Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ku Li for PM (a sequel 9 years in the making)

Prelude: Ku Li for PM (which I posted on this blog on 21 Oct 2006) 

Don't laugh. In 2008 when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's fall had become imminent, I asked Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah at his residence in Kuala Lumpur if he really wanted to become the Prime Minister. He was royally honest to goodness: 
"Who doesn't?" 
Therefore, the Kelantan prince's sudden re-emergence in major political conversations and debates (such as these ones: Whom do you serve, Ku Li asks Ministers, TMI 17/3/15 and Ku Li presses Ministers, MPs to declare assets TMI 17/3/15) cannot be dismissed as a casual phenomenon. Ku Li is a veteran politician: he has served as MP for more terms than most of us can count. He knows when and how to make an impact. 
And so I didn't laugh when a Minister told me the other day that he beleived those working hard on bringing down Najib Razak are looking to install Ku Li and not any of the Umno VPs (at least not immediately) and certainly not Abang Din aka DPM Muhyddin Yassin.  
Deja vu.  
Apanama carries the full text and clipping of Ku Li's statement in Parliament h e r e. Read also Ku Li lawan penggilap epal by AKJ: ".. Ku Li lah yang pegang tangan Mohd Najib di Petronas pada pertengahan tahun 1970-an. Ku Li lah antara orang terakhir berjumpa Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak di katil sakitnya di London pada tahun 1976 ..." 
p.s. While AKJ and Apanama have made it clear that they want Najib Razak OUT, they are not promoting Ku Li as replacement PM in their respective articles.


  1. charleskiwi1:13 pm

    The repugnant & avaricious Mahathir
    will never ever allow that to happen !
    It will mean the end of Umno Baru and also the end of the Mahathir's dynasty. Plus all the cats will be out of the bags and so will be the end of his cronies. Also when that happens, the repugnant & avaricious Mahathir will be the first to leave this country. What is going to happen to the billionaire son who wealth is already diminishing rapidly without all the 'gifts' from Petronas. So sad without your dad !

    1. Anonymous2:22 am

      Charleswiki the veteran windbag. Can someone please expose the story behind this sore loser?

  2. Anonymous6:05 pm


  3. Ku Li never really give an convncing explaination on what really happened during BMf fiasco where a bank oficer was murdered in Hing Kong. He was after all the finance minister at that time, right!? The case sorts of fizzled away into thin air! Just asking!

  4. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Ku Li's keynesian ways is out dated.

    His fanatic followers in which most are late in age claimed of Ku Li's past achievements but that is more than 30-40 years ago.

    The real brain was not Ku Li. He stick to his role as chairman without interfering and only sticking to policies.

    However, time has changed. Being at the top also means the abiity to control and monitor situation at every level.

    He is someone from a different era and his time has passed.

  5. Our take on Ku Li:
    1. The one left standing for PM. (Feb 27/15)
    2. Ku Li brotherly to Kit Siang. (Jan 17/14)
    3. Is Ku Li dead. (Oct 30/13)
    4. Cut them heads Ku Li. (Sept 27/13)

  6. Anonymous10:58 pm

    a very stupid comment

  7. Anonymous3:13 am

    You may run down TDM to your heart's content but the fact remains that he prospers while you your heart out.
    Your hatred is consuming you and worse still, you do not realise it.
    What a wasted life.

  8. Anonymous8:05 am

    and after all these years, u still pretend to be neutral. lollll

  9. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Dato Rocky

    Could you make it clear to Apanama and Outsyed to stop bothering UMNO and focus on MIC and KIMMA??? :)

  10. Anonymous6:11 pm

    The current F-Minister never really give an convincing explanation on what really happened during 1mdb fiasco, felda fiasco, national debt fiasco, AES fiasco, TH fiasco, myEG fiasco, and 50 other fiascos, kan?

    He was after all the finance minister at that time, right!? The case sorts of fizzled away into thin air! Just asking!

    Jilat tempat lain, doh

  11. Anonymous6:12 pm

    "Being at the top also means the abiity to control and monitor situation at every level."

    Oh, when you were finance minister - how did you do?

    OK ke?

  12. Anonymous1:20 am

    ku li is just like anwar ...ambitious...lack of respect for others.
    till today we dont see any significant contributions to the country...not even to Kelantan.
    Everything he does is because he wants power.
    Look at the oil royalty Kelantan gov was fighting for. Ku Li spoke up in the beginning but when Kelantan gov didnot offer him any high position he just kept silent.