Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sulking bloggers suck (Blogger merajuk)

So someone sent me two attachments after reading this posting and suggested that perhaps the Merajuk Bloggers referred to by the Umno president could be found in there. What I discovered is that this is part of a poster war between the pro-Najib and pro-Mahathir supporters/cyber warriors. How amusing!

Poster War No 1

Original Posting:

So, someone asked me last night if I was attending PAU, the Malay abbr for the annual Umno General Assembly. 

I said I've given PAU a miss for several years now and I'm likely to skip it this year as well. It has been one big year-after-year TTS (Malay abbr for a chitchat session over teh tarik, (a favourite Malaysian non-aloholic but addictive beverage) and this year's PAU is likely going to be no difference except for the RM2.6 billion donation PM and Umno president Najib Razak receieved back in 2013. And I've said and written in this blog that I didn't see any problem in explaining that to the party delegates. The money was for the party and the imporant thing is not a single sen was duit rakyat (taxpayers' money) or "stolen" from 1MDB as alleged. Former presidents or/and treasures have by convention received money on behalf of the party before but this time it has been made into an issue because someone saw it as a great opportunity to bring Najib down. 

“Generally, I think the president has 99% of support within the party. But there will be people who disagree with him, but the majority is with the president.” 

But what's more interesting to me is some the things not highlighted by the Press or the portals. Specifically, Najib mentioned bloggers who merajuk (sulk) because they don't get paid or they don't get what they asked for. Mmmm.

11. Friends of BN pun minta pada saya, bloggers pun nak, tak bagi merajuk. Ini perlu pd ini (duit) tapi jangan berjuang untuk ini (duit) tapi berjuang pada agama dan negara.  - Read more h e r e

Siapa blogger-blogger yang merajuk ni, Datuk Seri? 

Any of the above? Or the following, perhaps? 

Poster War No 2


  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    you are getting from bad toworse and sliding downwards from respected

  2. So there are bloggers who got paid and got what they asked for...Cash is King from the horse's mouth..

  3. Pau Tak Bertelor2:30 pm

    Oh really ? Care to name who were the past presidents and treasurers and how they received the money ? Through their personal accounts as well ? As for that MI report which you quote, do you know where did the info come from and who actually wrote that piece brother ? Don't blink !

  4. Anonymous4:24 pm

    "And I was right, Muhyiddin's sting fails, Umno leaders rally around Najib."

    You're one smart guy, Latuk.

    I, too, once thought that Najib was both spineless and slimy (a hard combo to pull off, but he did it.)

    In fact, when I was first appointed as a KBU, my feelings towards Najib were lukewarm at best.

    But then I realised how great Najib really is:

    a) I got a “welcome gift” of RM2 million TT-ed direct into my personal account.

    b) I was given first choice on all contracts in my bahagian, and here’s the best bit - I set up dozens of small companies to overcharge on the tenders! Good times. I remember marking up the cost of the new Uni Poyo campus by 200%!

    c) I was then given a series of “garu telur” GLC directorships, for which I do nothing except turn up once a year, collect my fat director’s dividend, and then, well, garu my telur for the rest of the year.

    d) You might think this is good enough, but it gets better. i was also put on the board of some charities that for some reason have to have their activities in London, Paris and New York. To fill in the time, I was forced to play golf, and shop.

    e) Certain criminal charges against me were dropped faster than you can say: “Can I get a kontrak to import banglas for RM3,000 each?”

    Fooyuh…mashyuk laaaaaa, semua nih in one shot.

    The best bit - seriously - I found 190 other morons had been given the very same benefits!

    Now, we all suddenly adore Najib, and have “I Love PM” engraved on our foreheads.

    Rally around Najis? Oh hell yea. Takde hal.

    Cium tangan, cium whatever pon bole…..

  5. Anonymous4:28 pm


    Amacam, OK kah?

  6. My guess is Syed, the Foul-Mouthing, Arab and Najib Hater, is one of the sulking bloggers.

  7. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Kalu tak bersalah dan tidak ada yang mencurigakan, apa pasal pegang telor tak nak saman WSJ dan SR ? Saman SR tu kan lebih senang sbb takda 5th amendment. Kalau pun WSJ buat, bila sudah bilang mau saman, teruskan jer. Ini asyik pegang memegang tu apa maksudnya bang ? Jangan pegang lama. Sakit tuu !

  8. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Cuts both ways...

    ...I heard for PWTC entry, everyone going in had to show a brown tongue?

