Saturday, March 14, 2015

A brief personal intermission: An anniversary

14/3/2015: Today last year, with a motley crew of eleven, I started riding my Triumph Explorer on a spiritual adventure that I thought would surely be enough to last a lifetime. We would spend 60 days and over 18,000 km on the saddles of the motorcycles through a dozen countries. Another ten blessed days were spent in Madinnah and Makkah.
I wish I was there now ... 


  1. You didn't had us in mind when you used pink floyd's wish you were here, did you?

    Touching ending with the recitation of labbaikallah. How we wish we were there.

  2. This is definitely an inspirational video. Thank you for posting it

  3. Thank you Voice, Johnny. I hope you could join me one day ...

  4. Anonymous11:30 am

    AIB Said

    Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu akbar

    WoW My Bro !

  5. Anonymous11:31 am

    MashaAllah Amazing ! Thank you for sharing Bro - Suziyana Natasya

  6. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Salam Datuk. Thank you so very much for the beautiful film of your expedition and very moving ending. Most of us won't have that opportunity to travel through all those breathtaking places which then culminates in the most holiest places in the world.

  7. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Great video Rocky, how you seague pink floyd into labbaik allah...(and i wonder how some ostard will intrepret it)

    but the muslim undertones jarrs with the actual knowledge and technologies that made your video and travel possible..

    there is nothing that our muslim brothers had contributed - the bikes, the leather, the navigation equipment, the backup and support systems, the recording equipment, your sunglasses etc...

    muslims today had contributed nada to them. we are just consumers.

    sorry, but thats what i remembered about it. salams

  8. Alhamdullilah, Bro Rock. Rendering PInk Floyd musical since College days brought about many fond memories. Sd does ending the verse in Mecca n Medina , not only memories come to light but new soul are found to lead a new path in life for eternity. Syukran .

  9. Anonymous3:33 am

    i dont really like travelling but after seeing this wow...really inspiring...wish to travel one day just like this to Makkah...

    >james bond

  10. Anonymous5:21 am

    ur boss under attack