Monday, November 23, 2020

With boycott by Ku LI, the PM, his Cabinet and the Budget 2021are all doomed, are they not?

Ku Li: Reckless, hypocrite or hero?

Kuala Lumpur, 23 Nov:  Ku Li can rant all day about "political corruption" for all we care. At the end of the day, the MP for Gua Musang, like most politicians out there, probably has a vested interest for wanting to ditch this week's crucial debate on the Supply Bill. He probably just wants PM Muhyiddin Yasin out of sight. 

The thing going for Ku Li, the man who's been wanting to be PM himself for the longest of time, is this: so many other MPs share that same vested interest. 

But as a voter, I totally disagree with Ku Li's decision to boycott Parliament during the debate of the Budget 2021. As MP, it is his duty to attend, if not to take active part, in the debates of the Dewan Rakyat. To boycott the Parliament just because the Speaker disagreed with him on how a vote of no confidence should be carried out is reckless. To claim he's doing so to fight "political corruption" is hypocritical. 

And who is Ku Li to call the government appointed by the Yang DiPertuan Agong, as provided for under the Constitution, a "backdoor government"?

Ku Li must retract his letter to the Speaker (which, by the way, was sent on Saturday, an off day, I believe, and was all over the media on Sunday, still an off day, therefore not giving the Speaker any chance to respond, that is if Ku Li had wanted one, in the first place). 

The MP must carry out his moral duty as an MP, which is to be in Parliament. He is paid good taxpayers' money and accorded great perks to do at least that.

Don't vote for the Budget 2021 if you think that will be the right thing to do. There will be more than a hundred other MPs who will do that, so what's the big deal? Ku Li's vote is just one of them but crucial nonetheless. So debate and vote. Boycotting is cowardly.

If the Budget doesn't get the number of votes from MPs it requires this Thursday 26 Nov, PM Muhyiddin will have to go. We will either face a general election or we will leave it to the wisdom of His Majesty's once again to appoint a Prime Minister whom he thinks commands the majority of support from the MPs. 

If the King decides against a general election and uses the provisions under Article 43 and appoints someone else but not you as PM, please don't you go around calling it a "backdoor government" again, Ku Li. Show respect for the royal institution that you yourself come from.

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