Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Bruneian" Mukhriz fumbles at U-turn

After the terrible backlash from his citizen of Brunei when abroad confession, Mukhriz Mahathir despatched an aide to tell Malaysiakini that he had actually been misquoted by the Sinar Harian [Mukhriz malu Malaysia banyak masalah]. 

Typical, eh? But some politicians have said U-turns are allowed.

Still, I thought Mukhriz should have at the very least set the record straight himself. With Sinar Harian and not Malaysiakini.

And there was really no need to implicate the rest of us to save your sorry arse:

"Malaysians in general feel ashamed by the country's image that has been tarnished in the eyes of the world?"
Really, Mukhriz?

So, all these Malaysians in geneal claimed to be citizens of Brunei when they were abroad or performing the umrah, izzit?

Hum ...

Once upon a time, Malaysians in general thought Mukhriz had it in him. They've been had and are now very embarrassed.

As I am.

Please read:

Sinar Harian's original article Mukhriz malu Malaysia banyak masalah:


  1. Anonymous1:12 pm

    nothing to worry about this guy he can say whatever he wants to say!

  2. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Mukriz is officially a bruneian..
    No longer as malaysian..
    Go back to brunei..!!

  3. Anonymous2:34 am

    Yg mecemarkan imej malaysia sebenarnya puak2 rejim bangsat ph..terang2 bersekongkol dgn eu..tabur fitnah di media luar negara..jd sapa sampah yg sebenar..

  4. Anonymous8:08 am

    Now you are clearly no longer a "nuteral" blogger but sound more like prepaid blogger - shame on you la Datok !