Saturday, June 20, 2015

No "balik kampung" ad for TV3 this year

Proton hits back at TV3 "smear campaign". So you won't see any "balik kampung" Proton commercial in TV3 this year, no thanks to the television station's mysterious series of unflattering reporting about the national car in the past week or so. 

I hear Proton spends quite a bit on TV3 - the benefit of a long-standing relationship and the same political qibla - so this is going to pinch the management on the cheeks. If Proton's retaliation extends to the Media Prima group that owns several other TV stations, radio channels, newspapers, billboards and digital platforms, we will be talking about millions down the drain, and with 2015 already a challenging year even before all this mess, pinch could turn into punch.

Proton Ertiga?
Proton, the Malay acronym for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional,  is the brainchild of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was Prime Minister; now he's chairman of the company that has sold some 4 million cars since the first Saga back in July, 1985. Proton has lost a lot of market share and quite a bit of our special affection in recent years due to various reasons, mostly quality and apathy issues, but a lot of people I talk to have no love whatsoever for whatever it was the TV3 bosses thought they were trying to do for themselves or thier political masters by running down the national car during prime time news.

To be fair, TV3 (and Media Prima) journalists are not answerable to the government or any politician, but to their editors; in fact, there are quite a few supporters of the late Pakatan Rakyat making an honest living in Balai Berita and Seri Pentas. Only the very top editors are answerable to the Prime Minister's Office. I can say for a fact that PM Najib Razak provides these editors all the latitute in the world but trouble is, sometimes special directives come from powerful go-betweens.  Whether they are doing it for themselves or on behalf of their Boss, I can't say.

What's clear is that propaganda 70s style doesn't work anymore. You gotta be subtle, savvy and smart. Which the exissting go-betweens are not.


  1. I know the @&&h@!€ u talkin abt5:05 am

    Hubby baby bull

  2. Anonymous5:36 am

    As expected from shallow and less inteligent morons. You destroy whatever you have built. No more Utusan and other papers that associate with media prima.

  3. Bro, tulisan hari ini ada sedikit nyawa dan diluar pengetahuan mem besar

  4. Anonymous6:14 am

    In other words, you gotta pretend like you're rocky. Acting all neutral and stuff when even the dumbest could see that 1mdb spells trouble, he insists otherwise. I think the thing with proton was so that it could give you and some other paid machine some credibility. Attack proton, have you guys back them up and look like a good guy again. Correct?

  5. Anonymous7:52 am

    I've stopped watching TV3 a long time ago. Too much propaganda, too much dumbed down entertainment and too much melodramatic soap operas. Most of the local TV programs there are still stuck in the 90s.

  6. charleskiwi8:40 am

    Stop calling this Mitshubishi reject Proton just like the repugnant, avaricious half breed Mahathir does.Malaysia has not reached the sophisticated level to develop a car. not even in a hundred years. The 'chap chong' would like you to think it does, it is simply a Mtchubishi reject, period. That is the real reason why the reject has never been accepted abroad. take for example, there must be more than 300,000 Malaysians living as permanent residents in Singapore.
    These Malaysians, not even half a percentage of them own a proton and you know why ? Because the half breed was and still is unable to force them to buy a Proton in one way or another.
    Likewise I would like to think that TV 3 is not obliged to please the 'chap chong' anymore and it is therefore not under any obligation to promote the half breed's pet project. This is just one example of how Proton was able to survive in the days when the half breed was the PM, just how long does the Proton need to get itself established in the market especially on its own merit and without any subsidise from the government. Now that the half breed is no longer around to help boost the image, if Proton has one.

  7. Anonymous8:46 am

    Good luck to tv 3 love lost between us. Congrats! I wont watch any of you tv channels anymore. Bye TV 3/4.

  8. Anonymous11:10 am

    This could trigger a domino effect for other GLCs or MNCs to distant from TV3 as ads client

  9. Anonymous11:21 am

    Nevermind. This was already calculated. Najib can pump more money to TV3 as part of his campaign to smear Tun M. BTW viewing rating of TV3 for sure is dropping further. Good luck TV3.

