Friday, November 28, 2014

Money can't buy you love, or Anifah Aman

Anwar: So cocksure about his 16/9/08 scheme
Sometime after the March 2008 general elections, Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim very confidently told the nation that his Pakatan Rakyat coalition would have enough number of reps in Parliament by 16 Sept that year to form the Government. His supporters were delirious, lapping up every word. Even the staunchest of Anwar's skeptics were a little rattled by the boldness of the statement. I mean, you don't make that kind of pronouncement unless you are out of your mind or you really have some magic up your sleeves. 
Ishak offered RM100 m, court told
It would seem from on-going court proceedings in Kuala Lumpur to hear a RM100 million defamation suit against Foreign Minister Anifah Ibrahim that Anwar had something up his sleeves. In fact, he would really have been the sixth Malaysian Prime Minister if things had gone according to plans. If only Anifah Aman had agreed to an alleged RM100 million offer to ditch BN and jump over to Pakatan, that is ( or so we are made to understand from court news reports here, here and here) ...
The court hearing is on-going, so please refrain from commenting on the merits of the case. 

Repost: Sept 16, 2008, Anwar Ibrahim explains


  1. RM100 mil is too cheap for 10 person. The other side was offered more than rm1 mil for one.

  2. charleskiwi7:46 am

    For sure this lusty AI was wrong on his assumption aspirations but it is because he failed to factor in the plan of Umno. Nevertheless surely there are more than one AI in Malaysia in fact this is only the beginning of what and who will come after him but it will be soon, very soon.

  3. Sorry more than rm10 mil for 1.

  4. Anonymous8:09 am

    This man should be PM fullstop!

  5. Anonymous9:02 am

    PM..Peliwat Malaya??

  6. Anonymous10:41 am


  7. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Does Al-Juburi the Clown have a price tag on his parents? Ha ha ha! am I joking? We're talking about Maha Shakti the man!

  8. charleskiwi1:24 pm

    Yes, just forget the Chinese voters and all the Umno dorky and schmucks will have no problem to survive. The Chinese should have been kept out of Malaya to begin with and there wouldn't be all the problems that are facing the nation right now.
    It is still not too late to have all the Chinese sent out of the country, just like the late President Soekano of Indonesia did. Then ban all the haram activities that are keeping the country not only afloat but made so many million and billionaires. Also just like Indonesia have the casino, the turf clubs, the betting shops closed. You know what will become to the Malaysia without all their haram taxes ? Or all you all the delegates are able to make up the short fall ?
    Especially now that the oil prices are going south and the prospects of its recovery are very slim. Already it is already costing the country billions in the shortfall what will happen if it continues to go south further ? The day will come when it is not even worth the effort of drilling for them at all.

    Most of all, the worst part of the whole situation is very soon the limited crude oil that is generating billions for Malaysia not to mention the funds to build the twin towers and also making the distinction of its ability to make the richest man in Asia in Malaysia.
    I dread to think what is going to happen to this country without all these haram taxes ?
    Poor Najib would not be able to afford to fly around with the private jet anymore and he also will not be able to grant anymore tonkats and wheelchairs to all the dependents !
    Even with all the haram taxes and the oil revenues the country is still heavily in debt and what will happen to this country without them ? Can this country survive without these revenues, or can Malaysia survive on the revenue from palm oil ? Therefore all the poor ignorant Umno delegates stop biting the hands that feed you with all the derogatory policies and talking through the other end of your body.

    1. Anonymous5:42 pm

      These are words from a very sick person.

    2. Anonymous4:40 pm

      Anon 5:42
      No. You are wrong. This is a word from RBA.

    3. Anonymous9:56 am

      These are words from a very, very sick RBA then.

  9. Anonymous5:03 pm

    RM100 million? That's just 1/5th of what they get from plundering the state!

  10. His talking has overwhelmed our walking!

  11. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Its in the blood, this is why when you have vernacular school in tanah melayu right from the top of grandpa, grandma, ahma (now mommy) ahpa (now daddy) unkel anti right down to their rotten teacher

    What does they produce?

    A community spewing hatred, lie, not an iota truth, an organised crime and racism

    What a load of garbage!

  12. Anonymous9:42 pm

    This should have come out on September 16th.

  13. charleskiwi5:24 pm

    There should not be any exception to the sedition act ? Why is it that people like Abrahim Ali can avoid being investigated by the police ? Also why are all the seditious utterances from the Umno dorky and schmucks are not being even investigated not to mention being indicted ?
    I am sure that is why millions of them are not in favour of the retention of sedition act.
    Is this sedition act is only meant to impede the millions of Malaysians outside Umno and all their lackeys and mouth pieces ?

    1. Anonymous1:58 pm

      Hehehe from rba communistpigs sickos.

  14. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Kalo Anifah ada teloq, repeat outside court have been challenged to do so...cepat sikit la bro, tunggu apa pulak?

    1. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Tunggu you kot you pon dah hilang teloq bebalism hahaha

  15. Anonymous 5.41 pm wrote ...
    Kalo Anifah ada teloq, repeat outside court have been challenged to do so...cepat sikit la bro, tunggu apa pulak?



    Just so that you are clear about the case:

    Anwar is suing Anifah for making public the allegation in 2009.

    He did not make the claim that the Opposition leader tried to bribe him to "lompat and make his 16/9/2008 dream a reality in court or in Parliament, he said it openly.

    Thank you

  16. Anonymous3:01 pm


    Just so you are clear: the alleged go-between is denying completely that the offer was made:

    The alleged go-between has a right to sue that is separate from Liwat’s right to sue.

    Hope you are clear.


    Personally, I believe anything said by any member of the Aman clan, given their record for spotless honesty.

    Thanks bro