Saturday, February 29, 2020

The best (or worst) prime minister Malaysia never had

An Urgent Note To 
Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim 
Dato Seri, 
Some things are not to be.
Throughout your political life, it was envisaged that you will become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 
When you were the Deputy Prime Minister, you were just a step away from becoming the Prime Minister but it was thwarted by Tun Dr Mahathir. Once again, Tun Dr Mahathir despite the assurance and promises made to you and the nation, has failed to hand over the position of Prime Minister to you. 
For you it surely must be heart-breaking, when each time you come close to achieving your dream, Tun Dr Mahathir stands in your way and prevent you from being the Prime Minister. 
Dato Seri,
Today, you should finally face up to the fact, that fate does not allow you to become a Prime Minister. It is time to accept the fact, painful as it is, that you will not become the Prime Minister. Thus, to fight fate and still pursue that dream is realistically futile. 
Dato Seri,
Believe me, by announcing that you yield in the greater interest of the nation and withdraw from national politics, will show to all you being a greater man. You will etch in the hearts of all Malaysians of a man who put nation before self. You will leave behind an honourable legacy and be respected for giving up your dream and your willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. 
Dato Seri,
Today as the nation lies in turmoil and there is total impasse may be it is time for you to make that announcement.  
Believe me there is more to politics. It just that, Prime Minister, you were never to be. 
Norman Fernandez 
The article above is reproduced with permission.

Puchong, Leap Day 2020: Some people asked why I wasn't writing anything about the on-going political circus. Well, to be honest, I didn't quite know what to make out of the rubbish that the politicians have been churning this past week. Nothing - from Dr Mahathir Mohamad's resignation as PM-7 to his appointment as interim PM and his desire to be PM-8 today - made sense. I kept on seeing a spoilt child refusing to return the toy car he borrowed, so the child decided to throw tantrums and threatened to throw the toy away instead of giving it back to the rightful owner. But then was Anwar Ibrahim ever the rightful owner of the 8th PM's seat to begin with? Lawyer Norman Fernandez, the former DAP deputy chairman of Johor, thinks for the sake of the nation perhaps it is time Anwar abandon his dream to become the PM and walk away from national politics.

To become the best - or the worst - PM we've never had.

But Anwar is only half the problem, if you ask me. Both he and Dr Mahathir should walk, hand in hand, into the sunset. Even that won't be enough to save Malaysia right away but at least we'll stand a better chance.

P.S By the way, it is not true lah that I did not write anything at all about the circus. I did post some stuff mostly one-liners, on social media. For example, this tweet I published with glee upon hearing the news that The Old Man had resigned:

And so I rest my case.