Friday, April 08, 2016

Switch off the political rhetorics already, YB Pua

1MDB tells Tony Pua that you can’t be '80% pregnant'

By Supriya Surendran /   | April 8, 2016 : 8:35 PM MYT  

KUALA LUMPUR (April 8): 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) has hit back at Tony Pua who was reported as saying he is only “80% satisfied” on the findings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report, telling the opposition lawmaker that he can’t be “80% pregnant”.

In a statement today, the strategic investment firm made reference to numerous comments made by Pua on the findings of the PAC Report which were made public yesterday.

“[Pua], having signed off without reservation on the PAC Report to Parliament, is now seeking to backpedal and question the contents of the report, saying that he is only 80% satisfied,” said 1MDB.

The firm added that it has provided to the National Audit Department with all documents in its possession.

“[1MDB] has also explained to the National Audit Department [as to] why other documents could not be procured. [Pua] knows this yet persists with his recycled rantings.

“The consensus report is a comprehensive and conclusive document. The PAC has asked the relevant enforcement agency to further investigate certain matters,” said 1MDB.

The firm went on to say that Pua needs to respect the collective will of the PAC.

“[Pua] needs to switch off the political rhetoric and allow the lawful authorities to do their job,” said 1MDB.

Pua was quoted as saying in a news conference today that he is only 80% satisfied with PAC’s report on 1MDB, but since the report had to be tabled on the last day of Parliament, it had to be balanced.

He said the reason he was not fully satisified was because there are still many unresolved matters with the company, as 1MDB has still not submitted all requested documents throughout the proceedings.


  1. So Datuk which one are the gross errors, fabricated info and lies that Sarawak Report conveniently published in their reports? Quick go and sue them....

  2. xnakdedak8:28 am

    In an effort to stem the leaks, Najib fired his deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, Attorney General Abdul Ghani Patail, the deputy director of the police Special Branch investigative united, and neutralized or otherwise defused a long list of investigating bodies and critical members of Parliament. Opposition members have been threatened with sedition and violation of the Official Secrets Act for a variety of revelations about the scandal. Rafizi Ramli, the secretary general of the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat, was arrested earlier this week for revealing documents that showed the Armed Fund Board had poured money into 1MDB coffers. He is being under the Official Secrets Act and is to be held until April 8, according to local reports..

    While the prime minister has largely managed to stifle all discussion of the affair in Malaysia, the investigations outside the country are almost certain to damaging, if the torrent of revelations in the foreign press is any indication. Preet Bharara, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has sent FBI agents to Malaysia to interview a string of bankers and other officials and, according to sources in Kuala Lumpur, frightened some of them badly by their depth of knowledge of details of the scandal, down to the time and date decisions were made and by whom.

    Gobble up that dedak while the sun shines.....

  3. Rocky, did you listen to Tony Pua speech prior to pick up 1MDB respond to this issue ? I truly doubt so as you seem to be "unbalance" in most of your comment when 1MDB is concerned. I also doubt about you being one of "dedak's" eater.

  4. Mr rocky

    if you read the entire PAC Hansard, you would know why Mr Pua said 870% satisfied.

    dah baca?

    I can point one by one ......

  5. Your England not so good. Najib signed letters terminating 2 international firms for asking too many questions. Money sent to wrong recipients intentionally. Documents not provided. Are you kidding me ? Najib cleared ?

  6. Today, IPIC said the closely named Aabar BVI is not related to them. They never received funds intended for them. Looks like Justo was right, WSJ was right and Sarawak Report was right too. Looks like Nasi Kanda was lying all along.

  7. arizmaya12:16 pm

    with the latest bombshell dropped by IPIC regarding the status of Aabar Investment PJS Ltd (BVI), the company which 1MDB transferred RM14 billion in total of its pinjam money, the real show is only about to start.

    1MDB says no money is missing. But now we are told that BVI company is liquidated since 2015.. meaning it is no longer in existence. So the next question to ask is 'where is the money?".

    It looks like Tun Mahathir is right all along when he says huge sum of money is missing from 1MDB .. unaccounted for!