Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Ceasefire? Not this Ramadan, sorry ...

The full Utusan Malaysia article h e r e 

Puchong, Day 2 Ramadan: The comments at Utusan Malaysia are going back and forth, supporters of the PM and the Prince verbally abusing each other while they (presumably) observe their fasting. If this was a real war, a lot of blood would be shed and countless lives lost. Kot?
But this is cyber war. Integrity and decency die here. 
In any case, this comment under the Utusan Malaysia article caught my eye.  I hope he doesn't get called in for sedition or something like that. The Rakyat are just reacting to their Prime Minister and their Prince: 

And that comment isn't even the worst of the lot, I tell you.
Ideally, we should have stopped this nonsense arleady. The Council of Rulers could advise the Sultan of Johor to advise the TMJ to hold his piece - or peace. He'd listen, wouldn't hew? A. Kadir Jasin could advise the Prime Minister to observe decorum. Or at least try. 
But the former editor is, himself, fanning the fire. Read Mahathir's advisor urges (new IGP) to probe company linked to Johor royalty.  In his FB posting cued after Dr M's "little stupid boy" remarks, Kadir writes: "The little boy has asked us to do 110 per cent, but I think 50 per cent is enough". 
So of course, it will not stop. Couldn't stop. Azmi Arshad, son of one of the most illustrious Malaysians alive, may have felt obliged as a Malaysian and a Malay to respond. In Kadir Jasin declares war against TMJ and royal family?, Azmi said Mahathir and Kadir were the ones acting like little kids, "(which) explains why our national economy and harmony are in shambles". 
Will it stop there? Of course not. Someone will attack Azmi (if not already) and someone else will attack that someone and so on and so forth.
And this is Ramadan. The one month you can't blame the Devil.
So who can you blame? 

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  1. Anonymous4:01 pm

    no love lost between the two parties since the 90s.. i supposed the 'feeling is mutual' between them.. it is obviously not good to squabble like this la.. some more bulan ramadhan. The PM addressed the nation about Ramadhan is "not just about refraining from eating..." and kena 'jaga mulut' as well, but one day after he made this statement, he made stinging comments about TMJ - budak kecil and bodoh. ayoyo, how can..

  2. RAMADHAN bukan alasan membekukan otak Dan mengizinkan kemungkaran jadi halal.

    Maaf memaafi jika itu soal peribadi tetapi ini urusan NEGARA yang Kenna diteruskan demasa sebelum atau Selepas Ramadhan.

  3. Anonymous7:48 am

    TMJ deserved the comment that Tun Dr M made about him.

    Tun literally spoke on behalf of the rakyat who were fed-up with the childish antics of that little man.

    TMJ finally met his match, and Tun will be bulldoze him a lot more if he doesnt' stop his mindless charades.

    Long live Tun.

  4. yup the common man is struggling to put food on the table with rising cost and yet the new govt is obsessed with trivial issues. DAMN! i strongly feel that this is a one term govt!