Monday, June 15, 2015

Helen Ang's CCR

... says an Anonymous, aka "Creepy Christian Reader"

Why? Find out h e r e.

So Helen is probably one of the most dangerous blogger in Malaysia today, if you go by the comments made by Anon aka CCR in my comment box for 1MDB and the devils that cloud our judgement

p.s. In the same posting, I quote Syed Akbar Ali's article on the Alexa ranking for Malaysian blogs (which has since been taken down by the author, pls see Google ref here): 

Fact is, it's RPK who has that "pole position" ahead of both Dr M and Najib Razak, says Malaysia Today in Rocky's Bru's take on the Alexa ranking. Wallahualam.


  1. Anonymous8:50 am

    Helen called your blog an Alpha Blog. I don't know if its a compliment or an insult. From my understanding, an Alpha is commonly used to address a male member of the canine specis. In other words, it's used to refer to a D**. You fill in the dots, Rocky.

  2. Anonymous9:58 am

    Helen is an antisocial psycho who is promoting violence against Christian by Muslim especially among Malay Muslim.

  3. Anonymous11:24 am

    Helen's right. This is one threat that UMNO has been overlooking all these years ever since GE12.

    These evangelistas are getting more brazen by the day.

    1. Anonymous11:07 pm

      Yes, as brazen as Brazen Sky.....

  4. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Mak oi perasan betoi pompuan tu. Kasi cuit skit dah melatah pulak!

    Tadi baca blog dia. Tak tau apa yang special. Macam latah orang gila.

  5. Anonymous5:09 pm

    While we are on the subjects of blogs that shouldn't be read (so much for freedom of speech), what are we to make of a blog set up by an ex-politician who has made it his mission to go after AirAsia, Tony Fernandes and the past management of MAS.

    Indeed this particular blog encourages comments that characterise Tony Fernandes as a "pariah" and the new CEO of MAS as "white scum".

    I didn't know that there were so many "aviation experts" in the country. Where were these "experts" when MAS was running up losses, being bailed out etc?

  6. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Hello latuk,

    Wahhhh looks like you really trying to defend your paymaster. Although you trying to appear as neutral but readers could see through you as another one of Najibs lapdog. You are just like Najib's paid bloggers Tun Faisal who is really a moron when defending 1MDB. Same level la you wth Tun Faisal.

  7. Anonymous8:56 pm

    You have lost your integrity bro by selling out. You use to get many comments but now you got such a small number. Looks like you have lost your soul by making a pact with the devil. Well done. As they say, money talks...

  8. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Mufti murtad penipu dan x caya nabi muhammad.

  9. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Helen Ang...She can call all the people she hates names but you must never call her names.Her favorite hits are Hannah Yeoh,Lim Guan Eng and Wong Chun Wai..But if you call her names..she will go berserk and labeling you as DAPster,RBA,evangelistas
    What kind of species is her?
    After this post, she will rage like mad in her next post..don't blame me..I am not off topic..her name is the topic

  10. charleskiwi1:32 pm

    Don't do this don't do that, have selective memory and more importantly blame those that are no longer alive or around this world to tell the truth. This is the repugnant, avaricious half breed Mahathir, he has a proven track record of being a dictator who would do anything, including deceives just so to stay as PM of Malaysia. He imported muslims from abroad in exchange to keep him alive as PM.
    I can go on and on on what he a scum he is but he lost his support of the Malaysian voters years ago but through deceives, lies he hung on as PM for 22 years. When he knew he could continue all these anymore he 'retired ' but the truth is he has never 'retired' from politics at all. He thought he found in AB a puppet he was able to continue his atrocities and when that did not happen he started to remove him from Umno and has Najib to replace AB. That again he thought Najib would continue all his atrocities like building the crooked bridge. When that did not happen he started his monkey business again to have Najib replaced. Sorry to say this time around people just ignore him and no doubt it is definitely a big blow to the already weaken heart that will lead him to account to Allah on all the atrocities he committed !

  11. Anonymous9:53 am

    @ 10:49 p.m.

    Spot on bro.

    Dia manyaaaaa hippoclit punyak olang.

  12. Anonymous12:14 pm

    I'm with helen ang dulu kini dan selamanya...she presented her writing full of fact

  13. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Actually everybody should read kak helen blog.


    Once is actually all you need, because all she does is recycle the same text and photos, cut n' paste - again and again and again. Broken record, boring 2 d max.

    Org Cina hard-working, meh?

    Dun look like it......sori-lah