  9. Anonymous4:52 pm

    "Amacam, OK kah?" 4:28 pm,


    You believe everything you read on MT, a site run by the biggest con artist & fugitive "oh no, I didn't run away" bullshitter in Malaysian history?

    Hang nak beli batu hikmat nih ke? Mai, mai......

  10. Dear Hantu Gigi Jarang,

    Once a blogger friend confessed to me that he and several other bloggers were offered RM500 each to attend a briefing conducted on behalf of a Cabinet Minister. That meeting was called specifically to discuss strategies to counter this blog called Rocky's Bru, which was being very critical of this Cabinet Minister. My blogger friend said he felt guilty.

    I told him he shouldn't feel at all guilty. Was there a law or moral regulation that says a blogger should not ask for payment or accept money for attending a meeting or for putting up postings on his blog? No, right? (Unless you know something I don't, HGJ.

    That's why we have Google ads, to incentivise people with blogs and sites.

    And that's why it's perfectly Okay for Tun Dr Mahathir, our No 1 blogger, to accept payment from his advertisers for his chedet blog.

    Me, I don't do Google ads and I don't accept advertisements on my blog, but that's a decision I made a long time ago driven by my own training as a journalist. Other bloggers don't have to agree, or follow suit.

    1. Anonymous6:25 pm

      halo lokie,

      payment from Najib you terima ka? mesti la kan.....

  11. Anonymous4:57 pm

    "The money was for the party and the imporant thing is not a single sen was duit rakyat (taxpayers' money) or "stolen" from 1MDB as alleged. Former presidents or/and treasures have by convention received money on behalf of the party before but this time it has been made into an issue because someone saw it as a great opportunity to bring Najib down."

    If the RM2.6 billion was a political donation from an Arab donor or donors, then who are these people and what was their intent in giving such a colossal donation? Are there any strings attached?

    Was the money intended only for Umno or for BN as a whole?

    Why tell direct lies the moment your hand was caught in the cookie jar?

    How much of the said donation was used for the last general election? What happened to the balance?

    Why has it not been accounted for in the books of Umno or the other intended beneficiaries in BN?

    If it was for Umno, why was deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin in the dark?

    Why not sue the WSJ?

    It has been reported that the balance has been channelled out of the country. Can you confirm this? If in the affirmative, then where is the balance now?

    These are the type of questions that you would need to answer since they are all within your knowledge. There is no necessity for a 50-minute exclusive interview with TV3 to beat around the bush.

    "The account is in my name but it is not my personal account."

    Ha ha...

    It sure sounds like ‘it looks like me, it sounds like me but it is not me’.

    So many questions.

  12. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Dalam banyak-banyak gambar di atas, agak-agak mamat yang mana yang kendalikan blog Jebat Must Die?

  13. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Dato rocks,

    When are you going to publish the face of the unspinners, the flying kick, semut hitam, CTS, and others?

    By the way, can u answer on behalf najib simple math below;

    26b - 9b = 15b ??????

  14. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Speaking of bloggers that, ummmm, suck, I think RPK's affection for Najib is taking on genuinely homoerotic overtones.

    He lovingly mentions the sabotage of the MACC, SB and AGC as if it was some kind of achievement, sort of forgetting the times his boy had to hide up Ali Tinju's sarong at "Something2Hide", not to mention Zahid's & the A-G's at the "sub judice, but not really" Parliament session.

    What a sad little man he is.

  15. Anonymous6:47 pm

    According to RPK, TSMY would have had all his questions answered last night.

    Oh really?

    Annie very helpfully summarises it here:


    You'd have to be either a schoolkid or a senile 66-year-old blogger on PMO cash to swallow any of these answers, you see....or maybe you don't.

  16. Anonymous6:52 pm

    zack 4:32 pm,

    Get with the program, bro.

    You seem confused.

    The "sulking bloggers line" came from Najib himself, to describe bloggers who would merajuk if he (i.e. Najib) stopped paying them money (this is his line, not mine).

    So....OSTB is paid by Najib?

    Stay off the drugs, bro; they are bad for your comprehension skills.

  17. Saja nak tanya lah...skrg kalau mana2 menteri kat malaysia terima masuk bermillion2 dalam akaun peribadi beliau atas alasan derma peribadi, tidak kah menjadi satu kesalahan jenayah rasuah?

  18. Anonymous9:37 pm

    "Within four hours that the video was uploaded, it had garnered 189,455 views with 7,552 shares and 11,534 likes."

    Read more:

    In just 4 hours, that is a truly spectacular viral success.

