Friday, October 26, 2018

Zahid Hamidi's misspent Youth

So Umno Youth thinks the best thing for the party president now, who's facing 45 charges of corruption, abuse of power, criminal breach of trust and, of course, money laundering, is to take leave and rest until the court reaches a verdict.
If he's found guilty, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi can then resign or face the sack (he would be going to jail, anyway). If found not guilty, he may come back and resume his duties as Umno president! 
So when they come after Tok Mat Hassan, the Umno deputy president, and charge him for corruption, abuse of power, CBT, money laundering or maybe illegal funds transfer, the former Negri Sembilan MB too should go on leave and rest. 
And when they go after Annuar Musa, the former Mara chairman and now Umno secretary-general should also go on leave and rest. 
What if they charge every one of them who sits on the Umno supreme council? After all, they have put Azeez Rahim in the MACC orange (for corruption, abuse of power, etc etc) despite the fact that he was once the Prime Minister's blue eyed boy. They were also said to have visited Tok Pa before the Jeli MP decided to go on permanent leave from the party! 
So if they decide to charge former Youth and Sports Minister KJ with the so-called stolen RM100 million, does he take leave and rest? (KJ does not hold any position in Umno after losing to Zahid for the presidency in June but he's one of the main Umno leaders and sits in the Opposition's "Shadow Cabinet). 
And if they charge Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki (pic) for some or all of the above, he must immediately go on leave, rest and wait until the court decides if he's gullty or not?  
Court cases in Malaysia involving politicians take ages to settle. If all the leaders in Umno must go on leave and get some rest when charged in court by this Government that's clearly hostile towards it and its leaders, I'm afraid there won't be anyone left to lead the party. 
Might as well leave like Tok Pa. Better still, go rest in peace.


  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    We Have More Than A Million Members Sir ( Taken into consideration if at all two million have either left or/and joined other parties). No one is indispensible. InshaAllah. UMNO needs cleaning up internally from its down the line corruption and I’m sure you know that already.

    The Patriot.

  2. Anonymous10:21 pm

    "Berjiwa besarlah untuk membersihkan parti kita, bacalah komen-komen majoriti netizen terhadap Umno, berubahlah dengan lebih berani, kalau perlu mengambil satu langkah ke belakang, ambillah. Ini untuk parti.

    "Parti ada ramai pemimpin, sesiapa boleh memimpin, semua anggota Majlis Tertinggi letak jawatan pun masih ada 3 juta ahli. Nak dengar, dengar, tak nak, buang sahaja,"

  3. Anonymous9:00 am

    Menunjukkan suatu bukti kukuh umno sudah rosak sepenuhnya dan harus dibubarkan.

    Tiada pemimpin yg bersih dan ikhlas utk berjuang didalam umno.

    Semua mahukan pangkat utk mengumpulkan harta.

  4. Anonymous5:46 pm

    We need to get rid of liberalism, Shietism n Salafism from Malazia.