  10. Anonymous11:25 am

    Ya Najib gives TOO much leeway that we can conclude he is 1MDB - ONE MAN DEVOID of BRAINS.

  11. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Bodoh punya TV3!..Tak habis 2, nak perdajai Proton, TV3 you are wrong the more you do it, more stronger Tun would be, the less sympathy would would be on Najib, more hatred would be on him the Pahlawan Bugis, jgn syok sendiri lah TV3..masa kau akan sampai...Everybody now hate you.

  12. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Proton dont need TV3, while TV3 can rely on the likes of Qu Puteh and all those similar ones.

    1. Anonymous1:11 pm

      Hehe,,that woman is something else hehe..tu yg tv3 suka tuh..

  13. Anonymous3:04 pm

    When you a Moron as a PM, he will be surrounded by idiots that he thinks they are scientist. We have seen and will continue to see more ridiculous and stupid strategies being executed by the idiots of Moron.

  14. Anonymous5:37 pm


    you have reached the critical stage of delirious insane schizophrenic crazy agitated rabid dementia.

    in short DISCARD

  15. Anonymous7:54 pm

    You want to see tun to his knee, reduce the import tax on cars and do away with AP. See how the pro tun supporter crumble. Come on najib is war.

  16. Anonymous8:00 pm

    charleskiwi, so what are u? Half fucked or half screwed? U are no better than that chicken fucker AhJibGor, the Pahlawan Burit berdarah Bangsatan. Same same lah u and him. U sounded like you are a chicken fucker too? What a pity, out of so many holes, u and ahjib choose chicken, wait! Didnt you fuck a hippo before?

  17. Anonymous6:19 am

    Way to go, 5.37 and 8.00 p.m.
    This mat salleh wannabe charleskiwi is frothing shit at his mouth bad-mouthing other prople. His stench is so foul that you could smell him miles away.
    He called other people names and half-breed when he himself is the offspring of a sow and a chihuahua. And the gall of it all, trying to pass himself off as a mat salleh, just to hide his illegitimacy and fucked-up ancestry.

    1. Anonymous1:13 pm

      Hahaha...betul..species perasan syiok sendiri si pemutih kasut cap kiwi..haha

  18. Anonymous8:19 am

    To TV 3 .
    Go ahead and do your excellent job .

    To all those PEA brain in Proton . Do take a hard look in your management . Isn't it obvious that it is a reflection of the late MAS.

    High pay , FAT bonus that did not reflect the company's performance . And it is been going on for years . Just wonder who the adviser is .

    Be open and transparent please .


  19. trifling-jester10:33 am

    you openly want media outlets to be anything but govt and GLC mouthpieces.

    and when they are not, they are punished.

    typical kampung mentality. how you expect companies to grow.

    true value of proton can only be built if the customer is happy with it. dont reply on fluff.

  20. Hang Kasturi12:24 pm

    The news is that Proton sales have dropped very miserably due to the adverse coverage in TV3.Proton is reported to suffer about RM800mill losses for FY 2014.The employees of Proton numbering in thousands and their families would suffer if Proton is deemed to be insolvent and no longer can be treated as a "going concern". If the perception is accepted that TV3 is "a political tool " for DSN to hit back at TDM, then DSN has made enemies out of Proton employees and their families.Protest votes for BN.

    Proton car is value for money. For a price much cheaper than its competitor in the same category, Proton car is worth the money . Proton is the only automative manufacturer that has developed its own engine by our own engineers. We should be proud of this achievement.

    Hang Kasturi

    1. Anonymous1:17 pm

      Setuju. Drove,a honda,bf now try a saga flux kreta buatan negara sendiri. Suka pulak. Cute n ez going...
      Korang tak suka korang punya pasal.

  21. Anonymous3:55 pm

    TDM should resign from Proton. Put a civil engineer like perodua as CEO to bring proton to a greater height.

  22. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Mana ada si sepet rasis nak tengok channel tv dalam medium bahasa. Tak payah puak2 si sepet jenis ni nak bising2 dah lama boikot. Menyalak je tak habis!