Friday, November 06, 2015

Next Change: Rafizi Ramli vs Ibrahim Ali?

As for Rafizi Ramli, the enthusiastic substitute in the fake and half-hearted 1MDB debate dare, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali has made an "offer" he shouldn't resist.

According to the news portal FMT, Ibrahim Ali, who sits on the UiTM board, is fuming over Rafizi Ramli's claim about the cost to build a proposed hospital in UiTM Puncak Alam which has inflated to RM8.2 billion from the original RM599 million (or so Rafizi claimed). The PKR man was said to have accused Ibrahim of failure to oppose the project despite, presumably, having been made aware of the alleged cost escalation.

Ibrahim rubbished Rafizi's "facts". “Saya tidak tahu bagaimana Rafizi boleh dapat angka dan maklumat berkenaan pembinaan Hospital UiTM itu kerana angka yang diberikan itu tidak benar."

The Perkasa man said he wasn't going to sue Rafizi but offered to "sekolahkan" Opposition leader. The word sekolahkan literally translates to mean "to educate someone"; in Malay, it can be a very condescending term, used with the intention to insult someone for being uncouth, uncultured, uneducated, and so on and so forth ...

Hospital UiTM: Ibrahim Ali sedia sekolahkan Rafizi, FMT 5 Nov


  1. Anonymous11:00 am

    Adakah tujuan hidupnya utk menjadi peniup wisel. Mulia sungguh RR ini. Kenapa tidak mahu tiup trombone supaya bos dia Alsyeikh Alanwar Aljuburi didedahkan. Ibrahim Ali should go for his neck.

  2. Anonymous11:49 am

    Luckily it is not on 1MDB issue. Berahim Ali hanya percaya apa Tun M dan Ku Li kata dia percaya betul.

    He understand nothing on 1MDB. Just blindly following his bosses.

  3. No need to school anyone lah. Just simply give the accurate figure. As a member of the BOT Ibrahim should know the true cost. It's his responsibility to know such things. Why not reveal that figure and not worry about teaching or schooling anyone. By doing that Ibrahim would be doing a great public service.

  4. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Dr Bakri Musa as usual makes complete sense. Just tell the rakyat the truth. How much does the hospital cost and whats happened to the the 2.6 billion.

  5. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Lepas ini mungkin Ibrahim Ali boleh sekolahkan Tun M kerana dia susah nak faham pasal 1MDB.

  6. M. Bakri...If you don't have accurate facts and figures..just shut off your smelly mouth lah..It is your responsible with Rafizi to check yr facts before making public statement and responsible with yr accusations...otherwise go back to school and learn what is fitnah all about...

  7. Mustapha Ong9:17 am

    Tak payah lah membahas...kedua-dua tak boleh pakai....5 x 2......(?)

  8. Kiamat dunia kalau debate tu berlaku !
    Najib will be checkmated .

  9. Anonymous6:13 pm

    By the way, did Rafizi has the factsheet of his claim.
    Its better that he proof it with evidence, not just "serkap jarang".
    Otherwise, wise consideration to school him again.