Monday, November 03, 2014

For once (since March 2008) I agree with you, Guan Eng

Mr Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief Minister, purportedly made the following pronouncement: 
Menurut ketua menteri Pulau Pinang itu lagi, tiada beza sama ada Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dibebaskan daripada tuduhan liwat atau dipenjarakan, jika ketiga-tiga parti tidak mampu menunaikan komitmen dan janji. 
I totally concur with LGE. It does not make much difference whether former Deputy Prime
Minister Anwar Ibrahim goes in or stay free over the sodomy charges filed against him by his own ex-personal assistant Saiful. We will still be scarred - we already are - and marked by the Part 2 of the Sodomy episode, our children and grandchildren and their children will be cursing us for the way we have been carrying ourselves over this matter. For BN and Umno, it's not going to make much difference. Prime Minister Najib Razak's main concerns are not Anwar Ibrahim's jail term or justice for Saiful, it's the growing dissent within his own ranks and the growing unhappiness of his old boss, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Pakatan Rakyat, as Guan Eng rightly put it, no longer need Anwar Ibrabim like it used to. The Opposition coalition will have a field wheteher its de facto leader is punished for butting Saiful or vindicted by the Court but it's not going to count much come the next General Election. Even with Anwar leading the pact now, the coalition has been weakening and sometimes in disarray. Anwar himself is not who he used to be. In 1998, he ignited the local Reformasi and was almost as successful as the Reformasi in Indonesia; in recent years, it has been a challenge to get a few thousand people to take to the streets to help fight his cause. At the UM student protest last month, a few hundred came forward.


  1. Anonymous11:56 am

    Al-Juburi's personal crusade was built on false political premises and the evasion of moral blame for his personal failures.Too many victims have been psychologically scarred for life, and a whole generation of Malaysians compelled to witness his smear campaigns and street demonstrations for a brand of democracy he preaches that is fit for none other than a full-blown narcissisist!

  2. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Perhaps a comment taken from another blog can summarise this:- Anwar is a very bitter man! He is going for revenge like the Malay proverb, "Dendam Tak Sudah" or "Unending Revenge". He is being used by his politic partners and he doesnt realise it. He will probably realise it when they chuck him aside to run the country instead. Or when the Day of Judgement comes. By then it will be too late for him and his staunch supporters. It's already happening. Just look at the Selangor debacle.

  3. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Who is Anwar?

  4. Anonymous1:54 am

    and yet anwar still claims its a conspiracy to topple him by najib, tun m, police, doctors, umno, bn, perkasa etc...those pakatan people will never see eye to eye with each other will they?

  5. Anonymous10:50 am

    Rocky's blog seem to gathering cobwebs with only a few old spiders still crawling lazily around, waiting to fade away. This is the outcome of the blog that has nothing to show except endless deceit, lies and filth.

  6. charleskiwi3:54 pm

    I am too of the opinion that there will be no difference if AI is convicted or not. in fact I am sure Malaysia will be better off with a new opposition leader. One that will not have the need to bring along a 'coffee boy' abroad to make him his daily cup of 'coffee'. Also an opposition leader one that does not have so many litigations to worry about.
    But that does not mean I am of the opinion that I support the present regime should remain as the administrators.
    On the contrary I am of the believe that they should have been replaced yesterday. Malaysia will for sure be a better and more peaceful place to live in !

  7. Judging by the crowds you say irrelevant and I hope you are right. But Helen Ang's posts indicate otherwise. The Malay dilemma was metamorphosed into a Chinese dilemma largely due to his machinations and BN's impotence. The only thing still holding together Pakatan are the principles of the old guard who still seem blind to the sins that dominate Pakatan. While both Pakatan and BN we know now are prone to sins, BN has a record of world class statesmanship which because of its genuine Muslim and technological qualification was actively run down by selfish interests, local and foreign, taking advantage of Dr Mahathir's probity in choice of leaders.

  8. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Anon, then why are we spending so much time on him.

  9. Anonymous8:47 am

    Really ? I hear your boss is scared shitless of Anwar's shadow. Bijan thinks that all of UMNO's dirty tricks will be exposed once Anwar comes into power. Hence the cross appeal for a stiffer sentence.

    Sorry to burst your bubble and Bijan's warped wish to see Anwar incarcerated for a long time. The reformasi continues and those BN crooks will have their day in court too.