  is NOT an option, either. It is just a tool of Darurat/Emergency. This is not 69, for heaven's sake. And we need to end this Darurat.

With Parliament in session, The King can finally proclaim the end of the so-called political Darurat*, which is what he has been wanting to do, or so I was told. 

(The Agong had written to PM Muhyiddin twice since the Emergency Ordinance was proclaimed at the start of 2021. In the first letter in January, I was told, The King had asked the Government to engage the people and get their buy-in to the Darurat. The Palace felt that the Muhyiddin Administration was doing little to defend it against the people's burgeoning anger. In April, the Agong wrote to Muhyiddin again asking his Prime Minister if the Darurat should not be lifted already). 

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  1. Since when did someone have to be given chance to become the prime minister of a nation? If thats what Anwar deserves 'to be given a chance' then he does not deserve anything least of all the opportunity to be PM of Malaysia.

    Anwar Ibrahim squandered all his chances at the top job for his vanity, his dalliances with foreign forces desperate to control the peninsula and the Indonesian archipelago (like the Neo Cons and Paul Wolfowitz who cultivated the man placed him in the world bank then set him out like a bloodhound to bring home the rabbits which included Malaysia to them.

    Anwar in his unholy haste to make himself something he is clearly not cut out to be, went into bed with the same scorpion that stung him nearly fatally the last time without giving consideration that the scorpion (Mahathir) would do the same thing to him again given the chance to do so because thats what scorpions do.

    Anwar blames everyone but himself when things go wrong. Thats not the hallmark of a leader. Thats the quality of a loser and self centred weakling.

    Anwar according to his wife in an AlJazeera interview in 2016 admitted to interviewer Medhi Hassan that Anwar wants to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state which she said he would do if he became PM.

    If Anwar truly wants to become the next PM of Malaysia, he ought to show some spine, produce some policies worth implementing if he can as PM and demonstrate to the people that the old dying coterie of hangers on like Sivarasah Rasiah and Xavier Jeyakumar have something to contribute apart from their pious platitudes which are no longer pious but boring unpalatable dribble. Anwar is no different in this regard.

    With all the money poured into his campaigns and his vile followers with enough bile in them to poison a cobra he failed to make Najib history> Instead Najib has begun to turn the blowtorch to the bellies of his accusers. And Anwar's allies have in turn turned him into a rotting carcass dangling in the wind.

    Anwar cannot change Malaysia for the better. Malaysia and Malaysians to a large extent are a bunch of self serving carbdboard cut outs of European protesters who protest at anything, with no direction, a political and policy vacuum who are the problem with Malaysia. Its not its leaders.

    The King need not recall parliament. Even if he did the agenda and the discretions of the sitting PM will make it otiose. So why re call parliament? Why make Anwar PM?

    Well may we say God save the King, but nothing will save Anwar.