Saturday, August 05, 2017

Zahid tightens the noose

Puchong, 5 Aug 2017: Those quick to write off Zahid Hamidi after Mahathir Mohamad's onslaught did so at their own peril. As I see it, Zahid has not only turned the table on Mahathir but is slowly tightening the noose around the Old Man's neck. Mahathir's only salvation is IF Zahid were to suddenly lose the recording he claimed to have made of the meeting that he had with Mahathir.

Zahid: Yes, I met Mahathir, and I can prove what transpired

The deputy prime minister also says the meeting received Najib Razak's blessing.zahid-mahathir

JERLUN: Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today admitted he had a meeting with Dr Mahathir Mohamad days after his appointment as the deputy prime minister in 2015, but denied the former prime minister’s claim that it was to seek support to topple Najib Razak. 
Speaking to Jerlun Umno division members today, Zahid said he kept a recording of the meeting, adding that it also had the blessing of the prime minister. 
“I want to state that it took place with the prime minister’s blessing, 10 days after I was appointed the deputy prime minister,” he said. 
“The recording is still with me. They forget easily, but I don’t.”  [Read more H E R E]

Readers will recall on July 31, in an angry response to Zahid calling him son of Iskandar Kutty, Mahathir made two claims: 1. Zahid had RM230 million in his bank account when he was Umno Youth chief some 20 years ago (when Mahathir was PM) and 2. Zahid had begged for his "sympathy" to replace Najib as PM, less than two weeks after Zahid was made Deputy Prime Minister.

Khairuddin Hassan, the Mahathir loyalist who had lodged a police report against Zahid for calling Mahathir son of Iskandar Kutty, said Zahir was bluffing. The DPM won't respond to a lackey; he will wait for Mahathir himself to call his bluff.


  1. xnakdedak3:10 pm

    Zahid also had Grade A Telur evidence that Mat Sabu is Syiah.

    Zahid also lied that he had seen "documentary evidence" and met donors from Saudi of the Bugis pirate's donation. That has been proved conclusively by more than one nation to have been stolen from 1MDB.

    You caya Zahid ka?

    Good luck.

  2. I can bet 1 million US dollar this jawa man doesn't have the recording..if he has he would have spill the shit out.. you are a moron if you still can't think.

  3. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Even if Dr M is son of a kutty. what's the problem? This has been widely discussed, and snickered about in the 80's and 90's.

    Even if Dr M was plotting the downfall of Najib, what's the problem? Wasn't that what Dr M has clearly said he wanted to do, especially after the 1MDB story broke?

    Now, if during that meeting, Zahid Komedi also agreed that Najib was to be brought down, that will have far larger implications, yes?

    Let's see if Mr Komedi would dare release the recoding in its entirety, and let us be the judge as to whether who's tightening whose noose.

  4. Salam Dato Rocky.

    To me... Zahid is tightening the noose on himself instead. He shouldn't have highlighted the Kutty linage of Dr.M's ancestry which was Pakatan's RBA's tagline against the latter when he was still with UMNO/BN.

    Now the social media is abuzz with allegation that Zahid, including his parents, are immigrants themselves... illegal or otherwise, as early as 1965.
    At-least Dr.M was borne in British-Malaya in 1925, to a half-Indian father who married a Malay women, while Zahid came to Malaysia, 8 years after independence, at the age of 12... or 16.

    People are also asking, as to why Zahid's IC no., in the middle, is '08' which denotes that he was borne in Perak, instead of '71' for citizen borne outside Malaysia.

  5. Anonymous1:18 am

    lol Zahid played Luca Brasi

  6. xnakdedak1:13 pm

    Zahid tightens the noose....around his own neck.

    So being of Javanese ancestry OK, but Indian not OK?


    Meanwhile a Bugis thief keeps stealing from all races equally, but the Malays suffer most via Felda and TH losses....

  7. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Can't believe you re that dumb to write such story. Too much dedak I guess....

  8. xnakdedak11:02 am

    Dear DS Najib Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    I want you to know and realise that many of your friends and former loyalists in UMNO are losing trust and respect in your leadership to lead this BN government until PRU14.

    Like many of my friends and contemporaries, including former Malaysian Ambassadors as well as retired former Ambassadors and High Commissioners from many countries have posted interesting but damaging articles about you, your family and your political partners in crime. It's already public information and nothing to hide.

    As a friend of many decades and with my former official interactions with you, some of your Cabinet Ministers as well as retired notable senior government officers, I feel necessary to post this letter on my timeline for public information as it's with political interest. I have no political or other ill intention to discredit you, though we are not on equal terms in politics and more so we are now confronted by different political views and opinions.

    Having said that, I have never sought any favours from you and neither from Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir or Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as I remain a loyal and respectable retired Malaysian Diplomat. I believe that I have served the nation and country well, when I was awarded A.M.N. a distinguished Federal Award from the Agong on my retirement from government in November 1998. Thank you and I am proud of this personal recognition from the government.

    In a nutshell, it's not about myself though I may have a passion for politics of this beloved country.

    However, today I am saddened that under your administration, the nation and country is slowly losing respect from our fellow citizens and from the international community. I believe you are doing well since you took over the coveted PM chair in Putrajaya, but unfortunately your integrity is now being questioned not only by your political opponents led by Tun Mahathir in Pakatan Harapan.

    Most of your friends have already dumped UMNO and join PPBM, PKR, Amanah and DAP too. It's not they don't like you and your performance as PM but as I have pointed out earlier your credibility has been questioned.

    In a nutshell, unless you clarify your personal involvement in the hot issue of 1MDB and other related fishy investments and the cash deposit of RM2.6 billion or more in your personal account, you are being condemned not only in Malaysia but also a number of countries including US, Australia, France and UK. Obviously your integrity has been badly tainted and you need to redeem yourself.

    Sir, I am 74 years old and have been in politics since the early 1960s before you were born. I remember helping Tun Hussein in the political platform in GE 1978 through my secondment to PMO (P&C) from Wisma Putra on my return from Pakistan.

    Needless to say, I am now embarrassed to be in UMNO and most of my friends previously holding party positions have resigned from the party due to your political crisis and the rampant corruption by your Cabinet Ministers and senior government officers.

    I believe MACC is doing a good job but double standards as no corrupted Ministers have been arrested. The people are slowly loosing faith and confidence in MACC for their double standards and persecution.

    Sir, the pressure is for you to resign immediately without recourse and let whoever is your successor to continue administering this government until the next general election expected to be called not later than mid 2018.

    Dato' Mustapha Ong
    No. Ahli UMNO: 01059465
    Former Deputy Chairman (2006-2009)
    Veteran UMNO Federal Territory (WP)
    Kuala Lumpur.

  9. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Still spinning?

    Where's the recording?
    Talk is cheap.


  10. Jolobak Jolobu9:02 pm

    Sudahlah rais yatim ...dulu pun ko buat ngado wayang2. konon ado menteri akan kono tangkap.