Sunday, June 26, 2016

The latest on the Tun's hate list!

Puchong, 26 June: In his latest posting Hak Istimewa (Special Rights, 24 June) that appeared on the day Umno finally sacked his son, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad slams Khairul Azwan Harun for suggesting that all government funding for the former PM's Perdana Leadership Foundation be stopped.  
The young man who riled The Old Man 
Imagine that: Dr M did not aim his wrath at Najib Razak or Rosmah Mansor or Zahid Hamidi or Khairy Jamaluddin but at the 39-year old Umno deputy chief, by name!  ""(So) the country knows that when Khairul Azwan and his followers achieve power - through corruption - the country will see bribes and seizures by the government as a way to hold on to power." (Go ahead, seize PLF, Mkini)
The young man should be afraid, very afraid. But I was told that he has not lost any sleep yet.  Interesting ...

As for the sacking of Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin (and former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir, to a much lesser extent), what struck me most is the fact that PM Najib Razak waited almot a year before kicking him out of the party. 
Najib had dropped Muhyiddin from his Cabinet and appointed Zahid Hamidi as Deputy Prime Minister on 28 July 2015. Eleven months ago! He could have sent Abang Din packing - out of government and out of party - there and then. But he did not.  
The campaign to oust the boss 
Some people saw this as a weakness, that Najib "blinked". Others call it taking one's own sweet time. "Like the cat playing with the mouse before eating it..."
I think so, too. Najib made sure he resolved (well, almost resolved) the 1MDB issue. For Tun's Save Malaysia campaign to falter. That he had won Sarawak and the two recent by-elections. He might even have waited for Brexit to conclude! It was all calculated. And so precise was the math that when it finally happened, the sacking did not shock. That it was "expected". Accepted, even. Not by Pagoh, of course. Not yet. Read Pagoh Umno vows to stand by leader


  1. You said "Some people saw this as a weakness, that Najib "blinked". Others call it taking one's own sweet time." For me it is Najib's ploy to give TSMY enough rope to hang himself and he took it 'hook. line and sinker'.

  2. Sejak bila hang condone buat zalim pada orang, Rocky?

    Berbelas staff kena berenti sebelum raya sebab azwan punya kerja.

    Hang masa susah dulu ada orang tolong. Ni hang nak setuju bila Azwan buat macam ni pada orang lain?

    1. apa kena zalim dalam politik bai. all is fair in love and politics. bukan sumeorang bole jadi politician. game ni bukan sumeorang boleh main

  3. Azwanbro now is on everyone's hate list. Especially those who will be jobless in PLF. Karma exists. It will come sooner or later.

  4. 1MDB issues resolved? You must have not been reading lately. MOF stands to pay IPIC billions of dollars using my tax money and you say it's resolved?

  5. He's too 'brave' to have waited until 24th. June, so that no by-election could be held in Ayer Hitam, Pagoh or Semporna.
    Wonder why he is too chicken to take action on Trengganu's Ahmad Said.

    Looks like, UMNO is turning undemocratic. Rakyat's choices are ignored and being replaced with those handpicked by Cash is King.

    1. RD,

      If not mistaken Jeeby is definately chosen by the rakyat ie rakyat's choice. So what is the beef?

    2. Rakyat cuma pilih ahli parlimen bukan Timbalan Presiden. Perlantikan Timb Presiden atas kehendak ahli2 UMNO sendiri. Kalau dah sanggup bersekedudukan dgn DAP (Anti Melayu & Islam) apa pilihan yg UMNO ada lagi!!!