    I think the PM is underestimating the depth of grassroots unhappiness against him.

    191 KBU and 3,000 carefully-screened PAU attendees, vs. 11,500 likes for him stepping down, in just 4 hours (240 minutes.)

    Do the maths.

  19. Anonymous4:56 am


    JMD is unbecomingly more foul mouthed with his headline than ever. Sulking also?

  20. Latuk
    99% of 3 million UMNO members are behind Najib. What about 10 million voters? Are they behind Najib too?


    TO ANON 4:28 pm, tak Ok.

    Actually I did not bother reading but then noticed 2 billion in the link. So now let me ask you, do you know how they cooked up that 2 billion, whatever it may be ? Do you know why only 2 billion and not 4,6, 8 or even 10 billion ?

    Don't bother calculating not knowing what it is !


  22. Anonymous9:07 am

    Sdra Rocky,

    I am a muslim malay from non umno but bn east malaysian state of sarawak

    I have actively read your blog since anwar's sodomy case came up. It was interesting then though in some issues questionable. Bear in mind, personally i have no respect for forked tongue anwar.

    In the current political scenario, I was truly surprised that you have changed course. You would even fired a smoke bomb at other right thinking bloggers. Personally, as i do not read your blogs rdgularly like before currently I am immersed in writings of apanama, otsb, din turtle and JMD. On the issue of 1MDB and 2.6 bil controversies, JMD blogs factual, intelligent articles.

    Portals or bloggers like mykmu, dr mim, the unspinners and even you yourself are no match for apanana, otsb and in particular jmd.....

    In any case keep your support on najib and the 40 thieves.

  23. Anonymous8:42 am


  24. jawa bagan datoh10:01 am

    Keling ni patut jaga MIC. Yg merajok juga ke Tok?

    Apa nilai sebenar parti keramat ?

    Dimana letaknya kekuatan parti politik yang selama ini diiktiraf umum sebagai pejuang agama, bangsa dan negara ?

    Bagi sebahagian besar ahli dan sebilangan kecil para pemimpin-nya, kekuatan parti ini masih terletak pada nilai-nilai murni serta asas perjuangan yang mengutamakan agama, bangsa dan paling penting sekali negara bertuah ini. Apakah kepercayaan mereka ini berasas?

    Parti yang pada suatu ketika dahulu menunjangi pemerintahan negara ini secara dominan masih pada landasan yang serupa atau telah terpesong dari hala tuju yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan parti dan negara?

    Parti ini masih yang serupa atau nilai-nilai murni yang digenggam erat dahulu telah ditukar ganti dengan nilai wang ringgit serta habuan-habuan lain demi kepentingan peribadi segelintir pemimpin yang telah 'menculik' parti ini?

    Perhimpunan pemimpin akar umbi kali ini amat penting untuk parti ini kerana umum sedang menanti untuk menterjemahkan semula nilai-nilai sebenar pertubuhan yang seringkali dilaungkan sebagai parti keramat ini.

    Nilai mana yang sebenarnya menjana jantung hati perjuangan parti keramat ini? Nilai perjuangan agama, bangsa dan negara atau nilai ringgit dan dollar Amerika?

    Ini peluang terakhir untuk mereka yang masih berpegang kepada nilai sebenar untuk bangun mempertahankan pertubuhan mereka. Jika tidak berani kerana benar yang batil akan terus ber-maharajalela.

    Ini peluang terakhir untuk bercakap yang benar, berpegang kepada yang benar, bangkit menegakkan yang benar dan menolak segala yang tidak benar bersama onar dan duri yang merosakkan.

    Ini peluang sebenar untuk menunjukkan kepada umum apa sebenarnya nilai parti keramat ini.

    Bertindak sekarang sebelum nasi menjadi bubur.

    Jangan gadai maruah diri, agama, bangsa dan negara demi wang ringgit. Ini haram se-haram-haramnya! (Gambar hiasan, jangan gundah gulana)

    Jangan hancurkan harapan anak muda


    Kepada blogger tak sedar diri yang begitu gah menyalak mempertahankan pencuri dan penyamun. Sudah-sudahlah mengata orang lain. Cermin diri sendiri dahulu. Tolong jangan beri anak-anak makan dengan duit hasil kerja tidak bermaruah kamu. Jangan merajuk, ini hanya teguran ikhlas.

  25. Anonymous10:59 am

    9:07 AM from Sarawak

    You should get your head examine for excessive reading of dinturtle, otsb and apanama. No content of value. Just crap.