Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Why Dr M should be the last to be complaining about harassment"

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Thurs:
Everybody's reminding me about karma these days. What a bitch it is. One former High Court I had lunch with today told me what many others have stated before: Dr Mahathir Mohamad is "reaping what he has sown". The Yang Ariff was referring to the former PM's complaint to the Singapore Straits Times  about how his family and friends are are under pressure over criticism of Malaysia PM Najib Razak. The ex-judge, who declined to be named, said Mahathir should be the last to complain about harassment. "Look back at what he did to some of us when he was the Prime Minister". One man extremely critical of Dr Mahathir, and who doesn't mind being identified, is Tawfik Ismail.

Tawfik, the eldest son of "the man who saved Malaysia", wrote a "cold" posting on his Facebook in response to Dr Mahathir's complaint to the Singapore paper.

The Mole spoke to Tawfik and got more H E R E


  1. Ismail abdul rahman11:37 pm

    Coming from a person whose dad JAILED more than a thousand people using ISA right after GE in 1969.

    What a load of hypocrisy there.

  2. What Malaysia does not need now or at any time is for her leading families (or former leading families) to settle their old scores rather for her to get help in getting rid of the present corrupt leadership. Malaysians do not care where that help comes from, whether internally from her own brave Hang Jebats or the US DOJ. I am no fan of TDM but if he succeeds in getting rid of Najib as TDM was with Abdullah Badawi, then he (TDM) gets my support. I draw the line in his anointing Najib's successor. With already two duds, TDM does not have a good tract record in that department.

    There is a concept in medicine, applicable to life in general, and that is harm reduction. We do not know who will succeed Najib or that that person may be worse, but one thing we do know. Getting rid of Najib would reduce the harm to Malaysia. Anyone who contributes to that effort gets my support. If you are not or do not, then you are part of the problem.

    Anybody notice something about this 1MDB mess? The gravy flowed mostly to the Lhos and Loos while the Abduls and Mohammads got the crumbs, Reza Aziz (related to Malaysian official 1) excepted. I wonder how UMNO Youth red shirts and PERKASA boys react to that.