Monday, April 09, 2018

Rafidah Aziz vs Rafidah Aziz

Najib Razak at the new TUDM base in Sendayan last month

I am not privy to whatever might have happened between Rafidah Aziz and Najib Razak but something bad or even ugly must have happened for Rafidah to be stabbing the Prime Minister again and again and with increased regularity. In her latest attack [Rafidah ups the ante, goes after Najib on military land] she meant to gut him like a fish. She obviously waited for Najib to call for the general election before taking the knives out.

But why she waited more than 10 years to tell us this particular tale takes away a lot from that tale itself and makes the intent fishy, if you know what I mean. You have to ask, why now and not a year ago or when it allegedly took place? Is she really demanding accountability on Najib's part or is she being a politician and doing this for her politics and the general election? Or for the simple pleasure of getting back at the PM?

If, indeed, Rafidah had felt wrong about Najib's proposal to the Cabinet back then, she sure didn't do much except from asking a couple of questions. Her own narrative: 

"I WAS uneasy and questioned you in CABINET:--
a) HOW was this unknown company selected?
b) I also asked why LEMBAGA TABUNG ANGKATAN TENTERA (LTAT) was not chosen instead , for this privatisation? LTAT can then form Consortiums, with Commercial Development Companies ,with excellent track records.
Your response to me , and echoed by the PM then, was…
‘We will bring in LTAT later…’

No one else asked any question. The Paper was approved."

The paper was approved. 
By the Cabinet chaired by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the PM then, in the usual spirit of collective responsibility.
Rafidah was a senior member of that Cabinet. 

So, with all due respect, why regale us with this tale now? 

Tales about Cabinet and Cabinet ministers are a dime and a dozen. I recall one of the closed-door meetings a group of us mainstream media editors had with Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was PM. He was lamenting on corruption in general and his Cabinet Ministers. Can't remember who asked him then but Mahathir was asked: What's stopping him from  taking action against these Ministers who were allegedly, apparently or obviously corrupt?

Mahathir said if he were to take action against his ministers for corruption, "there won't be any Cabinet left".

Rafidah was part of Mahathir's Cabinet at the time.

But, of course, the Old Man was only joking ...

Rafidah went after Mahathir, too ...
then they kissed and made up. She cried, he said he didn't

Read :
Rafidah: Mahathir was mistaken (The Sun, July 2005)
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  1. Masuh dalam sindrom lain tanya lain jawab,

    Tak boleh beli goalkeeper, ubah tiang gol

  2. After 10.years, many things have changed. The plan would be executed differently. Noticeable in her berating is she intentionally not mention why it was done.

    If there were 3 names involved in the alleged privatisation, she too used 3 names to monopoly car APs.

    Terer nenek ni into threesome

  3. Salam Dato Rocky.

    "a) HOW was this unknown company selected?"

    I read in Shahbudin's, Rafidah wrote, the company belonged to 2 men & a woman. Middlemen/women too? Why must their names be kept secret?

    Ehmmm... 2008... if I'm not mistaken, at that time Najib & Pak Lah was still embroiled in the aftermath of soliciting dubious middleman Razak Baginda, to purchase 2 Scorpene submarines from the French, resulting in the gruesome murder of Altantuya.

    A few moons later, Najib takes over from Sleepyhead, the job of PM and Finance Minister too. Around this time too, Deepak Carpet got an interest-free loan of RM30 million from Bank Rakyat.

    Now, please jangan lupa... how you, Bigdog and others bloggers assisted Dr.M to get-rid of Sleepyhead and his SIL's Tingkat-4 cabinet.

    Me... I gave-up support for UMNO-Najib when 1MDB-Jho Low's shit hit the fan. Burnt the bridge after Muhyiddin, Shafie Afdal & Mukriz was jettisoned.

    I'm just fed-up with Najib's penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen in government dealings.
    And now.... this revelation by Rafidah.

    Wonder why Najib always go against KPDNKK's Jihad to eradicate the role of middlemen, so that the cost of doing business could be reduced.

    What kind of 'Rakyat di Dahulukan', are these?


  4. Peace, bro RD
    Thanks for your reminder:
    "Now, please jangan lupa... how you, Bigdog and others bloggers assisted Dr.M to get-rid of Sleepyhead and his SIL's Tingkat-4 cabinet. "
    How to lupa.
    Dr M vs Pak Lah was different though. Tingkat 4 led by a certain K was out to "get" the Tun, who might or might not have retired quietly, otherwise. They were trying to rewrite hstory, especially after the landslide victory of the 2004 general election. Tun was not the aggressor, then. He didn't start the fight. There were no U-turns, he didn't work with the Opposition, he was trying to save Umno/BN rather than destroy it. Things I found easy to relate to, even though I'm not a BN-Umno man.
    The Dr M vs Najib is deja vu but for totally different reasonss that kept changing along the way, the ends justifying the means.
    I have to agree with TMJ with one thing about Tun this time: he isn't out to Selamatkan Malaysia.

    As for Rafidah's latest allegations and Najib's purported middleman and excesses and all, well bro .. I've said it before and I will say it again: Najib, Rafidah, Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Shafie, Mukhriz .. semua dari acuan yang same.